21 August 2021

The 'Talibanization' of Israel: Is It A Foregone Conclusion?

14 Elul 5781
Shavua Tov! 

Today, you have to view and hear the news coming out about the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan with the same skepticism and attention to the signs of propaganda as you've learned to do with the plandemic and all its associations. (Remember the Iraqi incubator babies?)

Western media is now famous for its demonization of anyone perceived to be their enemy.  And an enemy is defined as anyone who stands in their way of complete world domination, because today, the United States is the equivalent of the New World Order.  That was always the plan, you see.  Why did you think, of all the cities of the world, the UN is sitting in New York City?


Anyway, back to the Taliban.  Do I think Islamic sharia law excessive?  Absolutely!  It goes further than the Torah prescribes and is, therefore, oppressive.  BUT!!  The Taliban are God-fearers whose main desire is to create a purer, more modest society that adheres to God's laws, as they understand them, and who can claim today, in the midst of the draconian COVID laws that Sharia is in any way worse than the oppression of the secular West?

Despite the hysterical speculation of what the Taliban "might do" after assuming power in Afghanistan, the worst they've been able to prove is that they are painting over images of immodest women.  That's not unheard of here in the "only democracy in the Middle East."

Orthodox Jewish schools 'erased or changed pictures of women in books'

Ultra-Orthodox man filmed biking up to bus and vandalizing image of woman

And then there is this...

Rare footage: the 'Taliban women' of Jerusalem
My point is that authentic Judaism is much closer to Islam than Christianity, and secular humanism isn't even in the ball park!  Anytime an authentic Torah Jew brings up the idea of making Israel into a "Halachic" Jewish State, the first words he's going to hear are "Jewish Taliban."  Only Jewish Taliban talk like that.  Some would go so far as to say our Holy Torah is full of "Taliban" ideas.
Torah and Taliban: Is There Something in Common?
I have often envisioned a scenario whereby the rest of the world is preoccupied with whatever HKB"H sends to distract them and Mashiach reveals himself and begins to set the country aright, in full accord with the demands of our Holy Torah.  How else can it be when it's Mashiach!?  Our sources already tell us that some (many?) religious Jews will fight him.  And I think this is why.  He will seem just too extreme for their Western tastes.

I dare say that the Taliban might recognize Mashiach (and convert) before the Modern Orthodox do.  When the nations wake up and take notice of what has been happening in Israel - the U.S. colonial outpost from which Western ideas and "values" are exported to the Muslim world - might we see a replay of these same images of people fleeing to the exits, like what we are seeing in Afghanistan?  I sure hope so!  If they want to be goyim, let them live among the goyim and let those who are faithful to HKB"H and His Torah have the only (tiny) JEWISH country in the world!!

Of course, it won't end like that.  Instead, this is where Gog comes in.  He can't allow such a thing to happen.  Just like he can't allow it to happen in Afghanistan.  And he can't continue to allow Islamic Iran to go its own way.  

If you want to see what is in store for Israel when Mashiach comes to power, just watch what's going on in Afghanistan today.  Listen to the condemnations coming from the Western countries: (The "international community" will not recognize the Taliban  government; The IMF freezes Afghanistan's funds.)  Listen to how they are being demonized, with all sorts of atrocities that haven't even occurred being attributed to them because they will "probably" do it.  This will give you some idea of what to expect here when the time comes.

Whatever you may think about the Taliban, they have had the zechut during these last 40 years of kibbutz galuyot to defeat the two major superpowers of the 20th century - Russia and America.  

And for those who want to know more...

Where Are The Lost Tribes Of Israel? | Quest For The Lost Tribes

[Written on Yom Shishi, 12 Elul 5781]


  1. People like to think that moshiach will be some cuddly teddy bear with a long white beard.

    The reality is that Moshiach will be an unelected monarch with an unelected Sanhedrin of 72 men. His job will be to institute the reign of G-d on earth. In doing so, he will wage war as a milchemet mitzvah and milchemet reshut.
    He will destroy whatever is on har habayit and build the beit hamikdash. Korbonot will be reinstated. He will enforce Torah law and obeiance. He will expand the borders of the kingdom of Israel.
    Rambam hilchos melachim.

