12 August 2021

Rabbis and Doctors: "DON'T TAKE VACCINE"

4 Elul 5781

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NOTE: The following videos can also be viewed HERE.

"Videos of four superstar doctors testifying before the Beit Din (Judges for Jewish law) in Israel:"

Dr McCullough:

Dr Ruby

Dr Zelenko:

Dr Yeadon:


If you initially took the vaccine, at least don't continue to get it over and over again.  They are admittedly tweaking the dosage.  

Also, I have it from a reliable source that Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology, has said that, in accordance with the agreement the State of Israel signed with Pfizer, the State is forbidden to publicize ANY ADVERSE VACCINE REACTIONS FOR TEN YEARS!!!!!

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"Prime Minister extorts hospital administrators": Anger over Israel Today's exposure of secret agreement (Machine Translated)
The political system erupted this morning (Thursday) after the publication in "Israel Today" , according to which there is a government agreement with the Ministry of Health and hospital administrators, on the addition of hundreds of standards of medical staff for the treatment of patients, including a secret and unprecedented memorandum of understanding.

Under this agreement, hospital administrators undertook not to report, warn or interview the media about hospital insufficiency in the treatment of corona patients in critical condition and other patients in critical condition, regardless of the actual situation in the hospitals and the level of patient care. This emerges from conversations with five senior directors of large hospitals in the country, some of whom were personally involved in an agreement between the Ministry of Health and the government.  

Somebody explain to me why more and more people are STILL being put on ventilators EVERY SINGLE DAY, when it is already well known that most of them will die that way.  


10 serious COVID patients given Israeli drug, leave hospital in one day

THE GOVERNMENT ARE ALL CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ive had the Rhona in 2019 before things shut down. From personal experience if u have the lung version of this . The virus fills the alveolar sacs and the body sends white bloods to the same air sac space . Thus filling ur lungs air sacs with dead white blood cells and pus . Leaving no space for air . Thus people turn blue and oxygen desaturation happens .if the person has waited this long to go to hospital for help , and.there are 20-30 people in there just like him . Most likely those in the back of the line are not going to do so good with a 10 HR emergency room wait .

  2. I want to post the full article, What is the original source. I have links to The Zelenko protocol http://jerusalemcats.com/coronavirus-covid-19-in-the-us/#ZelenkoProtocol

  3. Thanks for this vital update; something that should have been obvious from the first second of this whole horror.
    1. Why did people with common sense take an experimental drug? Okay, we know that the government lied and said it was approved by the FDA when it was not. But never before in human history has so much information about practically everything been so available to the public. Most have computers or the IPhones, but instead of being used for research and learning, it's used for the stupidest or vilest reasons. An informed public would never have submitted itself to suicide.
    2. Now that it is all out in the open, will there still be chachamim who volunteer to still take this samm?
    3. Where were the Rabbis all this time while millions were put in such peril?
    4. From the start even at the advice of the then US President, the use of the Zelenko Protocol was put out to the public but the sale and prescription of it was banned immediately. This would have saved practically every single one of those who became victims of this virus.
    5. Will there now be an investigation and bringing up of the Nuremberg Code? This was really a crime against humanity.
    It's as if Hashem took away total common sense from humanity by becoming sheep.
    Yes, the ventilators are the killers in the hospital and it's been known practically
    from the beginning! We pray that Hashem has Mercy and does not delay & send every one
    who is victim of this to be totally cured as if this tzorah never happened. Amen!

  4. The Satmar Rebbe was right about this country.

  5. NOTE TO READERS: These googledrive files links are how the videos came to me. Have been trying to find the original or alternate source without success. If anyone else knows, please respond in comments. Thanks.

  6. BT I've been yelling this for years.... The Satmar Rebbe kept on crying that if the emergence of a 'Medinah' will not stop, it will bring the geulah the hard way.

    OY VEY!

  7. https://youtu.be/EoSvd-BiF9Q

  8. Does anyone have contact information for Dr. Zelenko?

    1. There are credible ongoing threats to his life by Big Pharma and their cohorts. He has had to leave New York. If you contact America's Front Line Doctors they'll provide you with the protocol. Which he gives anyway in his video presentations.

  9. The videos aren't playing. Dr. Zelenko is one of the best doctors out there. He calls it like it is.

  10. You can find the videos on Rabbi Chananya Weissman's Rumble channel:

  11. Hi Devash, what happened to the "Kol Koreh" that I saw when you first had posted this? Did they take it dhown? Is there also a video with the psak of the Beit Din? Or a written document that can be shared with people? Thx.

  12. Anonymous@4:08PM - It had disappeared from the original site that was hosting it and this is what I got from another source.

  13. Thank you so much Devash. Really appreciate it!!!

  14. Thank you so much. I am printing it out and handing it out.

  15. I think his site VladimirZelenkoMD.com

  16. בס"ד

    Kol Hakavod to you Devorah that you were able to preserve the screenshot of the rabbi's declaration as it has been very quickly scrubbed from Imgur, the original hosting site and other locations. Good foresight and excellent work as usual.

    Shabbat Shalom u'mevorach!


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