"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

31 August 2020


 11 Elul 5780

Last week's parashah, Ki Teitze, holds first place for having the greatest number of mitzvot.  Among them, one in particular stood out for me because of something I had recently read: "You shall not see your brother's ox or sheep straying, and ignore them. [Rather,] you shall return them to your brother." (Devarim 22:1)

The Concise Book of Mitzvot compiled by The Chafetz Chayim lists this as positive mitzvah number 69, "it is a positive commandment to return something lost to a member of Jewry," and it says the following about it:

...It is a religious duty to return a lost object even to a wicked person.  But if someone eats carcasses [non-kosher meat] out of spite and defiance, or he violates the Shabbat openly, he is a heretic, and it is forbidden to return a lost object to him."

That gave me pause because of the implication of a vast difference between a wicked person and one who meets the definition of a heretic.  Apparently heresy goes beyond wickedness.  However, from my experience, there are very few Jews today who are willing to concede this fact or to identify the heretic so as to fulfill this mitzvah of withholding the lost object. This lack of balance in our observance is partly the cause of the situation we find ourselves in these days.

So, my question now is this:  If Jared loses an item during his photo-op at the Kotel Hama'aravi, are we obligated to return it or not?  I mean, you have to wonder.

Here is a person who presents himself as an observant Jew and yet he is leading the world (and forcing Israel) to adopt a policy whereby the holiest parts of Eretz Yisrael will be given to terrorists to make their own State and whereby hordes of Muslim infidels are proclaimed to be welcome to flood the holiest place of all - Har Habayit - knowing that they claim it for themselves and vow God's house will never be rebuilt there.  Wicked?  No question!  But, how can it be that there is something even worse; that eating non-kosher meat on purpose and violating the Shabbat in public is even worse than that?

To my mind, they all paint a picture of someone who does not believe that HKB"H really exists, or that He has really commanded, or that He really judges, else they would be afraid of the consequences of performing such actions which run so contrary to His expressed will.  

Thankfully, I don't think I'll ever be confronted with this particular dilemma.  I don't anticipate ever crossing paths with Jared Kushner.  But, if I had to decide which mitzvah to adhere to in his case, I'd choose to err to the side of most doubt and I'm convinced that what Jared Kushner is doing is beyond wicked.  And that goes also for anyone and everyone who rallies around the Golden Calf of "Peace." 

"In Jerusalem on Sunday to meet Israel’s leaders, Kushner declared “The stage is now set” for “previously unthinkable” economic, security and religious cooperation, with more to come."    (Source)

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NOTE this new video from Yuval Ovadia with updates on current events.


  1. right. it is very difficult for normal spectrum people to deal with REALLY evil people, because REALLY evil people are far outside the normal spectrum of thought, feeling and behavior. what do i mean by "normal" ??? The Torah is the ONLY BASIS for defining NORMALITY. as opposed to "norms". all societies for almost six thousand years have "norms". including Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. Now count backwards in time. The "norms" of Our Fallen World -- MASS murder, MASS torture, MASS rape, MASS theft, MASS lying, MASS oppression (of every shape and kinds) have NOTHING to do with what the Torah defines as "normality". They have EVERYTHING to do with REBELLION against those norms. This was the Cosmic Titanic Battle between Nimrod and Co. and Abraham, between the Sons of Darkness and a Son of Light. As it was in the Beginning, so it is now in the End/New Beginning of Days.

  2. Just before the plane (with anti-missile protection) took off headed to the UAE, over S A,, he spoke for the cameras and news people on the tarmac, he said he visited “The Wall” .....
    “The Wall”???
    I was stunned.

    PS I like how you phrased your “question”, got a chuckle.
    But I must say he is part of the prophecy that says after all the Arabs befriend Israel, later they with the other nations will go against a Israel. Then we will really be friendless. Then ISRAEL will have to shout out to G–D for help.

