10 August 2021


2 Elul 5781 

This is what we often hear from the very people who reject the established science that is knowable and provable and not just theoretical.  The established science is what has been learned from observing and investigating the way the Creator runs His world.  While some might call it "science," it's really just truth by another name.  Of course, it must have its antithesis - Fake Science or Pop Science or whatever the Lie goes by today.  People who themselves took vaccines and vaccinated their own children up to now are not "anti-vax" for rejecting forced participation in a global gene manipulation experiment so the pharmaceutical companies and their investors can get richer than ever.  They are just "following the science" - the established science which is just the truth.


Once it's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Powers That Be (whether it is the government, the so-called health authorities or something even beyond that) are lying to us over and over and over again, they can no longer be trusted on anything and certainly NOT with our children.  Absolutely EVERYTHING they say and do and recommend must be suspect and the schools must be abandoned as places of idol worship.  Once there, your child is under their control and out from under your parental protection!  That's fine when they could be trusted, but NOT NOW!!

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday gave his approval to a plan prepared by the education, health and defense ministries and the Prime Minister’s Office for reopening the next school year in the shadow of the latest coronavirus outbreak.

The main points of the plan are as follows:

All 1.6 million kids in kindergarten and grades 1-6 will undergo a serology test to check if they have COVID-19 antibodies. The testing will begin in the Haredi sector, where schools will be reopening on Monday, and then roll out to the rest of the population. The Education Ministry estimates that 20-30 percent of students will be found to have recovered from the disease, and therefore will receive a Green Pass that exempts them from quarantine if they are exposed to confirmed carriers.

The families of 1.9 million children in kindergartens and in grades 1-9 will receive a rapid COVID-19 home test kit within 48 hours of the school year starting, and will be asked to test their children prior to their coming to class.

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, that student will enter quarantine, and their entire class will be required to get tested. Those who test positive will also enter quarantine, and those who test negative can stay in class as long as they get tested every single day for seven days. Those who refuse to be tested daily will have to enter quarantine as is currently required.

Students in schools in cities and towns that are considered “orange” or “red” under the traffic light system will all be tested once a week.
And yet again, it is the chareidim who lead the way...
Begins a series of serological tests for students in ultra-Orthodox localities (machine translated)
With the resumption of studies in the sector, a pilot was opened in Elad and Kiryat Ya'arim. The goal: to find antibodies in 3-12 year olds. Those who are found to be recovering will receive a green card and will be able to learn without fear of being exposed to the verified: "Whoever could - ran to be tested." Later, the tests will reach Bnei Brak, Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem, and towards September 1, also the state education system.

The national operation for serological tests of Israeli children has begun: With the start of the school year in the ultra-Orthodox sector today (Monday), Rosh Chodesh Elul, MDA and the Home Front Command began sampling the residents of Elad and Kiryat Ya'arim aged 3-12 in order to detect corona antibodies in their blood. : To issue a green passport to as many students as possible in order to exempt them from future isolation and allow a continuous study routine in the educational institutions. In the coming days, the cities of Bnei Brak, Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem will also join the operation, with the goal of completing the examination of about a quarter of a million children from this age group in the ultra-Orthodox sector. This is the first phase, a kind of pilot, ahead of the serological tests for about one and a half million students in state educational institutions as part of the outline that is being formulated for the opening of the school year on September 1.

The local authorities of Elad and Kiryat Ya'arim reported an impressive and satisfactory response from the residents on the first day of the operation, in contrast to the early fear that many would mistakenly think that its purpose is to detect latent disease and be reluctant to participate so as not to aggravate their coronation situation.

Even before 16:00, the date set for the opening of the operation, there were long queues outside the centers where the tests were conducted, and according to its pace of progress, the two localities hope to end the operation as early as possible. Preliminary and unofficial data from the samples taken in the last few hours showed that about 20% of the children were found to have previously been in Corona and did not know about it. "Sounds weird but we hope they have antidotes and they can go to school," said Am Elad.

