"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

29 September 2020


 12 Tishrei 5781


For the first time, Israel’s daily coronavirus deaths per capita have surpassed those of the United States, a military task force said in a report published Tuesday morning.

The task force, which belongs to the Israel Defense Forces Military Intelligence Directorate and advises the Health Ministry, already included that statistic in a diagram in a report published on Sunday but only highlighted it as a first on Tuesday, for an unknown reason.

Tuesday’s report also noted that Israel’s daily confirmed new cases remain the highest in the world.

The daily deaths per capita are calculated by the task force as an average of the last week. According to the data, Israel’s daily death rate over the last week has been 3.5 per million people, while the US rate was some 2.2 per million.

Israel is way ahead of other countries in daily new cases per capita due to very high testing rates. However, even for the percentage of positive test results out of all tests, Israel is also ahead of other countries included in the report for comparison. (Source)


Knesset member Matan Kahana (Yamina):  "Israel has the highest corona death rate in the world."  THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE!  BUT, HOW MANY PEOPLE EVEN KNOW THE TRUTH?!  


  1. The undisputable fact is that the overall mortality in Israel is stable or has even fallen during this period. It can no longer be attributed to being a blip as it has been going on for more than seven months.

    On the other hand we have to be careful. This is a real virus. And there is the issue of the long covid, people who are affected, not necessarily the worst cases, but who have symptoms lingering for months.

  2. Nothing new; it's all about lying as the ultimate sheker is now in this pre-Moshiach era. They won't let this end, especially until the American elections are over. Hopefully, if Trump wins, he will stop this, but if the demons get in, it will continue on steroids, c'v. Israel is a duplicate copy of the U.S.; they are no longer even hiding their dependcy on the US, but everything that is h appening is as if they were the 51st state. If there is any truth (even a smidgen of truth) to the uptick in deaths, c'v, then Israel can be considered the 'canary in the mine'. It's been exposed already multiple times that the numbers are exaggerated so much that out of the 200,000 deaths in the U.S, it has come out that it's only 10,000. Any way you decipher all this, the ptb's are getting what they want by confusing and causing chaos in the world. Let's pray the numbers are really, really exaggerated because they are putting every death, no matter the reason for the passing, counted as Covid19, because that's what is being done in the U.S. Praying all our tefilot will be answered to the good bringing a Healthy & Happy 5781 to klal Yisrael.

  3. as of last month, israel had 182 deaths of people under 70. not an epidemic

    as for infections, israel tests at 37 cycles of magnification which is ridiculously high, germany tests at 30.

  4. I am wondering if they are purposely manipulating the numbers in Israel as well as in the Jewish communities in NY and elsewhere, to purposely push for antisemitism?! If they are now soon reopening the restaurants in NY for indoor dining, this may trigger a return of the well known Nazi fashion that kept Jews out and away from ever public place, just as it was done in Nazi Germany. But thinking even further, isn't that in its essence exactly what HaSHEM wants from us? Haven't we mingled way too much with the nations? And if not with them then at least with their culture and customs in some point or another. All that the Nuremberg laws have imposed on the Jews living at that time was nothing else but what the Holy Torah itself tells us to do. Not to marry a non Jew and to be parush (separate) from the goyishe world. If we are not doing teshuva on our own initiative, and this is what chazal said, HaSHEM will send another Nebuchadnezzar, Haman or Hitler, to force the Jewish people to do teshuva. And they will force all of us to keep the laws of the Torah. HaSHEM will bring us to do true teshuva, whether it be with His staff (guidance) or with His rod (punishment). Ain od milvado!!! May we all see a soon turning of our entire nation back to HaSHEM yitbarach. Gmar Chatima Tova to everyone.

  5. I'm confused - the chart you provided with death rates is since the beginning of the "outbreak" (~7 months?), the majority of which, Israel seemed to be doing fairly well.

    The new reports are talking about the CURRENT death rates, meaning that during a certain period (let's say 2 weeks? a month? I don't know what they're basing it on), the AVERAGE number of deaths per day is higher per million than the US.

    This is not a "long term" look, rather it's taking a look at the present rate, what's happening "today". I don't understand how your chart is helping explain away a misjustice in the media.