  3. Aryeh Yosef: " This was the Cosmic Titanic Battle between Nimrod and Co. and Abraham"

    How true! And this may be the reason they are calling this the "Abraham Accord" - it's meant to defeat Avraham Avinu and his progeny once and for all!!

    Neshama, I did not hear that, but it strikes me strange, too, although from him, not so much.

    Everyone, here is one of those "must read" articles: From Lockdown to Police State: The “Great Reset” Rolls Out

  4. Not surprised anything Kushner does goes against all that he shows himself to be to the world, an Orthodox Jew- clearly doubt he is. Believe he is the epitome of what we call an Erev Rav. Personally, believe Trump made a mistake (unless he is doing what was originally planned) bringing in his daughter and her husband. They are very liberal and their form of orthodoxy is of their own making. Any G-D fearing truly orthodox Jew knows there cannot be peace until Moshiach comes and this new 'piece' deal is another farce and the most dangerous of all the past 'pieces' deals. This has to somehow lead us to hastening the Geulah. These catastrophes cannot continue for much longer.

  5. I would like to add to my comment that Netanyahu is also wicked. He can refuse and say no to the American pressure, after all Israel has a nuke and can do business with Russia and India etc....but as an Illuminati Bibi sold us already, he will create a Palestinian state but will say it is not him but Trump. And he will force his Bill Gates vaccine on us as the good Illuminati he is. Here we go the end of Zionism is close.

  6. Samson, I think Netanyahu finally told the truth when he said, "I have worked for this day for 25 years." ((source) The Likud, disguised as a right-wing Zionist party, has been responsible all along for the defeat of every right-wing nationalist cause. I despise him so deeply that I can't even talk about it. Generally, every word out of his mouth is a lie, and lately, he has even been called out publicly for it like when he denied knowing anything about the "secret agreement" to allow the UAE to buy F35s from the US in exchange for agreeing to this Trumped-up 'peace'deal. Both the UAE and the US both countered with, "Yeah, he knew about it." And then, he denied asking the president of Ukraine to refuse entry to Israelis traveling to Uman. But, the Ukrainian president then said he acted at the request of the Israeli Prime Minister. As far as I know, no one in the media here commented on it. It's just so business-as-usual for Netanyahu. And just so business-as-usual for the State of Israel. The outright, unabashed lying is the worst of it for me. I can't abide liars.

    1. Me either. But we are in olam shecher right now. One has to work hard to see emet, but it's there.

  7. Devash I completely agree with you. And after what he just did to the Hasidim in Uman I hate him even more. He is not only a traitor but also an Illuminati anti Torah. Rabbi Nahman will curse him for what he did to his hasidim.

  8. Top UAE official: We received Israeli, U.S. 'assurances' annexation will not happen

    I'm really sick of hearing about "secret deals." This kind of thing has been going on at least since before Oslo. Netanyahu really thinks he is a king and can do whatever he decides is right and the whole cuontry is then forced to just follow along!

    Netanyahu secretly visited UAE in 2018 to kick start peace deal

  9. DEVASH, he said that on the tarmac when they handed him a mic to say something before they flew. The American said he walked thru the old city to appreciate it. Both seemingly religious actions in sort of a prep for their arrival in Dubai. But we know Kushner has been there many times. Also, in Dubai, the Israelis davened shachris, but one did not see Kushner or Berkowitz among the group. They weren’t in the photo. Wonder where they prayed?

    About that awful stuff in Australia, it seems each nation/country/state receives “the instructions” at different times, and so we see these awful restrictions popping up around the globe at different times. It’s all part of THE PLAN, Evil diabolical insanity. Imagine, the head of the WOrld Health Organization a former terrorist! True! They’re ALL terrorists, AF, BG, GS, ad Infinitum.

  10. Right now "they" are staying that the emergency outweighs the need to allow the final stages of vaccine testing to complete and make sure the vaccine is healthy etc.
    Doctors are up in arms and yes, uh....wellllll......here we go .....