The tests were performed by Sheba Hospital, the municipality and the Home Front Command. Everyone who arrived received a number and instructions on how to receive the test result on their cell phone. They waited 15-10 minutes from their arrival until the end of the test.

Menashe Sternfeld, director of the Chabad House in Kiryat Ya'arim. "How many children did you come to be tested with? " With five children. I'm happy for this opportunity to save the isolation. "

- Was there a deliberation? We heard voices that maybe people would not come so as not to paint the settlement red. Was that a consideration?

"Not at all. First of all, whoever could be tested for the whole period, ran to be tested. No one tries to outwit the law or things like that...."

At first, it sounded good and reasonable to me and even desirable.  A serological test is not dangerous and if it shows the kids have natural immunity then the whole question of vaccines and constant unremitting testing is moot.  Although they will probably still have to wear the unhealthy mask throughout all the hours of school instruction. 

And then I came to my senses.  Homeland Security?  The Defense Ministry?  They are in on this?  From the PM's Office to the so-called Health Officials -  no one has been proven to be an honest broker, i.e. NOTHING they propose to do can be trusted!!  Who says they will accurately report the test results?!  Once your child has been officially labeled non-immune, even if he is, you are caught!!!!  But then, even if the test comes back positive for antibodies, it may be of no use at all.  Groundwork has already been laid to explain why your child with a positive serological test must still receive the vaccine: "Israel HaYom - researchers at Shaare Zedek have found that coronavirus antibody levels in children decrease over time, and most of the children who tested positive over four months ago no longer have antibodies."


The TEST gets harder.  Now, it's our kids and we have to get them out - and keep them out - of the system.  How many are going to be able to do that?

Oh yeah, and it is a forgone conclusion that they are going to  - yet again - make an assault on our observance of the mitzvot of the chagim!!  At least, they are going to do their darnedest.

Secret Document Reveals: Bennett Ordered Preparations For A Tishrei Lockdown



  1. Article dated TODAY...

    Lithuania’s brutal clampdown on the jab refuseniks

    I AM writing to raise awareness about the deeply disturbing political and social situation right now in Lithuania, and I firmly believe that the 50 per cent of Lithuanian citizens who have declined Covid-19 vaccination, and even a large number of those who have been vaccinated, support me in this call for the attention of international communities. There has been nothing published in mainstream media outside our country.

    Today, August 10, the Lithuanian government is due to review and accept the following amendments of state legislations denying non-vaccinated people, including school age children, access to:

    – public transport;

    – primary and secondary care medical institutions;

    – any trade and service where the human contact is longer than 15 minutes;

    – libraries, museums, concerts, theatres;

    – schools and universities;

    – shops with an area larger than 1,500 sq m.

    The state’s statutory sick leave will be waived for those who do not take the vaccine.

    The principal officers and staff at the Lithuanian Parliament who are non-vaccinated or oppose the aforementioned changes had their Parliament entry ID cards deactivated on Friday (August 6) so will not be allowed to attend. Will the opposing MPs be next?

    A Lithuanian MEP is openly running hate speech against non-vaccinated people – advising the public to stop all the contacts with those without inoculation, including family members. The expression ‘unnecessary ballast to society’ is being used by the director of the Employment Service Institution. The segregation of people, friends and even families has started in a country of only three million.

    Military forces of Lithuania are due to receive enhanced powers, including takeover the property of the businesses and individuals.

    There are plans for a protest today at the Lithuanian Parliament. Thousands of Lithuanian citizens, including those who have accepted the vaccine, are organising bus journeys to unite and express their opposition to the breach of human rights, employment law, trade standards, children’s rights, EU Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 2361 (2021), the Nuremberg Code and the Lithuanian Constitution.

    On January 13, 1991, thousands of unarmed Lithuanians stood against Soviet tanks after the country’s declaration of independence, protecting their Parliament and TV tower, which did not stop transmitting the news to the world. Fourteen died and hundreds were wounded because Lithuanians refused to retreat under the attacks and sporadic gunfire continued for at least 90 minutes. Just before the radio station shut down, an announcer said: ‘We address all those who hear us. It is possible that [the army] can break us with force or close our mouths, but no one will make us renounce freedom and independence.’ The Soviets backed down.

