"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

19 September 2011

Elul Messages - Pt 3

20 Elul 5771

The Time is Finished
Binyamin, 9 Elul 5771

I want to say to Am Yisrael that the time is very short and if we said it fifteen years ago, now it's really very short, very, very. And I believe that every person, Jew and gentile, feels already that we are coming to the end of this world as we know it. [Ezekiel 7:2 - "As for you, son of man, so said the Lord God: 'To the soil of Israel, an end! The end has come upon the four corners of the land.'"] Also, many gentiles are talking about it - about the end of the world. Very many gentiles believe that we don't have more than a year or a year and a half (Dec 2012). And I'm telling you that I feel that it's a whole lot less than a year or a year and a half. It's so interesting that the gentiles talk about this so much and the Jews - relatively little.

I see on the Jewish street in Eretz Yisrael, despite the very great danger, and also the Jews who are in the US, in England, and in Europe, etc., that they are simply wandering around like nothing is happening. And they continue with their dreams and with their materialism and with their pleasures. Yes, going and praying to Hashem, many from the chareidim, praying three times a day, truly, but, it's without heart and without fire, the fire that lights the relationship between the Jew and HKB"H. [Shir Hashirim 8:6 - "...for love is as strong as death, ...its coals are coals of fire of a great flame!"]

But, I am compelled to say to all the sleeping Jews: the secular Jews, the religious, the Orthodox, the Chareidi, the Ultra-Orthodox - that the time is finished. And if until this Rosh Hashana and until this Yom Kippur, there will not be really true repentance, if you don't prove to HKB"H that you are true Jews, that you want to be close to Him, that you believe that He is Omnipotent, that He is the King of kings, then your end will be to fall into the abyss and to disappear. And true Jews who stood at Har Sinai, but they are stiff-necked, Hashem will soften their neck, but with much suffering before they come to the truth. [See Sanhedrin 98.]

Finished. Finished is the materialism that was spilled from every direction, the huge waste of a drunken people with a ravenous craving for all the materialistic things that were ours in times past in such abundance that there was nothing like it in all of history. We have turned into drunkards. [Isaiah 28:1,7 - "Woe is to the crown of the pride of the drunkards of Ephraim ...the position of his glory, which is at the end of a valley of fatness, crushed by wine. ...These, too, erred because of wine and strayed because of strong wine; priest and prophet erred because of strong wine, they became corrupt because of wine; they went astray because of strong wine,..."] Drunkards who behave like drunkards, who disgust the powers of holiness, and who descend so low until it's hard to believe it's even possible to save them. But, nevertheless, the end will come.

The Jews, Am Yisrael, Bnei Yisrael that HKB"H so loves, [Avot, Perek 3, Mishnah 3 - "Yisrael is beloved...great affection..."] that He created them especially [Isaiah 43:21 - "This people I formed for Myself; they shall recite My praise."] His dear son! [Jeremiah 31:19 - "Is Ephraim a son who is dear to Me? Is he a child who is dandled? ...My very innards are agitated for him; I will surely have compassion on him," says the Lord."] He will not leave you! He will bring you from every corner of the world, and if you are far from Him in heart and mind, He will drag you with strength and you will suffer very much, but in the end you will come to the truth and will be saved, but it will be very hard. And those who hold on all the time in faith and trust in Hashem and don't fall, even if they laugh at you and say shameful words to you and spit upon you because of your sacrifice for truth, you will be superior to them - those who arrive at the redemption much more complete and you will be those who enter first into the Beit Hamikdash.

I know that we wrote, not just once, similar words, but now, the time has come. And it's not just the autistics saying it, also many rabbis are saying it. Not so well-known rabbis, perhaps, and there are many more Sefaradi rabbis who are speaking about these things than Ashkenazi, but, it's the truth. And all the difficult things that we said are about to be, truly will be. And if you think that because the dollar goes up a bit or goes down a lot, goes up a bit more and goes down a lot more, it says that the dollar will continue to go up and that you will be able to continue to make festivities with the money that you earn, sometimes honestly and sometimes fraudulently, then I say to you that it already won't go. It's finished and if you think that one day the stock market will go up high-high and the second day it will go down low-low and on the third day, another time low and the fourth day go up beautifully, then we can already return to all our nonsense and relax in the illusion that the material world, the world of the Golden Calf, the great lie, that it is continuing and we can still live in quiet "as if in the world of HKB"H" - in the world of our falsehood!? No! It's finished! It's completely finished.

But, you will get a few more hits and additional examples in order to demonstrate to you who is 'Boss,' and who created the world, and who is the Master of the world, in order that we will understand that man is nothing, not even like a fly, Much less than a fly. And the Golden Calf will disappear with all the toys, with all the materialism. It won't only disappear, it will burn, it will fall. It will look like the Twin Towers after they fell. [Isaiah 40:15 - "...behold the islands are like fine [dust] that blows away.] [And see Isaiah, chapter 2, verses 12-22 the whole matter there at length]. Am Yisrael! We should have a good year, and a good sealing, and we should merit to receive in the near future, Mashiach Tzidkeinu, complete in our spirits and in our bodies.