14 September 2014

"Don't Let Go of the Rope" - Questions and Answers (Pt 1)

17 Elul 5774

Communication with Binyamin - Questions and Answers
 23 Menachem Av 5774

Question: You said that "Hashem will swing the rope." Does that mean all of the suffering that a person goes through with health and livelihood, etc., every one with his package...?

Answer: Yes. Without a doubt. For sure that's its meaning. Hashem will bring, and He's already bringing, many trials, very many trials. Each according to his need. But, we must not complain or be depressed, and we should be happy that this long and bitter exile - is almost finished.

Question: What's the explanation of the expression: 'Don't let go of the rope'? How do we not let go of the rope?...

Answer: We have to think all the time: 'Ayn od milevado.' (There's nothing besides Him) That He is the Almighty and that He makes us all these troubles for our good, and the good of our families. And it doesn't matter how hard it is - it's all for our good. Do not forget it. To know that all that Hashem does - it's for good. And that's the rope. It's what we trust in 200%! More than 100%. Double 100% - 200%. Depend upon HKB"H completely. He's the Almighty. Depend on Him. And we're ready every moment to do His will, all of His will. And that's what will hold us.

Question: What will be the end here in Israel with the Arabs?

Answer: Don't worry about Hamas... Don't worry about a thing, just to be close to Hashem. That's it. That's your whole job. Don't be afraid of them - only fear Hashem. To want all the time, all the time - only to do the will of Hashem

Question: What is amazing is how the government here, despite all the complications, they haven't forgotten for a moment the war to finish off Yiddishkeit... recruitment, the Core program, etc. - all this is at the head of their list of priorities...

Answer: We said that after Shavuot everything will go fast, and there won't be a quiet moment, already after Pesach we said this, that it will go one thing after another-after another-after another and it will continue until there will be an explosion, 'lo stam'.

Question: What did you mean, Binyamin, regarding this Islamic group in Iraq, we do not comprehend who they are, so who are they really?

Answer: They are evildoers who returned to life in our generation, who reincarnated to our generation. And these, great evildoers, want to bring in a world of fear. And when there is an army that takes off the heads of two hundred men - it scares the world. And when they say that the same people are taking over more, slowly-slowly over it all - it scares them even more.

Question: Are they connected also to "The New World Order"?...

Answer: They're connected to Al Qaeda, and they're connected to The New World Order, and they're the ones who created them! And it didn't pop up 'from underground', and they didn't appear, all of them from within some tunnel... They came. Someone prepared them for war. Someone gave them the weapons. It didn't just start. This is a group who prepared them exactly for this job: to scare everyone.

Question: What are you saying?!... Why, America itself is fighting them...? They're really shooting and killing them...

Answer: It's all a show! They're experts at it. Always, they create something and afterwards, they make the show, what they call in English: 'double-cross'. They have no problem... There are evildoers and there are worse evildoers.

Question: Also, in Ukraine there is a serious mess...

Answer: Ukraine. Another point that can bring the third world war. And it's going to get worse. And it's really-really not simple to travel to Uman this year. But, there will be those who will travel, and I don't know if there will be problems or not. Antisemitism - of course, it will be becaue the Ukrainians are 'AA-grade' antisemites. They're Jew-haters. And I heard that now they've put a big cross in the place where they do 'taschlich' there. So, it's impossible to pray there.

Question: It's not the first time that they've placed avodah zarah there. Already centuries ago, a big cross stood exactly there, and all Jews who refused to bow - were brutally murdered al kidush Hashem, Jews by the tens of thousands were slaughtered there al kidush Hashem...

Answer: Once, Jews were ready, were happy, to be killed al kidush Hashem. But, today - we don't have that much strength...

Question: What do you think about the ups and downs of the changeable relationship between the United States and Israel...

Answer: Everything - it's a show. And the government, part of the goverment of the State of Israel, it's also part of the show. It's not worthwhile even to think about it, because it's every bit of it a show. And there are sometimes things that pop up, that's real, but they use it for the sake of making fear or something else.

Question: The demonstrations that are now in America, will they progress?

Answer: All these demonstrations in America - shows. Really, performances. Because they want to rule over America, and they want to create fear. And they're bringing the police with all their equipment, their innovative equipment. What do you say about the new acquisition of America: guillotines...! They're bringing it now to America, guillotines! Have you heard of a thing like this?!... In the United States, trains carrying people to 'FEMA' concentration camps - they have inside there guillotines! It's hard to believe, but now, the American government, officially, ordered the guillotines for the sake of killing people who received the death penalty for murder or another crime* - so now, they will kill them with guillotines! For what purpose is this thing...?!  It's simply just for the sake of scaring people.

Question: What's wrong with the 'electric chair'...

Answer: Ho. The electric chair - its time has already passed. And it really was very bad. But, now, for a long time they've been doing it with injection, to show that they are better people, that they're doing it humanely, without pain. But, now they want to go back to being bad, but much worse than before...

Question: Probably dreaming about the French revolution...

Answer: Yes, that's right.

Question: Surely, they deserve an 'Oscar' award...

Answer: Of course... They control Hollywood, it's not without purpose - they're in control there in Hollywood. And because of it, they take out all these movies about all this craziness that they dream of doing. And there's more than one movie about creatures who come from outside the planet to rule over the world. There were many movies like these. And they're taking out now many movies 'like-real'. Not like a story. Someone to film... really Hollywood.

Question: Big stars...

Answer: I wouldn't say 'stars'. They're evildoers. Evildoers. They're the filth of the world, they're the sleaze. They're with the Satan, may his name and memory be erased.

Question: What do you say about the dangerous pandemic outbreak in the world now?

Answer: But, meanwhile, baruch Hashem, most of the epidemics were more talk than epidemic... very frightening. That's what they're introducing: fear-and more fear-and more fear. I, with this sickness from Africa, shelo neida, I have the feeling that they want to sell a lot of vaccines... The problem is that it's also possible to die from the vaccine itself... They also use it to gather information about people, to grab control...

[Questions and Answers to be continued, b"H]

*Before you judge this as too "out there" to take seriously, consider this story published by the Huffington Post and taken from the AP wire in July of this year...

Judge Pushes For Guillotine, Firing Squads: We Shouldn't Mask 'Brutal, Savage' Executions

Rumor: Federal government purchased 30,000 guillotines


  1. I don't think it's "out there" at all. Someone once asked R' Yaakov Kamenetsky if it were mutur to by a German car. He said, "yes, you think the Americans wouldn't do the same thing the Germans did?"

    The US is a Germanic country. English is a Germanic language, the word itself coming from the name of the German tribe called the Angles. The Saxons too were a German tribe. Anglo-Saxons are Germans. The ruling class of the USA is Germanic.

    If people understood what goes on in the financial world alone they'd understand how horrible these people are.

    Just look what the US Police are capable of and you'll grasp what the totality of the Armed forces could do under the hands of a sick dictator.

    Not out there at all. If Americans don't reclaim their country this year, it's all over. And they won't.

  2. What about this:
    "Did the United States Congress approve the purchase of 30,000 guillotines for 'government purposes' to be used under coming martial law?

    FALSE: It's a persistent rumor, but no proponent web site seems to provide evidence"

  3. To Anonymous from yesterday at 7:30 pm. We can't accept questions for Binyamin here, but the "Daniel" website has a place for submitting questions here.