12 August 2021

Who Are the Crazy "Extremists"?

4 Elul 5781

The world needs to be saved from THEM!!

If you had a chance to view the videos I posted yesterday, then you know that The Scientists and their Bankrollers who can't face their own mortality, see this new technology that surrounds the mRNA vaccine administration as the next step in human "evolution".  And they see it as their privilege and their obligation to humanity to take us all there with them, kicking and screaming, if necessary.  You just don't get more demented or extreme than this.  Science is a religion to these people, so who are the religious extremists now?

Vaccinating During Pregnancy Has Become Even More Urgent As ICU Beds Fill Up

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is doubling down on its recommendation that people who are pregnant get the COVID-19 vaccine following new data underscoring its safety and effectiveness throughout pregnancy.