23 September 2020


 6 Tishrei 5781

Maybe the chareidi politicians are just too used to the wheeling and dealing of their game.  Perhaps they felt it was a safe gamble - that the god of democracy was too dear to the hearts of the Israelis to ever give up on the public demonstrations - so they felt safe saying, "We'll agree to the ban on public prayers on Yom Kippur if the demonstrations are equally banned."  They've been playing the politics game too long.  It has damaged their souls to the point that they don't even see the CHILLUL HASHEM in conceding to banning public Yom Kippur prayers REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING ELSE!  

Not only that.  Imagine the repercussions from the Israelis when the government explains that they have to suspend civil liberties because of the religious Jews.  Of course, we know all of this is just getting right down to the nitty gritty of the BIRUR on the spiritual level, but we live in the physical world and our mitzvot are physical acts; therefore, we have to determine how to respond to these situations on the physical level as well. 

The Knesset is ready to concede outdoor prayers up to 20 people.  We've been living with that for awhile now.  However, Netanyahu wants to ban prayers altogether and he and his cohorts are threatening to take the matter out of the hands of the Knesset if they don't get their way.  That says to me that the order has come down from the head(s) of the NWO who are also orchestrating all these signed agreements with Arab countries at the very same time.  Do you not understand that they know the power of our prayers and that they are trying to destroy the mitzvot of the holidays in order to weaken us to the point that they can finally obliterate us as a nation?

The whole world is watching, listening as they announce that Israel is the only country to be locked down a second time.  They are asking what's wrong with us that it is so bad here, when in reality it is not at all the way it is being portrayed.  They are watching and listening as it is being reported that the holy days will be cancelled and Yom Kippur prayers will be banned outright in the entire public sphere.  They are asking how it is that the Jews in Eretz Yisrael are taking this lying down, without a peep of protest and even the "leadership" - rabbis and rabbinical organizations - are stating publicly that they intend to abide by the dictates of these 'authorities.' (Who has the authority to stop prayer?!)  What a CHILLUL HASHEM!  There is no hope for such 'rabbis'!

We have to draw a line somewhere.  We have to cling tenaciously to our Torah and mitzvot and in the merit of doing so with mesirut nefesh, and primarily to stop the desecration, perhaps HKB"H will see fit to send the Redeemer to Zion without any further delay!  May it be His will!!


  1. https://www.kikar.co.il/374496.html

    שר התורה: "להתפלל בבית כנסת; שם התפילה מתקבלת"


  2. Ministers said to agree on full lockdown, more severe than country’s first

    The coronavirus cabinet has agreed on a full lockdown that will be more severe than the country’s first closure in March, and which will see the entire economy shuttered except for vital stores such as supermarkets and pharmacies, Israel’s major networks report.

    The full lockdown will last until the end of the Sukkot holiday on October 10.

    Demonstrations will be limited to within a kilometer of one’s home, Channel 12 reports. Synagogues will close as of Friday. On Yom Kippur only, synagogues will be allowed to open in a limited capacity.

    Certain essential industries will also be allowed to continue to function.

    The full cabinet will convene tonight to approve the measures.

    More details as they come.


  3. Senior health officials oppose full lockdown — report

    Ministerial support for a full lockdown reportedly comes in contradiction to the recommendation of several senior health officials.

    According to Walla news, national coronavirus czar Ronni Gamzu tells the cabinet that in terms of reducing morbidity, a total closure would be “highly effective” — but would “destroy the economy.” Gamzu is said to instead recommend a “smart closure” that also takes into account the damage to the economy.

    Health Ministry deputy director Itamar Grotto reportedly tells ministers, “there is no need for a complete closure right now, we can wait with the tightening of measures.”

    Netanyahu replies to Grotto, according to Walla: “Why wait? In any case we will have to go to a total closure within a few days. If we wait until after Sukkot, the closure will cost us more money.”

    The heads of hospitals have claimed that their numbers are half of what is being reported by the government and have said continuously that these measures are unnecessary. But, no one listens because there is another agenda at work here.

  4. These are the heroes of our time...

    Yom Kippur synagogue closure will be ineffective among haredim - Analysis

    ...it is highly unlikely that any order to shutter synagogues over Yom Kippur will be effective in the ultra-Orthodox community.

    Large sections of the sector have for several months stopped adhering to social distancing regulations, while the high population density in many ultra-Orthodox cities means that finding enough open spaces to conduct prayer services outdoors for everyone is practically impossible.

    ...many hassidic communities have for many months not been adhering to any coronavirus restrictions, and that thousands of hassidim had gathered in the various hassidic communities to pray indoors without masks or distancing over Rosh Hashana.

    The non-hassidic so-called Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox community has been in general more compliant with the restrictions and employed social-distancing in synagogues with mask wearing, but nevertheless continued to pray inside synagogues.

    The Sephardic ultra-Orthodox community has behaved in a similar manner.

    Moshe Weisberg, editor of the B’hadrei Haredim ultra-Orthodox news website, says likewise that a closure order of synagogues on Yom Kippur will be widely violated.

    He estimated that at least 80 percent of the ultra-Orthodox community, including the hassidim, and various extremist factions have not been obeying social distancing in synagogues in recent months, and that that figure would climb even higher on Yom Kippur.

    [I'm glad to know I am not the only one to think so...]

    In B’Hadrei Haredim’s editorial on Wednesday, the site described a closure of synagogues on Yom Kippur as “a declaration of war on God and his Torah,” and that “thousands of worshippers and synagogue administrators will not comply with such a decision.”

