02 September 2020


 14 Elul 5780

I feel privileged to be able to pass along to the readers a tremendous communication which has been made available to me by someone wishing to remain anonymous.  It is a quite lengthy letter addressed to rabbanim et al. in Passaic, New Jersey by Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith. 

Within the letter itself Rabbi Smith states:  "This letter is not intended as a private letter. Due to the vital nature of this communication it may be distributed to anyone who will benefit from this information."  Therefore, I take him at his word and pass it along to you as well and strongly encourage you to pass it along further, particularly to the rabbis of our communities.

I have not seen a more cogent analysis and presentation of the facts of what we've come to know as The Plandemic of 2020 in all the months since it first started. It is truly unique in its scope and breadth in light of his personal experience and accounts, and all I can say is yasher koach and kol hakavod to Rabbi Smith on the initiative and courageous leadership which he has shown in bringing this to the attention of the public at large. 

May Hashem bless all his efforts with success and liberate His people from fear and the delusions of madmen who have usurped the reins of power over the entire earth. 

Due to the length and the necessity of maintaining the formatting, I am making this available through my Google Drive, so there is no need to download a .pdf file, although anyone who wants their own copy is invited to write me at tdnjslm@gmail.com and I will gladly forward to you the .pdf I received.


May all who turn their hands to the distribution of the truth be blessed by He whose Name is Truth!

VIDEO: Australian Woman Arrested in Her Home for announcing a "lockdown protest" - date and time to be held - via Facebook! She was charged with "incitement."


  1. Lots of comments on this letter - both pro and con - when it was posted to Matzav.

  2. He had me until "Some will feel that fleeing is the solution. G-d forbid that
    we come to that need."

    Will we ever learn??

  3. I just read the first six pages of this informative truth telling letter and anyone who thinks, sees how right the author is. The trouble about trying to send the letter to as many people as we can is that most will not want to read such a lengthy letter. It's been clear to me as to many others that this is a plandemic which has been purposely orchestrated long before they put it into effect. You just need some common sense with correct information backing up the fact to see it's a scam. But, trouble is that you speak to some people, they cannot 'accept' truth because the 'authorities' are telling them different. Their mindsets are so corrupted that I'm afraid the ones who understand and see the truth are the same ones who did after a few weeks or so after it all started. I can't seem to make some friends understand. It's like talking to the wall.
    Praying that the present day Jews will regain the sechel and common sense that many of our ancestors had but was lost in this lengthy galut.

  4. Please be careful what you post. I live in Passaic and the task force is a group of incredible informed educated people. Many people actually died from the virus itself not just heglect. Many people were very very sick from it with lingering side effects unlike the flu. Its not a plandemic but a real pandemic and social distancing and masks do help prevent the spread of this terrible mageifa. People thst are negligent in quarantining when they should are responsible for infecting others and even causing death. It is a terrible insensitivy and probably a sin. As someone who is on the younger end and who had the virus it was a horrible experience with difficulty breathing for weeks and it took months to recover. I know many people who had a similar experience. No one knows how they will get this virus. The precautions are ne necessary and for everyones benefit.

  5. To 2nd anonymous in Passaic - I'm sorry you had to suffer with the virus. I wish you a refuah sheleimah from any lingering effects, but it could just as well have been some form of cancer, G-d forbid! You would not have been expecting the whole world to "lockdown" because of such a diagnosis. The fact is that while people get sick and some die, lo aleynu! this coronavirus is no more deadly than the seasonal flu and while it is truly terrible for those who are most susceptible to it, still it is something we live with every year without bringing everything to a standstill. As anyone can see, a virus will run its course regardless of what feeble attempts we make to control it. You can't hide from a virus unless you seal yourself inside a bubble. Better to let it run its course and be done rather than drag it out like this.

    The "authorities" never planned to save lives with these restrictions. They said initially that they only hoped to "flatten the curve" - to keep everyone from getting it at the same time so as not to overwhelm the healthcare system. It was a bad idea.

    And it very assuredly was planned - see HERE.

    For you to say "The precautions are necessary and for everyones benefit" tells me you have no idea of the impact these "precautions" have had on the population. Who exactly has benefited and in what way? It sounds as if you did not heed anything your rabbi said in his letter.

  6. The following was shared by Yosef of Journey2There on Rabbi Richter's shiur post, but it is suitable to this post so I'm sharing it again. Many thanks!

