17 March 2020

Corona Advice From Yeshayahu HaNavi

21 Adar 5780

(Yeshayahu 26:20)

לֵ֚ךְ עַמִּי֙ בֹּ֣א בַֽחֲדָרֶ֔יךָ וּֽסְגֹ֥ר דְּלָֽתְךָ֖ (כתיב דְּלָֽתְיךָ֖) בַּֽעֲדֶ֑ךָ חֲבִ֥י כִמְעַט־רֶ֖גַע עַד־יַֽעֲבָר־זָֽעַם:

Go, My people, come into your chambers and close your door about you; hide for but a moment, until the wrath passes.


Anonymous said...

Note that Daniel (Messages from Heaven) says the same thing, amidst his recent Hebrew-language communications.

Miriam Lubomirsky said...

Can you provide the link to Daniel's messages?