    The Arabs and Persians will probably be among the first goyim to recognize the reign of Moshiach because they have a similar structures of government and theology: emirs sheikh, sultans, monotheism etc. I seem to remember a Malbim on zechariah referencing this.

    In short, Moshiach will be a tzaddik, warrior king. This type of man has not been seen for thousands of years. Think Shimshon hagibor, Yiftach or Dovid hamelech. Or maybe the Baal Shem tov as commander of tzahal. Something like this.

    Can you imagine the horror of the satanic globohomo elite as their dream of a transhuman, post national future for humanity goes up in smoke from one man who claims to build a kingdom of G-d?

    Of course, the global elites will wage war on this Jewish Iran in the name of world peace.

  2. Americans are in no mood for another intervention, let alone in the Middle East. If a "Taliban" Mashiach rules Israel, at worst they will cut off diplomatic ties with Israel and finish all financial assistance. There won't be a war. And your hope that the evil Taliban will recognize Mashiach is completely ridiculous. Ishmael is the last exile.

  3. Dear Friends of Tomer Devorah, Think Don Corleone with a Kippa https://youtu.be/OIBpHO1gZgQ Shalom from the Land of Israel, City Of God/Jerusalem, Hill Of The Priests (Abu Tor/Givat Chananya) overlooking Mount Moriah where the Third and Final Israelite Temple of Jerusalem will soon be under reconstruction and stand forever, as per the Prophet Ezekiel. Please see the Biblical Book of Ezekiel, chapters 40-48 https://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt1240.htm

  4. Unknown@9:07AM - Why do you say "evil Taliban"? What makes them "evil" in your assessment? And do you see them as more or less "evil" than Edom? Just curious.

    1. You call them "God-fearing", which is a sad joke. They use the name of God to justify their lust for cruelty and physical desires. That's why they "marry" little girl-slaves (some of them even rape little boys, believe it or not). Muslims don't worship God, but power, that's why they scream "God is great". The same way Christians worship love ("j-zeus is love", etc). We worship G-d because he is OUR Father (Shema Yisrael....), not because He is powerful. If you need to ask why the Taliban are evil there is something really wrong with your moral compass, before learning Torah you should start with common decency. As Abraham Lincoln correctly said "It doesn't matter if God is on our side, we should ask if we are on His."

      Also why do you compare Covid restrictions with Shaaria? are you being amputated or lashed with a whip for not getting vaccinated or wearing a mask? I don't think so. I bet your desire to see Mashiach comes from arrogance, you want to see secular people getting punished. That's not Judaism. You are closer to the Taliban than Hashem.

  5. Yaak - Thanks! :-)

    Now, is anyone among my regular readers still buying into this image?

    US Propaganda

    Closer to the truth...

    "Evil" Eisav

    One difference between the evil Taliban and the evil Americans is that the Taliban did not invade America and commit their "evil" against a nation they had no business being in. The 9/11 perpetrators allegedly were all Saudi citizens and Bin Laden was himself Saudi and he was eventually (reportedly) captured in Pakistan so why the 20-year war in Afghanistan?

    The 'Christian' West just can't abide the idea of any country being ruled by Islamic law. But that should be the choice of the people who reside in those countries. If the Afghans don't have the right to a Taliban government, then Israel has no right to a Torah government. That's what it comes down to.

    New crusaders? US military adopting religious doctrines

  6. "Now, is anyone among my regular readers still buying into this image?"

    Not this one. Whatever we see or are told on the media is 100% scripted, and often staged entirely.

    The media are wringing their hands over the alleged tens of thousands of Americans inexplicably left behind (all while other usual suspects like the UK go to great lengths to help their subjects). I suspect those "Americans" are really Afghanis recruited by the CIA (and the like) who handed out citizenship like candy to people who worked for the regime and/or did things like inform on their neighbors (and worse). What is going on looks humiliating to America (and in some ways it is humiliating), but it also seems by design. How do you extricate yourself from "repatriating" tens of thousands of them? Just botch the whole thing in ways that makes one the laughingstock of the world and leave them to the Taliban. The same Taliban which is openly keeping them from getting to the airport, and at the same time not invading and occupying it, which they are capable of doing.

