24 August 2021


16 Elul 5781 

As I have explained here before, those who are making this war against HKB"H have put their faith in the Satan.  They have believed the lie he told Chavah in the Garden, and which he repeats over and over again to every succeeding generation of her offspring:  "You shall be as gods."  The Satan calls into question the very nature of HKB"H, suggesting that He has a selfish ulterior motive for putting the Eitz Tov v'Ra off-limits.  He suggests to Chavah that HKB"H knows that eating from that tree will put them on an equal footing with Him and He prefers them to remain in subjugation rather than in freedom.  He wants to remain in charge, so they should never reach their full god-like potential.  But just so you know, the Satan was just carrying out his orders.  He is after all only a created being and a servant of HKB"HHKB"H allowed him into the Garden with this story because it was all a test.

When the Satan comes to us in our generation with the same story, those of us who have put our absolute trust and faith in HKB"H do not waiver because we know without any doubt whatsoever that David HaMelech was right when he wrote...

...Hashem is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in loving-kindness, Hashem is good to all, and His mercy is bestowed on all things He has made...Hashem supports those who are fallen, and straightens those who are bent...Hashem is righteous in all ways, and virtuous in all deeds...Hashem is close to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him with sincerity...Hashem will do the will of those who fear Him, He will hear their cry and save them...Hashem guards all those who love Him, and destroys all who are wicked....  (Ashrei)

Those we call The Powers That (Should Not) Be in our generation have already failed the test.  Their overblown egos mislead them into buying the whole story that they could become like HKB"H and even replace Him (God forbid!!)  Now, they are just being used to test the rest of the world before the Dawn of the Messianic Age.  

It is known that Avraham Avinu had to pass ten tests.  According to the Rambam, the tenth test was Avraham's willingness to submit to HKB"H's demand to make an offering of his beloved son Yitzchak on the altar on Har HaMoriah.  

It appears that we may have reached the level of this test.  For the first time since the plandemic began, The Powers That (Should Not) Be are demanding that we bring our children and make an offering of them to their false god "Science," and where but in the very place where their minds are shaped by the education they receive - the schools.  They see themselves in the place of HKB"H, so they demand an equal "sacrifice."

They have an insidious plan, but you know the old saying:  "Man plans and G-d laughs."  

They have nothing more than an illusion of control in order for the test to be carried out.  Like the Satan whom they venerate, they are nothing more than tools of HKB"H.  

The test of our time is: will we entrust our children to the care of HKB"H (depending on their own innate immune system to protect them) or offer their bodies and their futures to the promise of redemption in "vaccines" and the "health care system"?  

When the test is complete, HKB"H will surely intervene at the very last moment - just as He did when He stopped Avraham Avinu from slaughtering Yitzchak and just the way He intervened with the Dor Haflagah before they could finish the Tower of Bavel.  

If you have put your complete faith and trust in the goodness and love of HKB"H - "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares Hashem, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" - there is absolutely nothing at all to fear!  In fact, this is wonderful news, because the tenth test is the final test.  After that, nothing stands between us and the full and final Redemption!


~ ~ ~

Take Time For An "Aw" Moment and Remember That HKB"H Made Us a Beautiful World And He Has Not Abandoned It!!


  1. If this is the analogy, then isn't the logical conclusion that since "daas Torah" (ie, instruction from Hashem) has instructed to vaccinate children (just as Avraham Avinu was instructed to sacrifice his son), so too people should vaccinate their children - only to see a savior at the final moment before death would come?

  2. Anonymous@11:53AM - ABSOLUTELY NOT!! That's what they'd like you to think. Avraham Avinu heard directly from HKB"H and followed His directions precisely. They'd like you to look upon them as gods and follow all their directions and instructions with absolute faith in THEM! Our test is to separate between good and evil, truth and lie and follow what Hashem is telling us regarding our children today. Our test is harder in that we have to decide which rabbis to trust to give us "daat Torah" and in this generation as our Sages warned us "most of the rabbis are from the Erev Rav."

