05 September 2011

Message #2 - Q & A completed

6 Elul 5771

Q. Speaking about how people have changed, in what have people changed?

A. Jews have changed and have gone down a lot, but in the near future, Hashem will draw those who are true Jews, all those who, maybe, we don't know that they are true Jews, but really, they are. Hashem will draw them to the truth. And then, they will change completely and then they will be ready to receive our righteous Mashiach, with G-d's help.

Q. What's to be done with an orphaned generation like this one? How will we connect to the tzadikim?

A. In an orphaned generation, you need to go to Abba, our Father in Heaven. There is no one upon whom to depend - only our Father in Heaven.

Q. But Judaism is built a lot upon being connected to the tzadikim. This really makes us confused...

A. Clearly, this is a very confusing time, but every Jew must hold a position and grasp the Torah. And simply, this is what is needed to guide him and to maintain him. Today, there is a problem even to ask the simplest questions. For example, to ask about kashrut from a posek is very hard, because whoever receives the question does various calculations how to answer the person this way or another way.

And that's not even to mention the Batei Din. There are here and there courts that are maybe more honest, but it's not a common thing. It's possible to rely only on rabbis who are ready to fight against the falsehood. There are indeed tzadikim from the previous generation - but it's impossible to get close to them because of the wall that encloses them.

Q. Specifically, your words reach the heart...

A. Because only the truth is able to reach the heart and the mind. So, therefore, whoever speaks truth, it reaches the heart.

There's nothing to say. In the next week, people will stop in the middle of licking their ice cream and in the middle of their overeating and will stop the parties and in the middle of the trips in order to do a "thinking moment," because things will happen like - that really will stop those who live in the World of Falsehood. And whoever lives in truth, whoever waits for Mashiach will be very happy that things are shaking, but nevertheless it will be hard to digest. End.