06 September 2020


17 Elul 5780
Shavua tov!

Del Bigtree, American documentary filmmaker, famous for the movie VAXXED, speaks candidly about vaccines with Lior Gantz.  And Dr. Lee Merritt makes sense out of the confusion of our times.  It is well worth the time to listen to these two.  I highly recommend them both.



"And now, should it not be withheld from them all they proposed to do?" 
(Breishit 11:6)

The video below was contributed by an anonymous commenter, so was added on later.

(If you just listen to this, you don't have to have your eyes drawn constantly to that flashing cross.)   Dr. Carrie Madej does a good job putting this subject into easier to understand language. Also, I found the info on Moderna very enlightening. 

When she gets to the nanotechnology, maybe the other anonymous will finally understand that my suggestion of a connection with 5G is not so far off base. 

HKB"H is bringing people forward with all the information we need to make the right decisions during this time period.  Accept it as the gift it is and a confirmation of our free will and pass it along to others who can benefit from it. 

I do agree that HKB"H will stop it before free will is taken away because that is like the whole reason for this world. And that is something I hope to post about soon - how HKB"H is going to stop them in their evil tracks.


  1. Government 'obsessed' with lockdown, says head of Knesset virus committee

    The chair of the Knesset committee on handling the coronavirus crisis said Sunday she opposes a nationwide lockdown on the Jewish High Holidays, adding she doesn't understand the government's "obsession" with the measure.

    MK Yifat Shasha-Biton, Likud, told Ynet she is "unequivocally" opposed to a general closure. "I cannot understand the obsession with imposing a full lockdown on the country," she said. "We have been in this for half a year and the health care system should have been bolstered. They haven't done it."

    She said the public is "exhausted" by constant threats of a fresh lockdown. "Anyone who thinks a virus can be defeated does not talk realistially. Precise data must be presented to the public in order to regain its trust," she said.

    "It's clear we are in an epidemic, but we need to look at the concrete numbers - when it comes to seriously ill and intubated patients - our situation is stable."

    As Dr. Merritt explains in her video, the term "cases" has come to mean something other than the traditional. In the recent past, if you had a case of measles, for example, you had someone sick with measles and exhibiting all the signs and symptoms of that illness.

    Today, a case of COVID is defined as anyone who tested positive, regardless of whether they have any signs or symptoms of illness and even though it could very well be a false positive. Those numbers increase with the numbers of tests performed, hence you can get 3000 today and 4000 tomorrow and 10,000 the day after that if that's the goal. But according to their own official stats, the number of ill in hospital, after increasing, has remained near the same level for the past few weeks, even decreasing a bit.

  2. Finally a Youtube channel talking about this topic which is not made by a total waco or an antisemite. I didn't know Del Bigtree's channel was taken down. It's such a shame they are banning doctors when this is far from being a settled debate. When you censor people, you made them suspicious and they start to believe in all sorts of crazy theories. I remember Del Bigtree used to talk a lot about the need for herd immunity and the fact that lockdowns are counterproductive to both our health and livelihood.

  3. We are witnessing the MELTDOWN of most everything. Why do you think we are having a 2-WEEK HEAT WAVE?
    The obsession, believe it or not, is either “THE ELECTION” (which means the DS is trying their utmost to get rid of Trump), or, as Yuval Ovadia claims, is THE ‘NIBIRU' THREAT TO EARTH and why there are bunkers all over underground.
    Personally, I believe it is the DS fighting tooth and nail NOT TO BE TRIED FOR CRIMES OF “TREASON" AND "ABUSE TO HUMANITY (which is child trafficking, and satanic mutilation)”. Their tentacles are deep and wide, over so many years, that what we took for government and all the wars between countries as long as we can remember as “normal” is due to the evil being perpetrated by them.
    Some may think this is far fetched, however, Trump said along time ago, if he ever became president he would "save the children”. Do you realise that EVERY YEAR there are thousands and thousands of children that go missing! Why? The obsession with blood and ritual sacrifices.
    When the Torah sages said that we live in a world of lies, they knew of what they said.

    Very good Devash. And I do hope Bnei Brak takes a stand, because this nonsense is not medical. More people die from intubation/ventilators/oxygen deprival. The medical establishment is being led by their stethoscopes by the WHO/CDC ring-around-the-rosy.

  4. Neshama - excellent comment and hits every point! Thanks to both you and, of course, Devash for all we learn that we wouldn't have an inkling about otherwise! May H' answer our tefilot and send us our righteous Moshiach and the Geulah Shleimah; harder every day just waiting for the salvation for humanity!

  5. A 7-Minute bombshell from Del Bigtree's website...


    And then there is this...

    Netanyahu calls off cabinet vote on local lockdowns as Haredim threaten him

    Facing a withering backlash by Haredi leaders over planned lockdowns of several towns experiencing high coronavirus infection rates, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called off a special Sunday cabinet meeting on the subject and is reportedly reconsidering the closures. Some ultra-Orthodox mayors are threatening not to cooperate with the lockdowns, and in an extraordinary letter on Sunday warned the prime minister: “We will not forget who is the man who, time and again, signed onto turning us into disease vectors and enemies of the people.”

    ...The letter was signed by Bnei Brak Mayor Avraham Rubinstein, Beitar Illit Mayor Meir Rubinstein, Elad Mayor Israel Porush and Immanuel Mayor Eliyahu Gafni.

    ...The view expressed in the letter, they said, had gained the backing of the Haredi community’s top rabbis before it was sent.

  6. Yasher Koach to these Rabbis for having the courage to fight for what is right!

  7. Health experts, ER heads join chorus against new lockdown

    Dozens of doctors and scientists have launched a campaign urging the government not to impose a new lockdown, claiming that fears over the coronavirus pandemic are overblown and that the economic damage from such a move will prove too high a cost to bear.

    Among the approximately 90 doctors and researchers to sign an open letter warning against a general closure are Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Michael Levitt and the directors of the emergency wards or coronavirus wards of several hospitals.
    In the letter, the experts warn that a lockdown is only a temporary measure that does not stop the virus but only delays it, thereby drawing out the damage caused by the pandemic and putting more people in danger.

  8. It seems as though Moderna has its agenda right out front. It's in its name, if you spell and pronounce it "correctly": Mode-RNA.


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