    In the video I posted yesterday from Rav Uri Sofer, a dayan, he explained why the rabbis in favor of vaccinating cannot be trusted. He said according to the halachah, their testimony cannot be accepted because they are profiting financially from the very system we are fighting.

    There is, however, "daat Torah" which we can trust and that is those who, with their lives and livelihoods in jeopardy, have fully investigated all sides of the issue and still maintain that we MUST NOT, under any circumstances, allow ourselves or our children to be injected with the experimental gene therapy.

    Also, all you have to do is look at those behind it - antiGod, antTorah Jews and Gentiles (even Amalekim!) to know it's not from HKB"H. All you have to know is that tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people have died or been injured by the vaccine and compare that to the repeated lie that it is "both safe and effective" to know that the people forcing it are not to be trusted. Everyone knows now that the vaccinated are also sick and dying and passing the virus on to others and can see that it is all a terrible farce with some horrible ulterior agenda at play.

    So, "daat Torah" is not coming from those who are accepting bribes to push the poison in God's Name, Hashem yerachem!! But Hashem has not left His children bereft of leadership, B"H! The Truth is always there if we are looking for it.

  3. If you think your Health Department or Ministry of Health is actually caring about you watch https://www.brighteon.com/633f9311-6de0-4732-a7de-029955032220
    The Ringworm Children: Medical High Dose X-ray Experimentation on Sephardi Children by the Israeli Labor government

  4. so the vaccine is the last test? The 10th test?

    If so which were the previous nine ones, could you please tell. Toda.

  5. What an absolutely beautiful post, you write so well,B'H. The video is awe inspiring!
    The trouble from the start, from most people that I know, their trust in their doctors have always bothered me to no end. Most doctors and their ilk think they are super special but yet usually know nothing of nutrition which builds up our own immune system. The same goes for those who put their faith in their rabbis and some who even treat them as if they were godlike. If these frumme Jews would understand and know more Torah than they actually do, they would realize who is the phony rabbi. For the typical average person who has some common sense left (I know that's archaic) should have realized immediately 'why are they pushing something with such coercion for a non-disease which has an almost 100% of being cured when taking the right medications or if the person has a good immune system gets healed on its own. What semi intelligent parent would allow their child to take a chance like that? Something is so upside down in this the 'stupidest' era ever in human history because we have supposedly become so advanced and have computers to learn from. Yes, this is, hopefully, the tenth and last test but praying that most of our people and the rest of humanity 'pass the test'.
    Another point is that the people of Israel were so fattened by the government's help that they forgot how to think, otherwise, why not remember all the crimes that their leadership had committed on our people, such as written above, the Ringworm children, etc., the secret police, etc). This is in whom they put their trust and, of course, the fake rabbis who turn our holy Torah upside down so they can do the bidding of their masters - instead of putting total TRUST IN HASHEM! We pray for Hashem's forgiveness for all His people and His Mercy upon all His children!

  6. I was thinking...
    Our final redemption is supposed to mimick our redemption from Egypt, but on a grander scale. Perhaps this covid vacination gimick is likened to the Egyptians murdering our baby boys, except they are now trying to murder our boys, girls, men and women all..?

    - The Original Me

  7. The Israeli government sterilized on purpose Ethiopian women in the past. With an injection. They even lied to them and said it was a vaccine for the flu
    So don't trust them.

  8. Thank you Devorah, beautiful post !
    It so clear and easy to see where is Ha Shem and where are false Gods.
    But so many people are blind and deaf.
    May Ha Shem open their "neshamot" to the TRUTH.


  9. Really? Where do you get all this information? Is there any Torah source, beyond your own imagination? I mean, you quoted ashrei from tehilim, but it doesn't support your speculation on "tests" and "vaccines" in any shape, way or form. Many commentaries talked about ashrei and the sin of the etz hada'at... they have nothing to do with vaccines. No connection at all. May I ask what's your Torah formation? In which yeshiva you studied, under what rabbi, etc? I mean, sorry to be skeptical, but how do you know all these things? You don't give sources and reach strange conclusions.