    Now our brave nation which once broke the USSR is subject to a home-made dictatorship. It is not about the vaccination, but about freedom to make the choice and have it respected without losing dignity and rights.

  2. We must unite as one, all of humanity, the 8 billion or so. This has gone too far; nothing seems to sway them but the gigantic masses can. Maybe H' is giving Lithuania a chance to do some teshuva for their brutality against the Jews of Lithuania where they helped the Nazis, yimach shimom v'zichrom. Hopefully, their determination will be strong enough that it will be the leader to help the rest of the world and also get some credit for their determination to now uphold 'freedom'! Wishing them great success!

  3. Anonymous@4:07PM - OMG!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! We never unite with the nations!! NEVER!!! NEVER!!! NEVER!!! Doing that loses us our Divine Protection from HKB"H. The good people of the nations, however, should by all means unite against the evil.

    It says they are a country of 3 million people. They are another test case. That's the significance of this article.

  4. I posted this in several MSM comments section

    This is not just in Israel
    This is global. Part of the agenda you will own nothing and be happy. All the new built flats housez rtc will be bought either by the government or by investment corporations like BLACKROCK OR VANGUARD. And people will rent from them forever. The DEEP STATE is also burning or flooding the land and moving the population to other areas to leave the land free for animals to graze. Only Bill Gates, who already owns millions of acres in 18 states will keep his land to grow his artificial meat and thr insects he wants us to eat.
    THE PSEUDO VIRUS HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT YOUR HEALTH BUT ABOUT MONEY. And if you don't wake up you will just be crushed in the chaos.
    Marches and petitioons are useless. Police brutality has to be tackled. It"s unacceptable for police to beat people for not wearing a mask. And now yhat Benett wants to microchip your kids. Wake up Israel and go after the so called elite and the government. They have become insane. Think of your families and childre. Are they worth to fight for their future?

  5. People in Israel are asking for articles on what to take if you have been Vaccinated for Covid-19? What to take to cure the vaccine. Something that can be translated, printed and passed out on a street corner like a pamphlet or newspaper. The Government and Medical Services are lieing to us about the Vaccine.

  6. Yakov - am sure Dr. Zelanko must have some literature on that...

  7. Chaya Devora: I didn't mean that Israel should, c'v, join any nation but if the Lithuanians would start the ball rolling and other countries in their countries do the same, maybe that would have the impact to change this insane policy and Israel would see that the world is trying to do the right thing; Israel itself might take the hint to revoke this mandate which goes against all the laws of humanity. Notice, all of a sudden, the Nuremberg Code means nothing. Of course, it will only be Hashem who will fix everything, but hishtadlut is very important. We should never unite as one with the other nations, this is something I always understood and understand. H' Yerachem in order for us to endure until Moshiach reveals himself!

  8. Yes, Dr. Zelenko mentioned about those vaccinated and are very worried now, that they should keep on taking Vitamin C, D, Zinc and Ivermectin. It's best to find one of his latest videos because he does mention that. I am not sure if there were other things to take; I think he mentioned in his interview with RabbiChananya Weissman (I think it was taken about a month ago?, not sure) Maybe someone reading this can help with getting hold of that interview!

  9. People are begging for an Antidote for the Vaccine. They are desperate after they realize that the Government Lied to them about the Vaccine. They are seeing all the Heart Attacks and are scared. They need a cure for the Vaccine. Anything that can be translated, printed and handed out to people. I have search high and low to find out. I need help.
    RED ALERT: Covid internment camps announced in America; Tennessee governor signs EO authorizing National Guard to carry out covid medical kidnappings https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-08-10-covid-internment-camps-announced-in-america-tennessee-cdc-internment.html

  10. Yakov Buttefield, what do you mean... they are seeing all the heart attacks? Are they having heart attacks close to the time of getting the vaccine, or much later? Just curious to know.