23 September 2014


28 Elul 5774


  1. Yes! It Has Begun, Just like Moishela has predicted...

  2. Here's more... I think this is what the autistic people ere talking about. Obama announced this two weeks ago and it's been building up ever since. And now it begins - whatever will come of it. They can see the significance and they know where things will lead. For us, we might not judge something as important at the time.

    Richard Engel: 'Clever' to Launch Syria Airstrikes During U.N.
    President Barack Obama — who nearly two weeks ago authorized a military campaign to degrade and destroy the brutal ISIS fighters — "can look strong in front of the U.N., with actions already underway" when he goes to New York on Tuesday,

    US Airstrikes Begin

  3. How can we explain the difference between the messages of Moishela and Rav Nir Ben Artzi. One is very pessimistic and the other much more optimistic

  4. NBA also praises the IDF and calls it holy and urges unity with the government. One of them is wrong. I've already cast my vote for what's true.

  5. There's even more to this "timing."

    How "coincidental" is it that the two "kidnappers" were found and killed on the very day that the war on ISIS begins and at the very moment that the one month truce with Hamas is coming to an end.

  6. What has begun? This stuff goes on all the time.

    Remember all the predictions for Moshiach last Purim. You think we forgot about that. The Moshiach bloggers got quiet for a few months after that.