    New Revelations on the COVID Death Count


  7. If the public health rules really are necessary, then why is Pelosi not using a mask? And why is she getting her hair done when it is against the law in her city--no blow drying allowed? Once this was exposed on the media, changes have been made to allow shops to open.


    One rule for the elite. A different rule for everyone else. It is not about the virus. Never before in history have well people been quarantined. Quarantine has only been for the sick.

    And if you think masks are protecting you from the virus, watch this from a doctor:


    We are being controlled. We are being played. People are going hungry.

  8. Sholomk you wrote my comment for me.

    1.9/11? old news.
    2. Pittsburg with its proximity in time to the 80th anniversary of kristallnacht, and no-one sees the message.
    3. Transgender agenda being forced into schools and I am wondering how Jewish schools in chul can continue to function, UK Jewish schools being threatened with closure, and I'm envisioning the prohibition on removing children from the country on account of their parents refusing to give them the dictated indoctrination and/or being removed from their homes. Such things are already happening under different guises. If the law can decide that Baby Alfie's parents were not allowed to take him abroad for treatment, (in his best interest to die apparently.) it can also decide that "refusenik" parents may not remove their children from the country.
    4. Pandemic, with the Jewish communities of NY, Paris and London having the highest percentage death rate of anywhere in the world.
    5. And if all of this isn't enough, blm, defund the police, riots, NY and LA with nearly half of the US Jewish population, are officially hellholes, sky rocketing crime rates, anyone who can is fleeing these cities, taking with them the tax base, leading to further deteoriation
    6. ...second wave "restrictions", economic crash, us elections, nibiru.....????? Rav Yuval Ovadia just said that the worst hit places will be NY, Paris, London, pattern anyone? Why would anyone be hanging around?

    My message to the respected rav, is that sometimes you should be afraid, not to be in a state of paralysing fear, but fear that pushes you to take the right action. "Gd forbid you should flee". Gd forbid you should not flee. Yes Hashem is definitely with you, sending many powerful messages. The question is why are you not getting them? "Gd forbid that the time has come to that need". But the time has come. Even the gentiles understand that they have to leave NY and are moving to Idaho and Florida. You should be organising the mass aliya of every Jew willing to come home.


    After Pittsburgh I wrote on a different blog that it is a message for Jews to come home. And got the usual outraged comments for making such a brazen suggestion. I specifically wrote, what if there won't be flights in the future?, what if there is a mob outside your house and no police to assist you? and that people should start selling their homes now and at least move their money to Israel because they might not be able to later on. Not ruach hakotage, just a very basic knowledge of history, current events and listening to our rabbonim, Rav Brody, Rav Anava and others.

    Jewish leaders in chul, askanim and the like must be in contact with the haredi parties in Israel and find a way to make this work. #nojewleftbehind And if the leaders won't, the rank and file have to start organising.

  9. This is insanity. My daughter in law had Covid. She is a young 23 year old healthy young woman. She had the virus before Pesach and still is having some shortness of breath 5 months later. She is just one of many with similar stories. This is not the flu. It is a sinister disease and people need to take it seriously. By posting this you may be contributing to people not taking precautions and causing others to be sick or even die.

  10. "I wish you a refuah sheleimah from any lingering effects, but it could just as well have been some form of cancer, G-d forbid! You would not have been expecting the whole world to "lockdown" because of such a diagnosis."
    This is a ludicrous comment. Cancer is not catchy. There would be no benefit in a world lockdown.

  11. Bubby of 10, my point is that if it hadn't been this, it very likely would have been something else. We are two weeks away from admitting in our holiday prayers that it is decided on Rosh Hashanah who will live and who will die - who will be sick and who will enjoy health - etc. If you believe that then had it not been this virus, it would have been something else that struck your daughter-in-law, in which case, there would not have been any question about punishing other people as a result.

    I never said it was the flu. I said it is no more deadly than the flu and that is a proven fact. Apparently, you think the flu is like the common cold. Tens of thousands of people die every single year just in the US from the flu. It's not a simple thing. It only seems simple to you because it has never been hyped like this coronavirus infection.

    Look, you can't control viruses. All anyone can really do for any virus - including a cold virus - is wash their hands, keep hands away from the face (not possible with masks which encourage frequent touching), and keep a distance from people showing obvious symptoms. Individuals also need to maintain a healthy immune system. The rest is up to HKB"H.