  10. T.O.M. - That's where the really bad oppression started so maybe this time, it's where it will end. I don't believe they will succeed against the children. I don't believe they will succeed in actually forcing anyone, but they will make it very, very hard to resist. As long as we remember it is just a test from HKB"H and we keep our faith in Him strong, we should be able to pass it.

  11. To Anonymous 8:22pm --

    מלכים ב – פרק יז, פסוק טז
    וַיַּעַזְבוּ, אֶת-כָּל-מִצְות יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵיהֶם, וַיַּעֲשׂוּ לָהֶם מַסֵּכָה,
    שנים (שְׁנֵי) עֲגָלִים; וַיַּעֲשׂוּ אֲשֵׁירָה, וַיִּשְׁתַּחֲווּ לְכָל-צְבָא הַשָּׁמַיִם, וַיַּעַבְדוּ, אֶת-הַבָּעַל.

    And they forsook all the commandments of the LORD their God, and made them molten images, even two calves, and made an Asherah, and worshipped all the host of heaven, and served Baal;

    "Some say the word מַסֵּכָה means "cast statues", statues made by pouring molton metal into molds. Others say it refers to statues made according to special rules, which it was believed would make them function as intermediaries to communicate with the forces of nature. The golden calves were made in this way, so that the kings of Israel would derive power from them that would enable their kingdom to endure.
    – Meam Loez

    Very interesting. A מַסֵּכָה ('mask' in modern Hebrew) as a means of holding onto power. Let this sink in. Stop looking for the words Corona, Vaccine, and Fauci in the Torah and use your seichel. You have to understand that the yetzer hara to attribute power to things other than Hashem is as old as creation itself. If you can't see that base drive in all of this insanity, you need to learn more hashkafah, mussar, and tanach. Once you understand there's nothing new under the sun, it will all click for you.


  12. Thank you Anon @10:41 pm for your comment, giving some wise advise to Anon @8:22 pm. When someone can't think for themselves and need to depend on the rabbi's okay for everything, there seems to be a lack of common sense. The author of this blog knows her work better than most rabbis of today. She speaks truth, something lacking by most together with the lack of knowledge. Think and research yourself and you'll understand. One thing I've noticed lately because of the time we're in that many people I know or meet question anything that makes sense and is Torah based but rely and trust everything their particular rabbi might say or doctor might say. Go straight to the source yourself and think for yourself and then you'll be able to connect the dots because your mind will start analyzing and the truth will become clearer.

  13. What a nice comment to make about Devash, commenter @2:18!
    In full agreement!
    Devash - you should be Gebentched!


  14. My humble thanks to you all for your kind support.

  15. Hello everyone, i had a thought last time id like to share with you. The difference between e'had and a'her in the shema lecture is the quots of the letter dalet. This this why we accentuate the dalet. Quots can be translated as spike like the spike protein. Quots also refer to quets hayamim, the end of time. In other words, at the end of time the difference between serving the unique God and making avodah Zara will be played on a quots, it is the spike of the vaccine ( Sorry for my english im french )

  16. sorry I forgot to clarify an important thing. why the difference between e'had and a'her is so small. Because many get vaccinated thinking they are protecting others and doing a mitzvah, but in reality they participate in a satanic cult .Here in France, when the French president spoke to teenagers to get them to accept the vaccine, he wore a t-shirt with the logo of an owl, the same as the bohemian club, a secret company that serves the moloch, the god who requires child sacrifices in the Torah. I think the author of this blog is right

  17. To anonymous@ 12:44 & 12:59: EXCELLENT!

  18. I can't post anymore from my phone maybe i exceeded the number of posts allowed anonymously so i post from my pc. The gematria of Akedat Itshak = 782 like the year to come . In france the vaccination of children under 12 years old start this year . ALmost all of your rabbanims see nothing, it is a part of the redemption . In mitsraim the gadol hador Amram didnt see anything,it took Myriam intervention. We are all little Myriams around here . The truth will spring for the bottom as it is said: emet me erets titsmar. Tehilim פה , we are in the Pydion years . Im sorry if i flooded your blog with my many post Devorah . Kol touv


  19. Yaacov, it only arrived to me today. Some weird thing with Blogger no doubt.