08 September 2020

What's With the Blue and White?

 20 Elul 5780

Came across some interesting things...

If you can't read the print, this is "The International Flag of Planet Earth," followed by the UN Flag and the Masonic Flag.  Who knew?  Thoughts?

And then there is this...

The concert closed with a moving performance of a song called “We Will Rise”, written about the coronavirus pandemic in the Pacific and performed by Pasifika Voices and the International School Suva.

Sung primarily by children and youth, the heart-warming lyrics concluded on a note of hope. 
"Around the world we’re closing borders, COVID-19 on the rise
A new world order behind closed doors, the storm will pass, we will survive
We will rise, we will rise again, our isles will rise again
We will rise, we will rise again, our world will rise again" 
(Source)   (VIDEO)

And what's with that "behind closed doors"?  Would appreciate your thoughts. 

See also: "Tower of Bavel - Present Day" Video Clip  (21:14 - 24:09)


  1. Behind closed doors??!!

    Here is my thought, what they 'think' the globalists that is, are wanting to do. They plan behind closed doors, to put the world popuation behind closed doors. Only they know not, their plans will not succeed.. Because in the end, come what may, Hashem is in charge of the world, the whole world.
    The evil planners will be no more...

    One place they sing these words: We will rise again..

    But of course, i see it as when Mashaich comes all the good God fearing people and lovers of the ONE God Hashem, will RISE again!!

    and the world will be free of evil...Amen.

    Just have to hold on to Hashem and fear no one.. fear only Hashem.
    May Hashem give us all strength to hold on, no matter what. Amen.

    that is my thoughts.


  2. Sheesh - there are blue and white flags - Scotland and Sweden and more - just google them in images.

    Not everything is a conspiracy.

  3. Jinger, who said anything about a conspiracy? There is thought behind every decision. The vast majority of flags have red in them. I would be interested in knowing what was behind the decision of color choice in any flag that omits the popular red. But, in this case, we aren't talking about national flags, but flags of organizations who have one thing in common - the establishment of a new world order and the elimination of all nationalism. So, I ask again, what's with the blue and white color scheme. It has meaning for them or it would be something else. Just consider it a rhetorical question. There is no way to know.

  4. Could it be, the 'takeover' from the Jews because they think they are the new chosen, so that flag of Israel is the color of the nwo, where they plan to rule, c'v. Who knows, think the worst, who knows. They plan and H' is laughing.

  5. I think that "behind closed doors" refers directly to the line before it in the song.

    They are singing about the borders (doors) that are currently closed because of COVID regulations.

    After the big change in how things are run worldwide takes place, the doors/borders will all be open. PEOPLE WILL BE ABLE TO LIVE WHEREVER ON THE GLOBE THEY CHOOSE. One world order, not separate (sovereign) countries. The new world order is a whole world (one world) uniform/universal government, etc. That is the goal, reflected in the anthem, of the U.N.

    It is not a secret and is also on their website, if you have time to read their voluminous documents, especially the ones about refugees and open border policies (which they enlarge to include everyone on the planet).

  6. Ah! I see that, Anonymous@3:10AM. Good catch. With regard to the blue and white, my own thought was that it was chosen, either consciously or subconsciously, to counteract Yisrael's blue and white. Notice they reverse the colors, more blue than white while Israel's flag is more white than blue. According to Rebbetzin Devorah Fastag in her book, the Erev Rav leaders chose it to mimic the tallit. Gives a whole new meaning to wrapping oneself in the flag, no?

    We know how important symbology is to the secret societies, so this is not by chance. I just think it is interesting.

  7. Hmm... On one hand, I might just say that the Earth is sometimes called the Blue Planet, as seen from space. Even the blue and white of the Zionist flag has some logic to it, "from the river to the sea," assuming that's what it really stands for. "They" are certainly not working toward that goal, though.

    But, for some reason, the though came into my head regarding techeleth. The tzitziyoth are supposed to have both blue and white, or according to the Rambam, blue and whatever the color of the garment is.

    Although some of us believe we know what the correct source of techeleth is, most Jews do not hold that we do.

    When we do, and put the correct blue and white together, that will be a crucial sign, and all other blue and white combinations will fall into place, the false and harmful to Torah groups with blue and white as their symbols will no longer be relevant, unless converted toward Torah/Bnei Noah purposes.

  8. Good points, Esser Agaroth.

  9. Believe the United Nations was created in order to unite the nations that will one day together, just as evil Nimrod and his evil followers went up against G-D, they plan to go up against the Jewish people as we are the representatives of G-D, and think they can win against the G-D of Israel and His people. There is no other real reason for a UN because they do nothing other than demonize Israel.
    H' is surely laughing!!!