    Tell me, Bubby of 10, what "benefit" do you see from this world lockdown? Because I don't see anything but a down side.

  12. Arguing about whether it's a pandemic or a plandemic, is missing the point. Either way, it is another message from Hashem: 1. look at the Jewish mortality rates in Israel (unchanged or dropped during this period) vs those in NY, Paris, London. 2. the way it is being handled by the authorities shows that the world has changed, that the societal stability that we are all accustomed to no longer exists. The age of certainty is over.

    This situation and the events that preceded it should have been enough to wake up the yidden. As it wasn't Hashem is turning up the heat even further with the astonishing breakdown in law and order. At this point I feel that only a truly miraculous geula berachamim will save am yisrael in exile, because they just seem to be incapable of seeing the writing on the wall, blaring out in neon lights with bells.

  13. Elisheva: "missing the point" Whose point? I made the point by calling it a plandemic and that was questioned, so I set the record straight.

    I think I've had enough of blasting Jews in chu"l for not making aliyah sooner and I strongly disagree with everyone who is screaming at them to "run" now. NOW is already too late. That boat has sailed, so to speak. Aliyah is nearly impossible since the Israeli government, no doubt on orders from TPTB, has begun asking for paperwork that takes forever to obtain, not to mention keeping the borders closed to all non-citizens;* money is even tighter now than before the plandemic; house sales will be depressed since people are scrambling to get out of areas where so many Jews live (New York and New Jersey).

    Personally, except for those lucky few who applied and got everything together before the plandemic started, the majority of those left in chu"l will have to manage with Hashem's help where they are til after Mashiach's revelation. When he assumes power of the Israeli government, then rescue flights will be launched, but til then...

    There will be Jewish survivors among the nations, it's just that it will be unnecessarily harder than it would have been had they chosen to take shelter in Eretz Yisrael. And it's not going to be a picnic here either. But, however hard it is, we are at home with HKB"H and that makes a world of difference. For that we must be truly thankful.

    "On Rosh Hashanah it will be decided, who for..."

    * For those who are familiar with the HaYovel saga, you'll be 'pleased' to know that some prominent Jews intervened on behalf of Tommy Waller and 100 of their volunteers so they were allowed entry to Israel to harvest grapes while Jewish parents of children living here were blocked.

  14. While i do agree that quarantining doesn't really help anyone more or else.. I got married 6 months ago to someone from passaic and my father in law died from covid a month ago and he was on a ventillator from before pesach (abt 4 months or wtv on it) He was 48, verry skinny and had never even been minorly sick in his life bli ein hara. No pre existing conditions and was being very cautious about where he went and how close he got to people, aka "hishtadlus". Of course i agree if hashem wanted him to die it COULD have been cancer. But when hashem puts and machala into the world you need to act accordingly to each machala as per required by hishtadlus. So even if quaranting isnt the answer, its clearly different then a cold because of what it can do to your body when it leaves you. His double pneumonia led to cardiac arrest a complete liver, kidney, heart, lung, shut down. Plus sepsis and many other random infections and complications with bed wounds. Even if it is a plandemic, its still the reality we live in that this virus that was "released" can cause very severe health problems and more then regular hishtadlus should be taken into account do to the highly contagious nature of it.

  15. B Labinsky, thanks for your comment, but all of the people from Passaic are late to this party. You might want to search the blog for the many other posts discussing this issue over the previous months, starting end of February 2020.

    It pains me to have to yet again defend myself against the accusation: No one here has ever denied that SARS-CoV-2 is a real virus and that it can be lethal and brings very serious sequelae to those susceptible to its ravages. And no one here has ever said it was in any way similar to the common cold.

    As you point out, your father-in-law did his hishtadlus, but got sick anyway. What more do think he could have or should have done to prevent an infection?

    For all of you writing here about your relatives who got sick despite all the measures taken, do you not see the irony in continuing to insist that all these measures, which did not help your loved ones, continue to be imposed by government whim on the entire rest of the world?

    I can't again go through all the damage that has been done as a result of the lockdowns and how it outstrips the damage done by the virus itself, despite its lethality or try yet again to show the logic in why masks are making people sicker.

