06 September 2011

Message #3 - There's nowhere to run

7 Elul 5771

Menachem, Menachem Av 5771

The world is collapsing. Collapsing. And the residents of the planet are beginning to pay attention that everything is trembling under their feet. They are beginning to feel a lack of balance, mental and spiritual; going around with fear in their hearts without understanding exactly from what. They know and understand that the economy all over the world is falling in big strides. And even those who still have jobs, and even in countries that still do not feel any type of pain from the severe economic situation in the world, they also worry about their futures.

We've come to a situation where many people are worrying a lot about theirs and their families' futures. They worry if there will be electricity, if they will have food, if they will have proper water to drink and those dependent on medications worry about where they will get them. They worry and they fear the group of great evildoers who are trying to rule over the world and turn the majority of the world's population into slaves. The whole world is in danger.

There are also wars in many places in the world. And all over Europe and the United States and in many Arab countries and in many more countries around the world, there is a danger of violent riots from their citizens.

Also, crime has gone up in the Western world, because people don't have jobs and they don't have money for basic necessities. And there is a generation of youth who were born into the poorest homes and they live in lands with a lot of material goods. They don't have the emotions of regular people, because the Golden Calf has removed from them the refinement and sensitivity of a regular person. It's no problem for them to kill, to burn, to break, to steal. They have no problem with this. "Pere adam" - an animalistic person. And the whole world, which is called the "Western world" - rich and full of material goods - is really falling from every direction, becoming a heap of ruins. Also, here in the Land of Israel, we have demonstrations, sometimes riots, and this does not belong to Jews, because Gentiles are behind it.
[Report: 'Clinton Adviser Greenberg is Behind Israeli Protests'] Gentiles who want to destroy Judaism and in its place, build another extension of evildoers, of those who are trying to rule over the world. And also, here we are in great danger, not so much from the Arabs as from the Jews themselves, those who are still connected to the evildoers - the people of the generation of the flood.

That's enough for history. And now, we come to the bottom line: Am Yisrael. Am Yisrael must wake up, because the time is very short and there's no other way to survive. Only whoever is with HKB"H will survive. And indeed, there are all kinds of programs for how to survive when the situation of the whole world is in danger. Also, when there won't be all the basic necessities that the modern person needs in order to continue his materialistic life. They are saying to store food and water - all kinds of food like nuts and almonds, etc. And batteries, etc. All kinds of things like these. Accessories that will assist a person to survive. But, it won't help a person at all. It's only "k'ilu" - as if - because HKB"H will enable to survive only those who are loyal to Him.

And what is the goal of all of life? Of all the almost six thousand years since Adam HaRishon was created?

The goal, then as well as today, is to believe in and trust HKB"H. And to live only in order to do His will. And that's the level that every Jew must reach. And now - because, there is no time. The world will see miracles much greater than the miracles that were in Egypt and in the exodus from Egypt. Hashem gives us a little bit to peer and to see in small measure what is going to be with all the natural disasters in their variety that are happening on the planet daily. Things that in modern history we never remember such a thing.

And even the Gentiles are talking about the end of the world. The Christian as well as the Muslim - not just the Jews are talking about Mashiach.

So, what else is there to tell except for: Am Yisrael - WAKE UP! Stop with all the lies, with all the unnecessary materialism! Return to be true Jews! Be holy, be holy!