03 August 2021

There Comes a Time

25 Menachem Av 5781

This article caught my attention yesterday...

...On Thursday morning, a startling column appeared in Mishpacha, the most-read Haredi weekly. Penned by Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Haim Cohen, a longtime Shas man, it carried the blunt headline: “Religion and state: Is it time to separate?”

Given the government’s new reforms, Cohen argued, and the resulting decline in Haredi control over religious standards, perhaps it’s time to consider dismantling the coercive state religious apparatus altogether.

...One Twitter user, Moshe Weisberg, an editor at the popular Behadrey Haredim website whose Twitter account has over 33,000 followers, shared the entire text and called the argument “interesting.”

In other words, it wasn’t the usual run of liberalizing Haredi activists who have taken to discussing seriously the idea that religion and state should, for the first time, be separated in the State of Israel. It’s the mainstream.
My first thought was, oh yeah, the radical chilonim will love this.  Give everything over to them without a fight!  As if we were still living in chutz la'aretz, we should retreat into the ghetto and bar the gates.  But, this is not chutz la'aretz.  This is Eretz Yisrael!  Our Holy God-given Land!!   We were commanded by the Torah to conquer this land and not to allow evil and wicked people to desecrate it, the Torah or HKB"H's Name with all kinds of sins and aberrations and abominations.  What good is all our Torah learning IF WE DO NOT PUT IT INTO PRACTICE?!  IF WE FAIL TO OBEY ITS COMMANDMENTS?! 


If  you, reading this right now, ever thought such an idea worthy of consideration - do teshuvah RIGHT NOW!!
~ ~ ~

Then there was the pitiful story about the Israeli gymnast who won a gold medal "for Israel" at the Tokyo Olympics.  All the media is waving the "civil marriage" flag over him since his mother complained that Israel is eager to accept his medal but won't even allow him to get married here.  He has to stay shacked up with his girlfriend of three years since they would have to go abroad to get married, seeing as how he is NOT Jewish.  

He just traveled halfway across the world to Japan.  You mean in three years, he hasn't found an appropriate moment to sweep this girl up and marry her?  And if they've been living together without benefit of marriage anyway, what's the gripe?  Invite a few people, stand under a tree somewhere and pledge vows to each other.  Then, throw a party.  Why do you need the State's stamp of approval?  I mean, there is a mechanism in place for that, but it's just so darn inconvenient.  For a competition he can travel but to get married - just too difficult.

Maybe it's just the mother after all who is bothered.  I always wonder about those people who are free to live anywhere else in the world and have no interest whatever in Torah and mitzvot, why they davka have to come here and insist we get with the rest of the world.  The mother said they had a choice, but Israel seemed the better of the choices - even knowing about the difficulties her child might encounter with marriage, so...cry us no more tears, lady.  Anyway, he's the new poster boy for the latest attack on Torah in the State of Israel.  If Liberman manages to push this one through, too, maybe he'll give the guy another medal to celebrate.

Don't even get me started on Israel's participation in these Hellenistic Games!

~ ~ ~

At first, these internal attacks on Jewish life seem overwhelming.  It's clearly not enough for them that they have relegated Judaism to one of many religious options for all Israel's citizens.  They want to water down Torah Judaism until what's called Orthodoxy is no more and only Reform will continue.  They want to destroy Judaism altogether and that seems to them to be an acceptable way to do it - to do it and then be able to deny having done it.

Simultaneously with this, the "international community" has also been busy at work.  If they have their way,...  But, of course, they won't.  That's the whole point of our talking about it.  However, I might give you a full run-down in tomorrow's blog post, iy"H.  Just so you'll understand how great will be our salvation when HKB"H intervenes for us.  Just as He always has, as demonstrated in this video by Rabbi Anava about the downfall of the New World Order...


If you missed this shiur - "The fall of the new world order - Who will destroy the Cabal? Who will end up controlling the world?" - you have to see it! And if you saw it a year ago, you have to see it again!!

Hashem will raise up our righteous Mashiach to lead us, but we have to have our heads on straight. Our thoughts have to be in line with Hashem's thoughts as revealed to us in our Holy Torah.  If you want to stand with Mashiach and not against him, purge your hearts and minds of every assimilationist idea that comes from Western culture.  Accept the Torah all over again - wholeheartedly!!

There comes a time when a choice has to be made - the greatest choice any human being can make.


  1. It may be that the time has come to separate from the medinat. There appears to be no way to stop their assault on Torah Jewry. Torah deniers have a final say in matters of halacha. It's not a surrender, it's a tactic. Take away the kidusha and the entire infrastructure will collapse. May it be soon.

  2. I just disagreed with that position vehemently and the only way you are going to manage it anyway is to move to Jordan or Lebanon. How is that possible? What's this "take away the Kedushah"? The Land itself is Kadosh and that doesn't change.