    The Taliban hardly seem evil. Whoever rules there is going to be brutal. They have risen in a region beset by all sorts of deeply endemic violence and thievery, which the Americans nurtured and encouraged and even participated in.

  7. If they are from the 10 lost tribes, only frozen judaism would let them to stay as they are, they probably more jewish than many of us...I actualy want them to come home and hug them.... If they are jews, it looks they are...leah

  8. Unknown@12:06PM - Lesson #1, you can't paint an entire people with one brush.

    "That's why they "marry" little girl-slaves (some of them even rape little boys,...."

    I don't know that for a certainty and neither do you, but that is a very common Western/Christian propaganda story, while all the time ignoring the fact that the global Catholic priesthood is the oldest and largest pedophile ring in the history of the world.

    "If you need to ask why the Taliban are evil ...."

    That wasn't my question. I asked why YOU call them "evil" and whether you reckon them more or less "evil" than Edom. You declined to answer.

    Your quoting Lincoln tells me a lot about where your values are coming from.

    We could argue the costs/benefits of corporal and even capital punishment (which the Torah upholds) over locking human beings in cages for life (which it doesn't).

    I can't help but wonder why you fail to see all the collateral damage that has been inflicted on the global population by the "official" response to the Global War on Corona - medical experimentation without informed consent; destruction of livelihood, forced separation of families, mental anguish, restrictions of freedoms - speech, movement, worship, thought! And you compare this to a (admittedly flawed) system of justice that applies only to the inhabitants within their own borders and which is supported by the majority of the population???

    Anyone who doesn't want to live under Taliban rule can leave Afghanistan's borders as we've been seeing over the past few days. Unfortunately for the rest of us, there is no place we can go to escape the prison they've erected around us.

    It seems you have forgotten to "Judge your brother favorably."

  9. Leah, according to the video I saw, they don't claim to be Jewish but to be Bnei Yisrael. As with the Ethiopians and the Bnei Menashe, they would likely have to have a "conversion from doubt," either that or if they come to reunite after Mashiach's arrival, perhaps Eliyahu HaNavi will weigh in on who is who or what.

  10. The Taliban also destroyed avodah zara. Remember when the world was outraged?

    This nonsense of caring an Israeli "theocracy" to Iran (which I guess no longer works) or to the Taliban is all about fighting against Torah.

    Those moderate Muslims many Jews like to cuddle up to are for the most part against religious, not just radical Islam.

    Remember when Meretz went around Jerusalem fear mongering in the Religious Zionist and modern orthodox communities, encouraging them to vote for Barakat instead of R' Porush for mayor?

    "You don't want any modesty brigade coming around telling your wives how to dress, do you?"

    Barakat won probably because of the Haredi in-fighting. Nevertheless, this strategy helped.

    They are running scared, more and more rights are being granted to non-Jews who have been fooled into believing they are Jewish, foreign workers and infiltrators, and non-Jewish, non-Israeli, spouses of Israelis. Any Evangelical Christians get citizenship (secretly) yet from IDF service or through other means??

    And what are the Religious Zionists doing about it, aside from 3 or 4 MK's? What about rabbis who are demonized and silences? Other rabbis defending them?

    We're at a fairly low place right now, unfortunately.

    Regarding the Pashtun, Tomer Devorah is right about the Bnei Yisrael (I have heard "People of Moshe). Like the Ethiopians' agreement and the Bnei Menashe who make no bones about it AFAIK, they would probably have to convert lehumra.

