19 August 2021


11 Elul 5781

How appropriate is it to write this on 11 Elul?  

There is great significance to the number 11 as Rabbi Pinchas Winston points out with regard to the September 11, 2001 Twin Towers attack.  It is no coincidence that America's War in Afghanistan, which began on Hoshanah Rabbah 5762 in response to that act of terrorism, has now ended with their humiliating defeat.  It is being reported that Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban in just 11 days!

...In deeply humiliating scenes for the Biden administration, less than a month before the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America, smoke spiraled from the embassy compound as staff hastily destroyed documents, before a final group took down the stars and stripes flag and headed to the airport by military helicopter.

...The Taliban’s almost bloodless seizure of the capital came after a lightning 11-day offensive on cities across Afghanistan. (Source) 

Can there be any clearer sign of the Downfall of Edom than this???

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  1. 11 is also the amount of years in the solar cycle. The sun as we all know represents the goyim. And the sun will be the cleanser of all the filth when mashiach comes!