04 September 2020

Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

15 Elul 5780

A reader sent in a comment (h/t Chana) providing a link to a video which has resulted in the display on my computer screen of the greatest number of pages open at any one time ever.  This is previously unexplored territory and as you'll see, it's all very recent and it's very complicated.  Given the limitations of a blog post, I can only scratch the surface.  This is to get you started so you can research it for yourself.

I'll tell you up front that the most important takeaway from this blog post will be DO NOT TAKE THE NASAL SWAB TEST!  

One of my daughters was already highly suspicious of it.  She said it looked more like they were trying to place something inside the nasal cavity rather than take something out.  And she asked rhetorically why it was so easy to get DNA and so difficult and painful to take a virus sample.  This will become more meaningful after you view the videos below.  

So, we start with someone I'd never heard of before: James Giordano, PhD, MPhil.  His bio on various sites would run to pages.  To quote only the facts most relevant for our purposes here...

James Giordano, PhD, MPhil, is Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program, Scholar-in-Residence, leads the Sub-Program in Military Medical Ethics, and Co-director of the O’Neill-Pellegrino Program in Brain Science and Global Health Law and Policy in the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics; and is Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA. He is also Distinguished Visiting Professor of Brain Science, Health Promotions and Ethics at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences, Coburg, Germany, and was formerly 2011-2012 JW Fulbright Foundation Visiting Professor of Neurosciences and Neuroethics at the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany.  (Source)
  • American biochemist and biologist (molecular and cell biology, neurobiology)
  • Specialist in health policy, physiological and philosophical psychology, neuroethics
  • Associated with Georgetown U. (Jesuit), Loyola Marymount U. (Jesuit), Johns Hopkins U.
  • Scientific interests focus on: the problems of applying (in and outside medicine) modern neurotechnologies (deep brain stimulation, brain-computer interface), ...the mechanisms of cognitive processes, leading to the decision of morality.
  • Scope of research includes: the neuroethical evaluation of the application of neurology and neurotechnology in research, medicine, public life, global management issues in health care or national security and defense issues.
  • Participates as an advisor in the work of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA](panel on neuroethics, legal and social affairs) and the United States Department of Defense (Senior Science Advisory Fellow, Joint Staff of the Pentagon.
  • Published 9 books and over 230 peer-reviewed scientific articles, in 1987–2013 he delivered over 120 papers at conferences, symposia, etc.
  • Germany awarded him the Klaus Reichert Prize in Medicine and Philosophy in 2012.  (Source)
I expect my readers are well enough informed to understand the significance of the bold-type items.  Here he is speaking about "The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons" to a professional audience in 2017.  Watch from where video begins [38:53] until at least 46:16 and pay very close attention.


Here he is again in 2018 speaking on  "The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future."  Again, please watch from where video begins [5:06] until at least 8:38 and pay very close attention.


What I'm wondering now is if whatever the nasal swab testing and vaccine administration are meant to insert into our bodies will in some way interact with the 5G technology.  Clearly, none of this is beyond the realm of possibility.  You just heard him say it.  And this is where the rabbit hole takes you.  


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  5. Shalom Devash.

    Another interesting link. I take a lot of what I read with a grain of salt, including from this website, however, I found this to be of interest regarding other sources that are warning of the dangers and the agenda behind 5G.



  6. What one thinks might be in the nose swab is in the CV!

  7. Listen to this: James Corbett on "The Great Reset"
    The reshaim are bringing the geulah with their egotistical overreach!

  8. Rav Ovadia Yuval still believes the only thing it really matters to the NWO is going underground in their bunkers while Nibiru causes havoc on earth, killing 70% of the world's population or so. It's supposed to come in the next few months, less than a year from now. 5G will be used to monitor the survivors so they can't rebel against the new authorities in the post-Nibiru world. At least this is why I understood from his video. Hashem is going to kill some of the elites in their bunkers and spare others, so they can fight Mashiach when he takes over in Israel among all the chaos, and then the final stage of Gog Umagog will happen, including all the miracles.

  9. This is frightening, but not surprising because at this point in time when the reshaim want their goals met, we can expect anything from them, H' yerachem. These are things that basically we should all, by instinct alone,have understood & understand that this must be stopped. We must do teshuva, we must daven and we must make our voices heard and make sure to vote for the right side in any elections, even though they are all probably in on it in some way, and most of all, pray for Moshiach's coming in a 'blink of an eye', literally!

  10. Human 2.0 Warning: Doctor Issues Wake Up Call To The World
    Dr. Carrie Madej issues a wake up call to people around the world to the dangers of transhumanism, especially the genetically modifying RNA vaccines being pushed on the global population in a mass experiment.

  11. Thanks. I've added it on to today's blog post.