  11. Look, don't understand how and why anyone is standing up for the Taliban. There are murderers amongst them, this is a fact. I agree with the first part of Unknown's comment @12:06 pm. Cannot agree with him with the covid part. The whole world was being and is being made guinea pigs to a lethal weapon. Whether Eisav or Yishmael, they are rotzchim in different ways. Let us concentrate on our people to do teshuva and hasten our Geulah.
    The only ones whom I consider as part of the ten lost tribes are the Pashtuns; the only ones mentioned in the comments that do not intermarry and they themselves acknowledge that they are from the lost tribes and everything about their laws and customs are from our Torah. They are undoubtedly Jews! The others, even if they stemmed from the lost tribes, they have not been Jews in any way for more than a thousand years. The real Jewish souls are becoming righteous converts individually, as we speak and the only ones, thus far, from the tribes who will return fully Jewish are the pashtuns. After Moshiach comes, no more conversions.

  12. Shai, "...don't understand how and why anyone is standing up for the Taliban. "

    I don't see anyone here doing that. If you are implying that's what I am doing then you need to read more carefully.

    A lot of Jewish minds have been corrupted by Western thought and values and truly do not see the evil in Eisav, even though we are only 80 years out from the Shoah! I want them to wake up to the fact that Eisav is equally evil and possibly even worse.

    George Bush famously declared, "You are either with us or you are with the terrorists." Uh, no! The Jews aren't with him or with the terrorists and that's not how the world works, though it's how they'd like it to work.

    HKB"H told us through His righteous prophets that from among the Yishmaelim, He will take some to be His people but Eisav will be completely destroyed.

    My main two points, however, which I may have failed to get across, is that the conflict between the West and the Arabs and Israel is over religion and what you see the West doing to the Taliban in Afghanistan is a picture of what they will do to Israel as soon as we stop being little American clones and start being real Jews - when Mashiach comes to power.

    That should not be misconstrued in any way as a blanket endorsement of Taliban rule, except that the Afghan people have a right to choose that life. It is superior to Western life in many, many ways. If you can't see that, then there is nothing else to say.

  13. Chaya Devorah, don't disagree with you at all about Eisav being worse than Yishmael. Esav- the great 'deceiver'. But as far as I'm concerned, they all live by a code of retzach. The Afghanis. I think, are basically decent people. By now. most informed and well-read people know that 'terrorists' are the products of the 3 letter orgs. (i,e, cia, etc.). This is the nwo (the ptb's) who want to rule the world and destroy it at the same time; the self made gods, just like their ancestors, Nimrod and his followers. We know the end of the story with Nimrod & his gang. We are now at the time of history where H' is hastening our Geulah. We just pray it will go easier for all of Am Yisrael everywhere, as H promises us that He will gather up his people from the ends of the earth and the Heavens; so wherever the Jew finds himself in the world, it is H's Will and HE will be there for His children. In the meantime, the disgrace of the State of Israel being the leading captives of the nwo and doing their bidding is exposing the evil erev rav for who they really are. We need nissim v'niflaot now more than ever. We know the great nissim at yetziat Mitzrayim and it will be even greater with the upcoming Geulah. May it be Now!

  14. Anybody who demonizes the Taliban , is a parrot who repeats the propaganda of the media ......BUT maybe also, hates the Torah .... Anybody who says that the punishments for the serious sins written in the Torah , are cruel and not perfect Mishpatim for Tseddek and Tseddakah , definitely his is an enemy of the Truth, his torah is darkness , his religion is fake. This all week, perashah "KI Tetse" , Hashem looks in the hearts, how we approach Him and stand in front of the coming GEOULAH : giloui of His Presence , a revelation probably greater than in har Sinai....and the test comes through the Taliban...... "A G-d of faith without iniquity , righteous and fair is HE.....Corruption is not His the blemished children a perverse and twisted generation, Is it to Hashem that you do this ??? O vile and unwise people ??

  15. Those who deny the MISHPATIM are unfitted for the GEOULAH . But we are in Elul, a great opportunity for Teshuvah !!!

  16. Here is an article from someone who is likely skeptical of this, but noted that someone else posted something similar:


  17. Why? What did they ever do to us??

    Israeli weapons were used extensively in Afghanistan

    From drones to missiles and armored vehicles, Israeli-made weapons systems helped coalition forces against Taliban fighters

    Why? Because the State of Israel is America's servant NOT Hashem's!!

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