15 September 2011

Elul Messages

17 Elul 5771

The Only Connection - The Connection with Hashem
Menachem, motzaei Shabbat Kodesh Ki-Tetze
12 Elul 5771

There are black clouds on the horizon. The sky became black and the deep darkness is pouring down upon the face of the whole planet. (Isaiah 60:2 - "For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and a gross darkness the kingdoms,....") The world is waiting for the end. And the spiritual and material darkness has already arrived upon us, to people in every place in the world. The sensitive among us and those closer to the truth are already able to feel the darkness, the black that is everywhere, the depression, the fear. But, the majority of Jews and gentiles have more bogus happiness and they continue with the music, and the dancing, and the stupidity, a life of emptiness and materialism. But, the end is very near and we have no time. We don't have much time to save ourselves. At the moment that the great war begins in earnest, it won't be possible to return in teshuva, because the confusion will be so great that even if a person wants to return in teshuva - he won't be able to. His mind won't work, the heart will turn to stone and he will die. Therefore, the teshuva needs to be before this. Not necessarily "before," because the first shooting has already begun, but when the stage of all the world burning will arrive, then it's already the end of the teshuva for This World. One thing I want you to understand: There are a few Jews who are on the way to the truth. Like we said, there are Jews that it takes them time to arrive at the truth, but if they stood at Har Sinai, Hashem will compel them to return in teshuva. But a situation is already enlarging in which each Jew is in isolation. And even if he finds a group that is like him, he is isolated. Even if he has a rabbi - he feels himself isolated, alone. But, with Hakadosh Baruch Hu - he feels close. That is to say, that because of all kinds of reasons - the man is not able to establish a relationship with another person to the end, not even with his rabbi. He will need only a direct relationship with HKB"H. And only by way of a direct relationship with his Creator will he be saved.

It's worth it to you and to everyone to quickly develop this relationship through the end, or as much as you can. Because this is the single relationship in the world. And it's the single truth in the world. People feel that they are finding truth in all kinds of situations, in all kinds of relationships, in all kinds of theories. But, truthfully - there is only one truth, and it is: The relationship with HKB"H. And HKB"H is the truth - and there is nothing else besides Him.

Q. If at the end, there is already no possibility to return in teshuva, then how do we say that Hashem will return every true Jew to the truth in the end?

A. I said, after a certain point. Hashem will return all of those who need to return. He will compel them to return in teshuva, no matter what. Like a man that they overpower and take him to a hospital despite his will, and he resists treatment, they coerce him to receive the medications. He shouts and screams and he refuses and resists, he doesn't want it. But, in the end, he receives treatment, and in the end he recovers. Also with these, He will compel them to treturn in teshuva despite that they are stiff-necked. And it's not so simple. There are true Jews who are so broken and so distant, that with all the suffering, in the end Hashem will join a special operation for the sake of changing the head, and will open eyes and the heart and the brain to the truth.

Since Adam HaRishon we have a choice, but in practice - it's not a regular choice that we have the possibility to choose if we will go with the truth or not. Hashem directs us and worries that the sparks, the souls that He creates will arrive as designated, as He desires. In actuality, the First Man and his wife had to go through the Great Fall. Because thus the world needed in order to pass through all the stages until the redemption, and to transfer to the redemption. It's hard to explain to logical people, but as you were saying - in the heart you feel it. We're seeing more and more that we have a war on the horizon. Hashem should help us and save us. And after Rosh Hashana there will be amazing situations.