01 August 2021


 23 Menachem Av 5781

At the height of propaganda efforts to blame "unvaccinated" persons (which actually includes all those who have recovered from the illness and have developed a natural immunity), the truth is coming out because of the overwhelming numbers.  "Fully vaccinated" persons can still get sick and they can also infect others!

In another dispiriting setback for the nation’s efforts to stamp out the coronavirus, scientists who studied a big COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts concluded that vaccinated people who got so-called breakthrough infections carried about the same amount of the coronavirus as those who did not get the shots.

Health officials on Friday released details of that research, which was key in this week’s decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to recommend that vaccinated people return to wearing masks indoors in parts of the U.S. where the delta variant is fueling infection surges. The authors said the findings suggest that the CDC’s mask guidance should be expanded to include the entire country, even outside of hot spots.

The findings have the potential to upend past thinking about how the disease is spread. Previously, vaccinated people who got infected were thought to have low levels of virus and to be unlikely to pass it to others. But the new data shows that is not the case with the delta variant. (Source)
At the Olympics in Japan, where no one gets in without a negative test and proof of vaccination, there has been an outbreak.  [See Coronavirus Cases At The Tokyo Olympics Continue To Increase.]

The experimental gene therapy they insist on calling a vaccine, which in actuality does not perform like a tradition vaccine (i.e. it does not confer immunity!!!), has now been shown to be ineffective against COVID infection.  They want to claim that it lessens the severity of the infection, but there is currently no proof of that.  And any such claims of benefit still must be weighed against the real risk of death and injury from the "vaccine" itself.  [See Deaths occurring after COVID-19 vaccinations have become a hot topic in the U.S.]

Yet, here they are bringing on a third (useless but dangerous) injection!!!  And again, Israel is leading the way!!!

Without governmental intervention, the pandemic, allowed to follow its natural course, would be over by now, just like every other such event in history.  The damage done to allegedly "save lives," and which is still ongoing, is incalculable.

Despite everything we now know about the virus and the global response to it, the world is still firmly planted on a FAILED PATH.  That is, of course, if the goal ever was to save lives and restore health.

In fact, that was never the goal. If you want to know what the REAL GOAL is, just look at what has succeeded over the past 19 months!



  1. Hey Devash, they have taken down the second video now, too. Do you have maybe a link where one may see all the censored materials? I know it is frustrating to get censored all the time. Happened to me too, on YWN. Several times. For quoting Chazal!! When Chazal's words are becoming offensive to a so-called frum news platform then we have reached a point that should really wake up the last sleepy head. But not sure that at this point anything will help. Seems like we have almost reached a point of no return. For both sides. But to be censored has also a positive aspect. It is a clear confirmation that you are holding dangerous information, namely the truth!! And history teaches us that those who were censored by the fascists, as well as by the communists, were not those who lied. It was always those who told the uncomfortable truth. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. בס"ד
    Despite the overwhelming evidence presented by over 40,000 independent doctors and scientists around the world regarding the dangers of these shots, I can hardly believe the percentage of Israeli's that are almost frantic in their efforts to make appointmments to take their third shots. How many times can an otherwise intelligent person be deceived. Or refuse to accept the evidence when it is presented to them.

    In May of this year Clallit stated that they had fully vaccinated 1.2 million of their clients, but that only 1/2 of that number received the actual pfizer shots. The other half in the control group received placebo shots. The control phase of this global genetic experiment is over. It is highly unlikely that in the "booster" phase that any further placebo shots will be administered. I feel really badly for the lemmings that will rush to get jabbed again, as this time they will likely be uploaded with their imminent expiration date.

    If the current vaccination drive continues, by the end of this year I doubt if it will be possible for the authorities and media to hide the sheer numbers of vaccinated dead, as everybody will personally know someone who died within a very short period of time following these shots. Hashem yerachem.


    1. Is the "vaccine" not causing the body to endlessly attack itself, thus destroying the immune system via overload?

  3. Anonymous@9:06PM, it is fixed. Thanks for your patience.

    Glad to see you back, Stingray.

  4. Anyone who still doesn't understand that the t'rufah is so much more dangerous than the machalah is hiding somewhere in a closet or cave. Hitoreru bnai Yisrael, put your emunah and bitachon in H'KBH and no one else! H' is your only ROFEH! More than half of the world's rophim are guilty as sin for their participation in probably one of the greatest sheker ever!

  5. בס"ד

    Thank you D. :) But I never actually went anywhere! I read daily, but if I don't have anything useful to add then I just throw my 2 cents worth in the change jar. :)