    You, of all people, should understand that it didn't safeguard your family members because no one can hide from a virus.

    B Labinsky, you say "more then regular hishtadlus should be taken into account do to the highly contagious nature of it." First, I would say to you that the contagion factor is undetermined, all the information is contradictory. And then I would ask what exactly you suggest will help this situation. Do you believe that putting every Chareidi community into lockdown while letting everyone else go about their business as usual makes any sense? Or does it at all suggest to you that there is something more going on here?

    I'm truly sorry for your loss, but tell me, had it been the flu that progressed to pneumonia and all the other terrible things that resulted, would you still think the whole entire country should be locked down for an indeterminate period of time? Why or why not?

  16. Agree with Elisheva on most things and agree with comment from Devash @2:18 pm. This was definitely a plandemic. The reason that so many have suffered and even passed away from this virus is because the proper treatment from the start was purposely being prohibited to the public. The Hydroxychloroquin cocktail benefitted everyone who got sick and got that treatment right away. In a day or two they were totally healed. It was brought to the attention of the public by, no less, than the president of the U.S., but the leftist governors and mayors purposely did not even allow doctors to give it as a prescription to those who needed it and thousands, r'l, perished. There are hundreds or more law suits being waged against them. And as far as the statistics goes, the truth is out that more than half at least were NOT Covid 19 patients but every death certificate had to be signed by the doctor as 'Covid19'. There are many reasons the PTB demanded this; they want a vaccine, c'v, they want control of the world's populations, they want depopulation, etc. Many are really waking up at long last, but there are many who are still so uninformed and read, watch TV and other media that are literally conning them left and right. Any virus can be dangerous, the main thing is people's immune systems have been very weakened because there is no proper nutrition on the whole, therefore, many succumbing to this as they do with the flu. Every year, the flu, c'v, takes thousands of lives, but this new virus was purposely done now before the elections in the U.S. Also, there has been such an increase in 'testing' that, of course, there would be an increase of showing positive and that does NOT mean that they will get sick from it. Could very well be that 90% of humanity is now positive, but only a very minute minority are affected by it. There are those who also have a natural immunity to these viruses. This whole plandemic was to cause an economic breakdown, chaos and confusion. The lockdown is more devastating than the virus.
    Praying for a Refuah Shleimah to all who need it!

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Very good collection of info. It is a Plan... and there is ample evidence. It has been in the works for maybe 50 years, at different intervals. But the climax is now. The corona Wuhan virus is more lethal than the flu, and the flu itself is deadly to the vulnerable. And yes the flu V does exacerbate upper respiratory infection. So we are dealing with a diabolical PLAN. I posted two things that are very telling. One is https://habayitah.blogspot.com/2020/09/amazing-video.html an expose of a dangerous person and a member of the Planners. The other is soon to be published, entitled “ China Food Scarcity” which includes a video about the “ HOLODOMOR.2” which seems to be playing out in America. In case no one recognizes that name, it involved the systemic starving of millions of people in order to impose socialism on their country. We are in threatening tomes.

    But, one needs to extrapolate all these awful things against the greater plan for Jews, the redemption, the Geulah. It takes a trule “Roeh” to read beyond to the spiritual manifestations.

    Also, people are waking up at different times due to their location on earth and the availability of truth. But we see that tyranny and censoring, and deleting of truthful info is in high gear right now. That poor lady in Australia was chosen to be a lesson to all the others in AU a real scare tactic.

    In the meantime Shabbat Shalom.

  19. I know Rabbi Smith. He's a good guy. And I know Passaic. Chances are pretty good that a bunch of doctors are in charge there like they are everywhere. Rabbis too easily defer to conventional physicians not realizing that there's a big difference between a public health expert and a physician. The latter just know cases and tend to get swayed by them. Doctors only get in trouble for surgical errors or bad prescriptions but not for destroying your life through overreach.

  20. "By posting this you may be contributing to people not taking precautions and causing others to be sick or even die."

    I really dislike these posts that say oh by talking about the topic you are hurting people. We must censor. We must only allow posts that make us hysterical.

    I see a lot of posts like that. They are ridiculous because hysteria doesn't help anything. Tell me, lady who made the post, do you get in a car? Very dangerous. A frum woman died this week in a car accident. Do you have a car in your driveway? You are encouraging driving, which can lead to death. Shame on you.


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