  3. Okay, you disagreed and I merely commented that I think it's worth the discussion. Are different opinions not allowed on your blog? And who is talking about moving anywhere. We don't need to move. And, yes, the land itself is kadosh, but I was talking about removing the kedusha from the apparatus of the medinat. It is the only thing holding it up.

    You know, people do have the right to use their critical thinking skills and develop opinions and thoughts that might differ from someone else. I like your blog, but not your acidity.

  4. What I believe Gavriela is saying is that we should stop allowing the Medina to be יונק from the Torah community. We give them power.

  5. Gavriela Dvorah is right, the bad exist only because some good (kedusha) in it. When good and bad separate, the bad collapses..So I'm looking forward to it. Lea

  6. Excellent, excellent post and the video (which I didn't last year) but saw it now is all so fascinating and how true are the words that Rabbi Anava was saying because already some have come to pass. Moshiach is very, very close! Amen! Also, agree that we are obligated to go up against the evil Erev Rav in OUR holy Eretz Yisrael. We do not abandon EY to the reshaim; hopefully, the nine months are almost over and Moshiiach will come and, hopefully, soon we will see the end of our galut. These amaleikim will soon do themselves in.

  7. There is no kedusha in this present government, it's erev rav. Devorah Chaya is right on target 🎯 in this.

  8. There absolutely MUST be a final and complete severance from the dependence on the Medina. It’s an impediment to true emunah; the kind of emunah necessary to accept Mashiach. The entire spectrum of klal Yisrael is guilty of this to a degree, from chiloni to charedi, and everything in between. But of course this is just my opinion.
    Ain Od Milvado!

  9. Now we see why the cossacks were imported wholesale to be Israel.

    To drive a wedge in society and weaken Israels Jewish character.

    In fact that is Liebermans whole party policy.

    The separation is already defacto between charedim and the state. The battle was fought for decades but unfortunately the charedim were unsuccessful.

    It is what it is. Charedim must bide their time until reaching demographic superiority.

    We must face the political reality that hundreds of thousands of Israelis are in fact goyim. They will not convert. They are some sort of Hebrew speaking cultural fusion of Ukraine Russia and Israel.
    Go to ashdod or rishon to see this species.

  10. Gavriela Devorah @ 5:58PM - I apologize if my straightforwardness was perceived as acidity. My intent was to state facts plainly, but perhaps what came through was a measure of my frustration at failing to get my point across.

    What I tried, and apparently failed, to communicate is that these matters are not open to discussion or dissenting opinions. There is nothing to reason out, because the Torah has already instructed us what to do. It's not up for debate. That's not my opinion, its what I believe to be the unassailable truth.

    I can tell you that "separating synagogue and state" is NOT what Mashiach is going to do, that's for good and sure. He'll yell, "Mi l'Hashem elai!" And then go on the warpath with these traitors to the covenant! (If they refuse to do teshuvah.)

  11. SholomK - Please elaborate on how you see that being played out, practically speaking. For starters, how do you propose to stop traveling the roads they've built and taking their water from your spigot and flushing your toilet into their sewage disposal and putting your trash into their receptacles? Walking by the illumination of their streetlights?

    I guess I don't understand what you mean when you say stop being "dependent" on the State. This is Hashem's Land and everything in it belongs to Him and every loyal subject of the King is entitled to benefit from anything that exists here regardless of who claims to have built it.

  12. Devorah Chayah, I'm talking about dependence in our hearts. We can all say Ain Od Milvado, but to really believe this deep in our heart and soul is another thing. A big indicator about where our bitachon lies was exposed recently when Lieberman announced defunding of Torah... people went crazy. They immediately started complaining as if the medina is the source of everything. This MUST change.

    It's a subtle nuance, but we can still take advantage of whatever help Hashem send our way via the medina, but it must be viewed only as such... from Hashem. When people start complaining about the medina turning off the spigot, that's very eye opening.

  13. Just in case: The fall of the new world order - Who will destroy the Cabal? Who will end up controlling the world? https://www.brighteon.com/6bcdfa2f-016b-4aca-bc67-7563faf5af1c

  14. Where does it say in the Torah that the Land itself is holy and not what is done in it, on it and through it determines its holiness? If the people aren't holy, can the Land hold holiness? If blood is being spilled on it for so many years, is it holy and sanctified?

  15. Very true Sholomk, those who are truly G-D fearing and yearn for the Geulah day and night are really yearning for Eretz Yisrael and realize that the land has been and is presently under the occupation of the 'medina'. Geulah is when Moshiach comes, hopefully very soon.

  16. To anonymous at 4:35 "And the Lord shall inherit Judah as his portion in the Holy Land, and shall choose Jerusalem again." Hope this helps.

  17. BTW, Zechariah 2:16...

  18. Did anyone else see this as a suggestion to Rabbi Anava's video from YouTube? Is anyone else freaked out by the scary resemblance to Rabbi Anava??


    Something is very spooky about this and I can't even look at it...