03 May 2021

A Possible Key to the Meron Tragedy

21 Iyyar 5781
36 Days of the Omer

How is it possible to know if what happened in Meron was not just a tragic accident or whether it was a malicious act perpetrated upon the religious public?  Answer: When the media immediately steps in to contradict eye-witness and survivor testimony and creates an alternative narrative which they then push with all their might.  Because it was force-fed to every consumer of the media, that word "stampede" quickly took hold and now it is being used exclusively to portray the event as a bunch of out-of-control people intent on fending for themselves with no regard for others.  (Correction:  You can add the word "trampling" to that as well.)  From sources that I trust outside the mass media, I know that to be a complete misrepresentation.

Sad to say that Yeshiva World News, despite its religious appearance, is just another lackey of the NWO, but most of my readers already knew that.  I knew as soon as I saw that word "stampede" on their site yesterday that this would be one of those times that they would not be on the side of the truth.  (They pick and choose, I'm sure because of the orders they receive from above.  If they always lied, who would ever be fooled by them?)  So, their headline story today brings a brand new perspective which "may explain" how it happened and it completely absolves the police.

Someone noted that the words are descriptive of cattle and I added a video of cattle being herded to the slaughterhouse.  It did not look a lot different from the chutes and barriers the police set up to control crowds.  Think about it.  When did the "authorities" begin exerting so much "crowd-control"?  Realize, too, that a phrase we've been hearing for over a year - herd immunity - is also a reference to animals.  It has also been commented that the Elites of the NWO consider the bottom rungs of humanity to be just so much cattle to them.

But, however much we believe that the tragedy that occurred in Meron on Lag BaOmer was not an accident, but was something orchestrated by those whom we already identified as wanting to destroy Torah Judaism and those who embody it, we also know that they could not have succeeded without the permission of the Master of the Universe.  So, that brings us to the bigger, and most important, question:  Why did HKB"H let it happen?

I noticed that there is a common theme, if you will, running through the major events of the last, at least, year and a half.  And it is not unique to me.  I have heard others pondering the same thing.  How many times and how many ways and in how many diverse situations have we heard this phrase repeated...


From COVID patients on ventilators, to excessive and inappropriate police force, to mask mandates, and yes, even to the killing field at Meron, where it is reported that people begged the police to open up the gates because people could not breathe, some fainting and falling for lack of air, the dead falling victim to asphyxiation.

I think this has to be the key to an ongoing, unrelenting warning emanating from Shamayim.

Everyone said this was going to be the first large-scale event to take place in Israel since the lifting of Corona restrictions, i.e. a huge step toward returning to "normal" for the religious public.  But what if HKB"H isn't ready for that to happen, isn't ready for the fear to fade completely, because it has been serving a greater purpose in preparing us for another reality?

You can't judge from the victims.  By all accounts, they were pure and unblemished korbanot and all you have to do is look at their faces in the pictures to know that is true.  But what of the rest of us who are still in the game, still making choices, still determining our eternity?  Are we really ready to receive our Mashiach, to ascend to the level of Har Sinai and come into the actual presence of the Shechinah?

Can we even have any clue about what it is going to take to bring us - all of us - to that level?  Clearly, the vast, vast majority of humanity can't survive it, but for the sake of the few more who will make it in because of these Divine wake-up calls, the warning bells are still sounding - whether they be missile alerts or the sirens of ambulances in a mass-casualty disaster, or something yet unseen. 

I don't know how many are aware, because the mainstream news sources are not covering it, but the Arabs are continuing to riot and perpetrate attacks which are increasing daily.  They are back to gathering at the border fence along the Gaza Strip and sending incendiary devices across that then set fire to property on the Jewish side.  The IDF and police are warning about a pending escalation due to the convergence of several things:  the final days of Ramadan, the eviction of 25 Arab families from the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood in Jerusalem, the cancellation of PA elections, and the 'celebration' of Al Quds Day.

On the Iran front, the US has made a deal.  Israel will most certainly be sold out.  WiIl this finally push Binyamin Netanyahu to act?  Will political desperation??  If, God forbid, we do finally come to an outbreak of open warfare with Iran, this "We Can't Breathe" theme has me conjuring images of gas masks and gas attacks, r"l, lo aleynu!  Hashem have mercy on His children!

Maybe it's as simple as the fact that when HKB"H created us, the Torah says, He breathed life into us.  Maybe this is all about telling the world that we have sunk so low that we no longer have any right to breathe on this earth - much like the state of the world before the Deluge - and the day is coming when the breathe will be sucked right out of the vast majority of humanity if we don't all of us do teshuvah for everything we can think of right now.


  1. bs'd
    The B'nai Yisrael had to be brought to a position of KOTZER RUACH before they were freed from Egyptian slavery (Shemot 6:9).
    Hashem yirachem, lo aleinu.
    Dean Maughvet

  2. Dean Maughvet - Excellent point!!

  3. WOW! You really hit upon something. We all should have seen this horrible disaster as a wakeup call, but you actually got into it much further and I really believe you hit the nail on the head. At least, we've seen some unity to an extent where people were really coming out to give blood, even in Tel Aviv.
    We pray for Hashem's Mercy that He does not test us with such harsh decrees any further, for that alone can be almost the end of us, c'v. But, there must be introspection and we, Jews, need to understand that we have helped allowing the world and especially in E.Y., sink to the very bottom of the pit.
    May we all do teshuva and pray to Hashem He Forgives us for all our stupidities and sends us our Redeemer speedily and with great Mercy!

