07 September 2011

Message # 3 - Q & A

8 Elul 5771

Q. Why are you happy?

A. I'm happy that I am writing. I'm very fearful about Am Yisrael. And I'm very fearful about all of this world, but it will bring us to the complete redemption, with G-d's help. I hope that Hashem will have mercy upon me and upon all of us. And that all of us will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach in the near future.

Q. Why is there this feeling of heaviness, of "ayn ko'ach" - no strength?

A. "Ayn koa'ach" - this is a good sign, because those who have no strength, who feel weak, it's because they are waiting so strongly for Mashiach. And they also see the falsehood clearly and this is what tires and discourages them. But, there are those who aren't aware of the falsehood and they don't worry about all the things like immorality and lack of faith and trust in Hashem - they're still happy because they're still dreaming about their future. They're dreaming about their trips and their vacations and about the promotion at work. And these are the Erev Rav. They are not able to understand and they are not able to be saved, because they are not able to grasp this. They are born with intelligence, but the head of "Egypt" - of materialism, of idolatry - and it doesn't matter if they are going with long coats and beards and wigs. And it doesn't even matter if we call them "Rav." Despite this, they come from the culture of Egypt. And whoever is really waiting for Mashiach - he isn't able to be Erev Rav and he suffers. The Erev Rav don't suffer. But, in the end, they will suffer the hardest suffering that will be in the world.

Q. There are rumors that soon the Arabs will attack.

A. I'll tell you. As we see, they have begun. I don't know exactly how it will be. I only know that it is the single thing that will wake up the Jews, except for the money. Once, when it was difficult here with money, or when there were problems with security, they would run to the US or another place. Now, there is danger there, too, and the economic situation is lousy. In our world today, there is nowhere to run away. Also, the times are not like they were once. Time is running and it's not imagination. It's true, it's really true.

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