07 September 2020

We've Made It Past the Halfway Point

 18 Elul 5780

If I am right about this being the nine-month period of the worldwide rule of "Rome,"* we are now more than halfway through it.  However, we must strengthen our emuna like never before because the worst is yet to come.  I don't know whether the nine months began with Nissan or with Iyyar.  If it started at Rosh Chodesh Nissan (which would follow the first redemption from Egypt), then we are on the verge of entering into the final three months at Rosh Hashanah.  But, if it started only at Rosh Chodesh Iyyar, as I originally thought, then we might make it through high holidays in a similar manner to Pesach - very minimal, very subdued - and then, the final period would commence at Cheshvan - the month of the Mabul.

It's possible that we will recognize when the final three-month period begins by the outbreak of the war between "a nation from the end of the earth" and "wicked Rome." ** I think TPTB will turn China loose against the United States.  War is the next step.  It will further decimate the populations, demoralize and terrify people into submission, and eliminate these two as world powers, leaving Russia and its main allies - Iran and Turkey - for the final war of Gog uMagog.  (Don't you think Russia is too quiet these days?)   

We're coming up on the 19th anniversary of September 11 this yom shishi with Shabbat being the same Hebrew date (23 Elul) and the haftarah includes the words "who is this coming from Edom" just as it did then.  

Stay alert.  Eyes open.  Fear only HKB"H and "glue" yourself to Him.


* See An Assessment of the Nine-Month Global Rule of Wicked Rome.

** See CHINA: "A Nation From the End of the Earth"


  1. From what I read, they are (hoping) predicting that in the fall, after pushing the Flu Vax, on top of the lingering CV (=deadly concoction) , there will be another spike (or Third Wave to coincide with “the Election” and) to take the world into mid 2021. The IHME (Gates Fndn) is predicting 2 million deaths over the winter.

    "The fear mongering Covid Cultists are projecting scary new figures and trying to coerce governments to continue draconian mandates to push through their agenda.” take a look at this REALITY CHART https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/covid-tests-cases-deaths?year=latest&time=2020-02-20..2020-09-07&country=~USA

  2. I don't know. One or the other. Nisan or Iyar.

  3. Neshama, I will be very, very surprised if there is an election.

  4. I think it all started in Adar when the schools closed. The 9 months is almost up. In nov before the election something big will happen.

  5. We have to pray for the sake of those who are decent people and for every real Jewish neshama that the Geula will come b'rachamim for those just mentioned. Whatever has to befall the nations, may it only strike the evil ones and their followers, for they have put the world at risk with their evil plans by waging their war against the G-D of Creation, His people and the innocents of the world. May those wicked ones get their comeuppance like the ancient Egyptians.
    The time for Geulah has come!

  6. What do you think will get in the way?
    Most of the threats are coming from the DS maniacs because they are frantic and know their days are coming to an abrupt end. There is provision in the constitution for the mass arrests of treasonous anarchists.
    I believe the good guys know exactly what they may try and have the antidote.

  7. Is something off with me? When counting from Nissan - I get to Kislev and when counting from Iyar I get to Teves....where am I going wrong?

  8. You're right, but I don't know why that's a problem. Kislev is end of 2020, Tevet is the beginning of 2021.