  4. If you are short of breath, you need oxygen. You are in need of the truth, and it is not that you don't know the truth. Rather, you don't want it. So, your breath will get shorter, and shorter.

  5. Too cryptic for me, Moshe.

  6. In my opinion we can look at it like this. A Human being and foremost a real jew has a Tzelem Elokim.. If we don't behave like humans or better said as Jews accd to Hashems will, we loose after some time the tzelem elokim... We get beastlike. Today, unfortunately a lot of animals behave better as humans. The neshama is the dividing line between human and animal. Neshama and Neshima is strongly related. So Hashem is telling us to get a real human accd to his will, otherwise we loose the neshama // neshima. B'Emes we have to ask ourselves which mitzvah of the real mitzvot we are doing with the same enthusiasm like visiting meron. ... For sure there is room to improve

  7. Kan News Interview: Yaron London to Dov Gil-Har, about those who perished in the disaster in Meron: "I am not sad because we do not belong to the same people, for me it is like a disaster that happened in China."

    1. Oh how right he is: we are not from the same nation. He is from the despicable erev rav amalek type of demons and we are from the holy avos. Oh if he qould know what deadly punishment he will get for that, even now in this life. Just wait a little bit and we all will see.

  8. Anon @ 8:50 pm: You are absolutely right! This guy, Yaron London is not only like we, humans, but probably stems from the Nachash itself. Disgraceful!

  9. Rivka Levy4/5/21 6:57 AM

    Back in February 2012, highly popular Israeli journalist Yaron London wrote a piece for the Ynet (fake) news site headlined: "Say no to Jewish Hezbollah".


    In that piece, London compared Israel’s haredi population to a ‘malignant body part’, and then called on secular Israel to “reduce the number of their grandchildren.”

    London wrote (in connection with the chareidi draft discussion going on then):

    “As haredi education rejects a life of work and participation in defending the homeland, and as we cannot imprison tens of thousands of yeshiva students (and those pretending to be such,) and as national service would hold justice in contempt, and as purely haredi regiments are a recipe for an armed civil war, and as the haredi community mushrooms as result of natural growth – the national majority has no choice but to embark on a determined cultural war.

    “Time is of the essence. Should the majority lose this war, the Zionist enterprise would be remembered as a short-lived historical episode.”

    For the last 9 years (at least!) that 'determined cultural war' to decimate the hareidi population in Israel has been in full swing.

    His comments about Meron are easier to understand now, once you know this guy actively writes about reducing the numbers of hareidim in Israel as a 'mitzvah'.

  10. Thank you for those insights, Rivka. We can't even imagine the depth of the hatred directed at God's people.

  11. bs'd
    On the other hand, you can't fault the evil London for telling the truth.
    If I can be shamelessly self-serving, this IS China!
    Dean Maughvet

  12. i just want to add my thoughts: since the horror of Meron there isn't a minute that i dont think of them.
    It happened by rav Wosner's levaya, 2 people got tramped to death.
    When i was a little boy 35 yrs ago i wanted to attend The Steiplers levaya, so i went with my mother to תחנה מרכזית to find a bus to Bne Berak. Every bus that turned up was filled in no time by a pushy crowd, in the end we missed the levaya because we just dont push other people.
    I know that Hashem is in charge, but to say this was Hashems will, is like blaming Hashem for this tragedy. We are talking about MURDER ! Cant people stop pushing at each other ?! are we Menshen or Animals ? Why dont the Rabbanim come out with the truth ? why is it a battle to board a bus. Enough is enough !

  13. this article is from the only Rabbi that isnt scared to say the truth:

  14. To design ik, wWhy are you jumping to conclusions and throwing around aspersions as to how this tragedy happened? Did you see the video of ani maamin just before it occurred? Tens of thousands of haredim singing in peaceful unison, nary a pusher in sight.

    I remember the Hillsborough tragedy, back then in the UK. Different circumstances, but a national tragedy for the UK, in which nearly 100 people were crushed to death. Then too, the victims were blamed for unruly behaviour, but an inquest found:
    "For the jury in the inquests, police errors in planning, defects at the stadium and delays in the emergency response all contributed to the disaster. The behaviour of fans was not to blame."

    The families are still sitting shiva, an inquest has yet to be held (and I truly hope that it will be independent) and the nation is still reeling from the shock, whilst the faces of 45 tsadikim smile at us from our screens. Hashem took the most righteous of a righteous community.

    "בראשית יח כח: "... וַיֹּאמֶר לֹא אַשְׁחִית אִם אֶמְצָא שָׁם אַרְבָּעִים וַחֲמִשָּׁה."

  15. design ik,

    You are completely missing the point. Nobody was actually pushing. The exit being blocked off automatically created a lack in space. And the 'newcomers', on the other hand, had no clue that this was blocked off.

    This was Hashem's will.

    Those who want will always find fault in us.


  16. Elisheva, you have your opinion and he has his opinion and both of you have already stated your opinions. Let's leave it there. But, thank you for your comments always. I do very much appreciate hearing from all the readers.