05 May 2021


23 Iyyar 5781
38 Days of the Omer

The Tragedy in Meron : HaGaon Rabbi Yaakov Hillel


  1. Yes, it's one of my favorite responses thus far. Insightful and helpful.

  2. thank you ever so much, this is the truth !

  3. Rabbi Hillel speaks clearly and with truth.
    Believe because this is EY which is now being called the 'State' & made up of Jews (&non-Jews) who do not want the Torah as the foundation of the country which is the 'holy' Land of Israel, 'religion' has become intertwined with government and this is the basis for so much of the infighting. In other words, if the government were made up of G-D fearing Jews (& only Jews), the spiritual air of EY would permeate the very air we breathe and much of the phony and political side could be swept away naturally. That is why the answer to this great dilemma is the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu because at the point we are now at with this terrible tragedy just a few days ago might be the catalyst to awaken the masses to do teshuva which could immediately bring us Moshiach tzdkeinu! Halevai! H' is always giving us wakeup calls but we need to pay attention to them!

  4. New additional video 8min of Rav Hillel concerning Meron. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_VJv_NbEkyo

  5. Thank you very much, Anonymous@9:57PM.

  6. Minister Amir Ohana: 'If your conscience is clear, there's no reason to resign'
    'Responsibility means doing everything so that such events will not occur again,' Public Security Minister Amir Ohana says...........................................................Of course his consciousness is quiet. A proud houmous- exxx- oua-lala who dared to be called "Justice minister" of the holy people Israel and "inner security minister" on the times of cov-hoax and sent countless times the soldiers of the global empire to beat Haredim as executors of persecution against the Jews, he and all the traitors who separated us and instilled hate between us because of their bloody vaxxx policies, of course they present themselves as our protectors. Lchou le Azazel ovdei avodah zarah , who want to take control of our holies - (like Meron), you don't have any portion with us, with our Holy Torah, with Judaism. Your religion is a complete distortion of the Truth and Devine Laws. Sodomites apostates, OUT FROM THE HOLY LAND ..