03 August 2014

Putting the Myth to Rest

7 Av 5774

Like every other promise of Jewish 'morality' claimed by the Zionists, the myth of "no soldier left behind" is without foundation and should be put to rest. (See the previous post.)

According to Aish.com article "Missing in Action," ..."Since Israeli independence in 1948, 420 Israeli soldiers have been declared 'Missing in Action' (MIA)."
...Over the years, a steady flow of information supports the presumption that some of these MIAs may be alive and held under Syrian and Iranian control. Yet despite the diplomatic and military efforts of over seven successive Israeli governments, almost no progress has been made in determining the fate of the missing men.
...The ransoming of captives is closely connected to the commandment of saving a life, and occupies a place of supreme importance in Jewish law. Even if there is only a remote chance of finding the person, Jewish law obligates us to search relentlessly until we find him, dead or alive. "Never leave a soldier behind" is the policy of the Israeli army.
Even if there is for certain no chance for survival, Jewish law obligates us to persevere, to try and retrieve the body for burial and identification purposes.
This was brought to mind by the announcement of the passing of Yosef Katz, a"h today. He is the father of one of these MIAs - Yehudah Katz.

The importance given to those "left behind" is evident from a website dedicated to them. It states prominently: "The International Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers has closed down due to lack of funds and the website has not been updated since July 2005."

Just so we're all clear on this - the Israeli army DOES very much leave soldiers behind.