  5. too many babounim chofshiim "rabbis", disciples of Bilaam. Servants of the state of יש-רעל , the Kapos of the UN . But b'ezrat Hashem, our prayers will destroy their thick dark clouds.

  6. We know that when Pharaoh ordered the babies tossed into the water, it was because he feared the birth of the Redeemer. We know it, because our mesorah tells us. But a simple reading of the psukim indicates that the Jews in Egypt didn't know this. All they knew was the evil decree.

    What's to say it's not the same today? They're not literally throwing babies into the river. But they don't care about human life like we do, and they fear the Geulah, which they must know is coming, and want to stop it from happening, even if it means lives ruined and lost. It certainly explains the zealousness in eliminating as much public prayer with a minyan as possible.

    It is kind of sad and pathetic that Charedi politicians are so ready to cave and throw their constituents under the bus. But then, both UTJ and Shas threatened to bolt the coalition weeks ago if another lockdown was enacted, and they didn't. Even UTJ is still in. The only thing that happened was Litzman resigned. Big deal. They are still in the coalition. Window dressing.

    The demonstrations are just an ongoing excuse. If they are anything like what's going on in America, and I believe they are, they are funded and organized, and not spontaneous expressions of peaceful protest. A nascent color revolution right here.

  7. Amen efraim! The tefilot of our people will always win out. This is a definite war against the G-D of Israel and Torah!
    Anyone who doesn't see that is either stupid, sleeping or one of the betrayers of our people. Netanyahu should be ashamed of himself and him trying to sometimes show he has some belief in H' is fooling no one. Actions are what counts. But, he owes his allegiance now not to his people but to the outside forces!
    That Israel, the Jewish 'state' should be the only one country in complete lockdown on our holiest season is even uglier than the 'Golden Calf sin. We pray for H's Rachamim when He unleashes His Wrath and to skip over every good Jew to save him/her from this evil decree from these bozos in authority.

  8. The left leaning rabbis and all those rabbis, even orthodox, ultra orthodox, etc. who stand behind the these evil dictates are the Erev Rav. The Gaon of Vilna in his Kol HaTor calls them Erev Rav Amaleikim.

  9. Yes, Shimshon. And Litzman resigned his ministerial position not his Knesset seat. He's still there, too.

  10. they are well trained in military occupation, 70 years of ruling over the local arabs has come back to haunt us
    the whole idea of zionism is flawed, you can't erect a nation by force

  11. The closure will cost an estimated NIS 35 billion ($10b.) You could build 100 hospitals for that amount. Costs $210M to build a teaching hospital with a trauma care center and specialty care ward. These people are either as stupid as bricks or are diabolical.

  12. There is a an unconfirmed rumor that this new lockdown, as well as the opening of underground hospital "war rooms" and the refrigerated trucks on stand-by to receive thousands of dead in the coming days, is not for corona, but for a very major war against Iran. This will be Netanyahu's prize for giving Trump his Middle East Peace win. He will finally get his way with Iran. Not clear whether the US is going to do the deed or whether they have just promised Israel its backing. Could also explain closing the airport again. Since Netanyahu is insisting all this prep be done "NOW," it is likely only days away. So, we will know soon. I suggest people pray this Yom Kippur like they've never prayed before.

  13. Anonymous, Trump will never attack Iran before his elections, and will never give his lackey Netanyahoo the green light to do so.
    The dictator erev Rav Netanyahoo is too busy obeying to his new masters and their New World order. He wants to destroy us, not destroy Iran. As for the fake peace plan it is a trick from Trump to steal Jerusalem from us.

  14. Devash, yes, I knew. He got his seat back and segued right back into the Knesset without skipping a beat.

    What I didn't know, until I read in the news the other day, which happened to mention only in passing a statement by a current Deputy Minister in UTJ, was that Litzman's resignation wasn't just 90% show, but literally 100%. I figured, whatever staged production they were running, UTJ pulled out because Shas wouldn't, and the coalition was safe. I was wrong. Not even that happened. He was on record as never really wanting the job anyway. So in context it makes sense.

    Obviously, their staying in has nothing to do with "election fatigue" or cost. Red lines exist and mean something...or they don't.

  15. WOW,really think Samson is on the ball with about almost everything. Kudos!

  16. Coronavirus lockdown starts Friday at 2 p.m. - what you need to know

    The following regulations were approved by the government:
    • All workplaces, except essential ones, will operate in accordance with approved regulations
    • Marketplaces – closed
    • Travel – only one kilometer from home, unless for an approved reason
    Prayer and demonstrations – in open spaces only, up to 20 people and within one kilometer from home
    • Synagogues – closed, except for prayers on Yom Kippur in accordance with the pre-approved outline that was followed on Rosh Hashanah

    • Air travel – A final decision will be approved on Thursday
    • Sports – cancelled, except for official international games
    A full list of essential jobs will be published later on Thursday.

    Food stores, pharmacies and stores selling other essential items and services will continue to be open.

  17. Rabbi Mizrachi said that he was told that 500 suicides resulted from the LOCKDOWNS!! (Not verbatim)

  18. another rav i know said more bochurim have gone off the derech in the last 6 months than in the last 6 years

  19. Thank you, Devash for continuing to post. Would never be able to handle without your posts all the way until after Succos.
    Thank you for continuing!
    Much appreciated!

  20. Hadas, thank you for saying so. I am going to try to resume my holiday from posting now, but if anything else out of the (present) ordinary arises that I feel deserves my attention, I'll be here, God willing.