    What needs to be looked at (and is being hidden by the government, apparently), is who is actually dying, what are they really dying from, how many "positive" tests are either false positives or hyper sensitive that in other countries would not be considered positive?

    I agree that there appear to be lies and manipulation, I just think that in this instance, you didn't hit the mark.

  6. It's no worse than a bad flu, keeping in mind that influenza is a serious illness. But to lie and manipulate like this in order to destroy people's normal lives...that is evidence of a greater agenda at work. And that is what we have to have uppermost in our minds throughout this ordeal. It is part of a psychological war being waged on the minds and emotions of humanity and has less than nothing to do with the Truth.

    I am shocked most of all at the lack of emuna, however. Despite what we read in the Torah and say in our prayers, very few people really believe that whether we get sick and if so, how sick, or whether we do not survive is all up to us, not HKB"H. The greatest heresy of all is to think that HKB"H has abandoned the world He created.

    You know lies can't stand where Truth abounds. That is why it is so important to keep exposing the lies to the light of Truth. The NWO PTB have succeeded til now because they worked in darkness, but now we are on the cusp of a great revelatory light which will finally destroy the World of Lies.

  7. Anonymous@8:41AM, your points are well taken. You are right and that's why I highlighted the word "daily" in the article and said that you have to read carefully to understand what is actually being reported because, unfortunately, the vast majority of the public hears this and they think the way that MK did when he said Israel has the highest death rate in the world.

    When you take an average, that is a manipulation to make a picture that existed one day but not the next. That's why I encourage people to look at the big picture - the overall rate - which is a truer picture of our real situation as compared to other countries.

    I warned a family member months ago when they very first started requiring masks that this was designed to spread the sickness. Now, ask yourself, when did the numbers start going up and why is now worse than it was in the beginning, what is the difference between now and six months ago??? Mandatory mask wearing!!! It is spreading the disease due to contamination of hands and face!!

  8. So now ask what is their purpose? What are they doing during this lockdown that they need to extend it.
    Think 5G!

  9. Their purpose? First to enjoy themselves, looking at the scared sheep all over the world makes them happy.
    Second to break people psychologically so they won't oppose the vaccine.
    That's their goal. It is a psychological war. I invite you all to turn off the news and learn Torah or hassidut.
    The only way to keep being strong mentally and physically is to cling to Hashem.
    I beg you not to accept their vaccine. It means death, disease, and being unable to have babies.

  10. Devash,

    I've replaced my link to Johns Hopkins University Hospital's COVID-19 worldwide tracking site with the Statista site, thanks to you!

    To answer Anon 30/9/20 8:41 AM, I find that Statista updates the numbers on that page DAILY, and has a column tracking daily increase in deaths (how many passed the previous day) for each country, as well as the country's population and COVID deaths per million people. They start with CONFIRMED deaths (it's very important to weed out as many of the "presumed" and otherwise questionable ones as possible, and while it is pretty near impossible, confirmation certainly would weed out the ones who died as a passenger in a car accident, for example, even if they had Covid. Wouldn't it?). If you want to follow a particular country (or as many as you want, or even all of them) every day for a month, for example, you'll have to go back there daily and copy the numbers down, and analyze them yourself at the end.

    It looks like there is much more info if you can, and are willing to, pay for it. I would, if I were a statistical analyst asked to drill down into the data and were paid for my time. I'd probably include data from the JHU site because they present reported numbers of those who recovered from the virus as well.

    Lots of questions would still abound, both in the test data and the background of each country.

    For one, how many relapsed and/or became re-infected (and what, if any, is the difference between them in practical terms)?

    What fraction of "the virus" does the testing process use for evaluation?

    What attempt was made to capture an entire SARS-COV2 virus for detection in the first place?

    So many questions, so little time...

    BTW. Israel is #37 on the Statista list today. I think that's lower (=better) than it was on the original date of this post (which I believe was #35, IIRC) while the US is #9 (was it #10 before?).

    Better news later, be"H, b"n.

  11. This is the piece of better news I wrote about above: "19 Reasons to Thank Hashem for Covid-19": One that stands out

    It gives an indicator of how C-19 really affected Israel - it would seem, not as "excess" deaths.