16 May 2021

Chag Sameach Post Script

5 Sivan 5781
Erev Chag Shavuot 
49 Days of the Omer 

I hope everyone is properly thanking HKB"H right now for the damage that has gone into property rather than into people, although there has been some of that, too.  The iron dome is not taking out these missiles.  We are made aware of that every time there is an accident with one and it doesn't work.  It is just the physical embodiment (disguise) for HKB"H's miracles.

I, for one, am very thankful that on the other hand the disguise the Arabs have been wearing has finally come off.  Their actions and disloyalty were predictable.  Kahane was right.  But even he got it straight from our Holy Torah, as quoted previouslyWe read it year after year after year with no response.  I can't help wondering how many people affected by these riots are ready to give up on their dreams of coexistence and deport the traitors.  Of those, I'm wondering how many have actually said "sorry" to HKB"H for not being willing to do what He commanded us to do until the fire was already raging.

On Shavuot, we recall our wedding vows to HKB"H.  Let us repay all His kindnesses to us with a full, complete and unequivocal return to Him in faithfulness and with thanksgiving.



Anonymous said...

Amen to everything you wrote here! Chag Shavuot Sameach!
This Year/upcoming Year b'Yerushalayim Habenuyah!

Anonymous said...


Some thoughts from the "mamad" on one of the frequent trips there on Shavout.

According to Saudi historian Osama Yamani, and published last year in the Saudi paper, Okaz, The "prophet" Mohamed, p.b.u.h., died before the Al-Aqsa was built. He states that the "prophet" ascended from Mecca, and not from Jerusalem.

Therefore in order to prevent any further disturbances on the Temple Mount, The Government of Israel should offer both mosques on the Temple Mount to the Saudi's.
We could map out and carefully dis-assemble the mosques and transport them to Mecca where they can be re-assembled.

If the Saudi's reject the idea, then Israel should put them up for auction worldwide to the highest bidder, with the proceeds used for compensation and relocation of the residents of Ras-Al-Amud, Silwan, and elsewhere in East Jerusalem.

With all pretense to a connection between Islam and The Temple Mount gone, the presense of the Jordanian Wakf on the Temple Mount would be discontinued.

Handing the keys of Har HaBayit back to the Jordanians was an act of absolute insanity that guaranteed the never-ending intifada's that continue to this day. All the useless rhetoric from our even more useless politicans about maintaining the status quo is a sham, and benefits only our enemies. The status must change, or we will live the rest of our lives running to the mamad.


elisheva said...

Stingray, I loved your comment. Regarding insanity, today, from the 0404 website, the army told miluimnikim who were due to go home for a few days break not to take their weapons, because an Arab might want to attack them and of course they shouldn't hurt the poor darling. The miluimnikim refused to leave the base without their weapons, and in the end prevailed. The comments are scathing.

Amcha, the Jewish people in EY are amazing, the leadership (bagatz, media, army etc) is worse than abysmal, working against our interests and well-being. The only reason we are here at all is on account of chasdei shamayim, despite the lilly livered "leaders".

I'm hoping that somehow the fearless Jonathon Pollard will take on the mantel of leadership together with "his brother" Rav Shmuel Eliyahu. The latter has also always spoken fearlessly on pertinent issues. Most recently he supported the call for anyone with military training to go to the cities of EY suffering the pogroms to support the residents, and gave a psak that they can break shabbat to protect property in these places as under the circumstances, if they don't protect property it will lead to harm to life. Al taamod al dam re'echa. This is the kind of leadership we need.