07 August 2014

"They Are Worse Than Animals" - Questions and Answers (Part 1)

11 Av 5774

Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 25 Tamuz 5774

Question: But, when will we reach it [geulah]?

Answer: I only know that now, at this moment, every Jew who is connected to HKB"H, and doesn't leave the 'rope' that's attaching him, the spiritual 'rope' that connects him to HKB"H - he's in the same situation like the Jew who was in Egypt in the plague of darkness. True, a little darkness or maybe a little scary to see the others in darkness, but those who are close to Hashem - they will never be in complete darkness.

Question: When will they fall? The Knesset and all these fighting Yiddishkeit?

Answer: First of all, Hashem is raising them up higher-higher-higher. And then they will fall. And that will really be something. We're waiting for this moment of great vengeance. 

Question: Is there more before us, many things to go through or have we already gone through most of the difficulties?

Answer: All the things that we're going through - it has one solution: like there are medicines or vitamins that help the body get stronger, that makes the immune system stronger, and doesn't allow a person to get sick - so we have one vaccine, and that is: a very great closeness to HaKadosh Baruch Hu. And even if we don't do all the mitzvot exactly as needed - but, the fact that in this generation like ours, someone sees, understands, feels and knows with all his essence that HKB"H is the Almighty, He's doing everything, He gives us livelihood, He gives us children, all, all, all, all, and even if we don't have a pruta in pocket, and we need bread, we ask from Him bread - and the bread appears. Therefore, a person like this has nothing to fear.

Question: What about all the chaos in the world, the great bloodshed in every place, what is the significance of it all?

Answer: It's all for the sake of scaring people. To confuse them. So they'll be afraid to fly, so they'll be afraid of everything, so that they'll look for the police to help them... and all the armies that will help them... and then they can enter into the control of the evildoers.

And another thing I want to remind you of: The big war, the third world war which already started for all practical purposes, it will be, not 'from country to country', but between this group of people [the global elite] and the population of the world. They, the group of the richest in the world, they simply want to control the whole world. And for the sake of this, they themselves have caused, with God's help, of course, to arrive at the situation that all the Arabs will war with each other, in all countries. Suddenly, at the same time. Does it not appear to you unusual that suddenly, everything is happening at once?!... Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc.

Question: Also, the plane that fell in Ukraine is the strangest thing. A civilian plane traveling from country to country, suddenly it 'grabs' something that brings it down. And it occurred at the time of entering Gaza, exactly...

Answer: The plane in Ukraine - it's another thing like that. What do they care to kill, to murder 298 people? What does it matter to them? Nothing. Like they brought down the twin towers, and there were over three thousand people there, in the twin towers as well as from the Pentagon, so they really have no problem. 

Question: Does the world comprehend this?

Answer: The world doesn't grasp it usually, but they know it's something unusual. All of a sudden there is an army of some group that is coming from 'Al Qaeda' supposedly, suddenly a whole army... with all the equipment... with all the knowledge... and they're taking over Iraq! And from where did they all of a sudden pop up?!... Maybe also from some tunnel that they built?!... Or maybe they are one of the tribes that perhaps suddenly appeared?!... God forbid.  The tribes will be on a higher level than this. 

But, it's a crazy world, and their desire, with all the insanity, and the plane that disappeared like it never existed and no one has heard from it, and this plane that was suddenly taken down with their weaponry over a country that overall belongs to Europe... And many other things, including 'the fall of the twin towers,' including the scenario of how they killed 'Osama bin Laden' and etc., and all these wars, including the 'Arab Spring' - it's all part of a screenplay of this group. And in America and in the whole world they are making all kinds of "pointless" tests for us, all kinds of things are happening to us that we need to tell ourselves more and more that they can track us in order that they will be in control over everyone. 

They claim that the war is between the regular people and the 'terrorists'. They are the enemies and not this country or another. The enemy is the terrorists. And I'm saying that real terrorists - almost don't exist. And also, all the "suicides" and all the things from this type, if they, 'Edom', didn't prepare them,  I don't believe they were capable of reaching these kinds of achievements alone, in their own strength. Perhaps, 'here and there', but beyond a shadow of a doubt, not at such a world class level. They simply chose them from the desert, and after a few good years they put them to work as 'terrorists'...

Question: Also, the riots that were in Jerusalem, it doesn't smell good, all this business...

Answer: I'll explain something to you. When they had the explosion in Boston - so, they blamed it on two brothers. The mother of thse brothers lives in Gruziya [Georgia]. And they are Georgians, the guys. She knew that the CIA deceived them into working for them, so how can it be that suddenly, they turned into those who do things like this?... Because they recruited them to do something that would appear like terrorists did it. And that's what happened here. It's all made up. In order to show that the 'terrorists' are the evildoers.

And it's the first time that the UN Secretary-General came to Israel and said that Israel is not to blame, the Arabs - they are to blame...! I don't know..., it's in a situation really that the UN 'fell on it's head'..., he said things the exact opposite from what they say all the time... How can it be that he is so suddenly on Israel's side?!... So, therefore, every single thing, every unusual thing, everything strange, because it's the twisted-brain fruit of the mentally ill, not the intelligent. Because of that - it's strange.

Only what, one thing I will say again, and again, and again: They want to bring foreign soldiers here! Because, at the end of the thing, they want to take over, and like they've already taken over Kever David haMelech - so, exactly, do they want to take over the whole world.

(Questions and Answers - Part 2 to follow, iy"H)