11 September 2011

Message # 4 - Q & A

12 Elul 5771

Q. It's already years that you, and the young men who are like you, are saying the same thing - that the end is near, etc. So, how do we know that now it's the time?

A. Every fool is able to see that this is the time, because at no time was there such a severe economic situation, "security," plagues of nature, etc. Never was there a situation like this confusing the whole world - never. Maybe only when the world was beginning - "tohu v'vohu." And this is what there is now - almost complete chaos. Everyone can see it. And whoever thinks and whoever tries to continue his foolish life, in just a bit, it will be known who is right and who is not.

Q. If this time is so confusing, then why no awakening?

A. Why did the generation of the flood not wake up? Then, also, there were the severest sins. And they didn't want to listen to Noah. Why? And even when the rain came down, they didn't want to listen. Even when the water arrived at their necks, they didn't want to listen. Why? Because they benefitted from their sins and they didn't want to stop. And they didn't want to live a life of closeness to Hashem, a life of holiness. Also, today, they benefit more from the pizza, from their friends and from all the trash that has come into the chareidi world.

And the seculars and the gentiles, they live, overall, a life of trash, so why should they want to stop? They believe in "Eat and drink today, for tomorrow we die." What do they care? ["And behold, joy and happiness, slaying cattle and slaughtering sheep, eating meat and drinking wine; "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we will die." Isaiah 22:13]

There are important Jews, even rabbis, even heads of yeshivas, who don't want to stop the way of the people, because they also benefit from it. They benefit from the prestige of their jobs. They benefit from the money that comes in and baruch Hashem, there are now big problems with the money and already they can't give strength to the falsehood. And now, we see who is learning in truth and who is not; who is learning for the sake of Heaven and who is not.

Q. If the end is so near, then maybe you will guide us, in a nutshell, how to prepare.

A. I always say, "in short," because if I would speak long on this theme, it would take whole books in order to explain it. But, in short: Throw away all the unnecessary materialism that you don't need anyway; all the holidays and vacations, the food that is not good for you. It's only for what you call "fun." All the unnecessary things that are bringing us down spiritually and giving us all kinds of instant gratification that are not kosher because of their essence. Not because of the kosher stamp on the food. Try to live in order to do the will of Hashem. And in order to know the will of Hashem, you need to open books and learn. I'm only telling you "in short." The will of Hashem is, first of all: "Kedoshim tihiyu" - Be holy. In all aspects of holiness, in all situations of holiness, holiness of the home, holiness of speech, everything. It doesn't matter what. Family purity, purity of the mouth. "Kedoshim tihiyu" - this is the basis for everything. And from this, you can learn everything, but you have to open books and learn. Really!

I also request from you to influence your family and also your neighborhood. That everything not pertaining to HKB"H should leave the streets, everything that does not pertain to a true Jew - a Jew who is close to HKB"H. Don't forget!

Be holy. This is the main thing and don't make for ourselves "heterim." Under no circumstances make for ourselves "heterim," because a "heter" doesn't operate in Shamayim on this subject. Because, now it's the end and there's already no heterim for nonsense.

Q. Will it help to distribute this message to rabbis and admorim?

A. Definitely not. The majority - it doesn't interest them at all. It even annoys them and it threatens them. Those whom it does not threaten, they know the truth without our messages.

Q. If the rabbis don't believe in this, then how can the public believe in it?

A. The rabbis who don't believe in it, they influence as many as they can, but they are few. However, the people - the true Jews - the words of truth touch their hearts and even if their rabbi tells them "no," they will know and will understand what's the truth.

The truth that I'm speaking of is a very, very logical thing and very simple. You don't have to be a very great talmid chacham to understand it and to believe in it. But, there are great talmidei chachamim who are trapped with the non-holy side of life, with all the things that don't pertain to Jews, only to turn into "k'ilu" - as if - pertaining to a Jew, because there is on this some kind of "hechsher." Like for example, custom wigs that are not at all Jewish. It's really like a bareheaded fashion model and not like a true Jewess, but for this, there is a hechsher. [See "Still Small Voice," edition 48: The Crown on the Head of the Golden Calf]

A person who is close to Hashem is not able to understand how it's possible to give this a hechsher. And even if a rabbi will give a hechsher for this, it doesn't prove that it's true, and there are endless examples like this. Hashem will help every true Jew who stood at Har Sinai, in the presence of Har Sinai, to return in full teshuva. Even if he is secular, even if he is national-religious and even if he is chareidi...

Yes. I want to remind you that this cease-fire, it's not the end. Under absolutely no circumstances is it the end. And more great troubles will come upon the world and upon the Jews. In order that they will understand and will return to HKB"H. And if we will understand - then it will be much easier for us and we will receive our righteous Mashiach with happiness and with mercy. But, if we will not want to understand, G-d forbid, we will pass through gehinom in this world, but nevertheless, we will arrive, if our souls stood at Har Sinai.

So, please, why suffer!? The evildoers will disappear. The evildoers, the liars, the Erev-Rav, Amalekites, every one will disappear. And we, the true Jews, will live eternal life. But, the true Jews who are still far from the truth, and will fight against the holiness of HKB"H, they will have to pass through, really, gehinom in this world, in order to arrive to a situation that they will be ready also, body and soul, to receive our righteous Mashiach.

I can only say, the things this week, you can see many things happening. This Sunday is a day drawn out a bit in the news, especially during the holiday, news not so flowing with information like other times, but very fast. Fast, fast, the world already is not like it used to be and it varies incredibly.

Q. But no one sees this?

A. Fortunately for us, this is incorrect. People are beginning to see it and beginning to be frightened. But, they don't know what to do. They don't want to do teshuva. They are not ready to give up the materialism. ...they are holding on to the tail of the Golden Calf with their life. They don't know that the Golden Calf belongs to death. (Stop.)