01 September 2020

Rabbi Richter Is Back!!

 12 Elul 5780

"ELUL: The Month of Repentance -Repent? For What? You Will Be Shocked. I Was."


  1. ENTIRE Israeli CITIES are being locked down by our Erev Rav Tyrants here in the Land of Israel. Why isn't anyone on this flight wearing a mask ??? Because RULES are for the RULED and not the RULERS ??? WHERE is the "social distancing" ??? The RULES that apply to the SLAVE CLASS RULED in Israel do not seem to apply to the PHARAONIC RULERS on the EL AL ISRAEL AIRLINES flight to the the George Orwell "Animal Farm" Pig Ruling Class in the Emirates. Is this Ancient Israelite Autist MISSING something ???






  2. Exactly, Aryeh Yosef. Interesting that these two headlines appear together today: "Study: COVID-19 lockdowns over 10-x more deadly than pandemic itself," followed by "Health Minister to urge holiday lockdown."

    I tried to tell people as soon as the mask became mandatory that they want people to get sick through this. In short, the mask does not protect anyone from a virus, even more so the homemade ones, but the constant handling of it will increase risk. And that's all you see is people pulling it up and down as if it were not contaminated at all and then handling everything else. Furthermore, they fail to keep a distance from other people because they feel protected by the mask. It's really no wonder that the infections have increased dramatically since masks became mandatory, but that was the idea you see. Initially, at the height of the lockdown, no one was wearing a mask and now the numbers are more than doubled, if the number can even be believed.

    If I had the power, I would require the government to provide a daily report of ALL deaths and their causes every day that they report the virus cases. Otherwise, there is no perspective by which to judge the real lethality of the virus and publicizing these numbers becomes pure manipulation of public perception and attitudes.

    As I and many others have said all along, these measure are not meant to protect public health but to control and to accustom the public to being controlled.

    Hashem yerachem!

  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P0y6M-N8wOE&t=200s


  4. "Don't you notice Everytime in the Hebrew press there is an article about Corona fake plague, they put a photo of haredim?"

    Yes, Samson, I did notice that and I almost made a blogpost about it.

    People seem to be dependent on "experts" to tell them what's what, but all you need is a little basic biology and common sense. Bnei Braq and Modiin Ilit and Beitar Ilit cannot remain at "red" for months without end. If the virus were really spreading like wildfire there for all these months! - it should have burned itself out by now.

    B"H, many Hareidim are waking up to these facts.