27 October 2018

"The Alliance Between Eisav and Yishmael at the End of Days"

19 Marcheshvan 5779

Yisrael stands alone. True Yisrael stands alone with HKB"H. True Yisrael does not take sides - Christians over Arabs, America over Russia, Republicans over Democrats, Eisav over Yishmael. They are ALL bad for Yisrael. There are only righteous individuals. There are no "righteous" nations save Yisrael.

"During the End of Days, Ishmael and Esav 
will join forces to seek the destruction of the Jewish people."

...over 70 years after the first meeting between a US president and a Saudi king.

Since then the two countries have largely discussed oil prices and the push for a long standing peace in the Middle East.

Here we look back at the meetings between the leaders of the two nations since that first historic event on Feb. 14, 1945.[Rosh Chodesh Adar 5705]

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first US president to meet a Saudi king. He had just attended the Yalta Conference in 1945 which saw world leaders meet to discuss the future of postwar Europe. (Source)

...Washington has very deep ties to Saudi Arabia -- including one that will mark 70 years next month [Feb 2015].

Saudi Arabia has been a strategic partner of the United States, thanks to oil and regional politics, and since the end of World War II, U.S. presidents and Saudi kings have met on several occasions. (Source)
Following are excerpts from the book The Ishmaelite Exile by Rabbi Yechiel Weitzman, Part 5, Chapter 2: "Ishmael and Esav's Alliance at the End of Days" - Chapter 3: "The Source of Ishmael and Esav's Alliance."
Throughout the generations, the nation of Israel has had two struggles. One has been with Ishmael and the other has been with Esav. Both Ishmael and Esav claim that the Divine covenant was forged with them. Ishmael claims that the covenant was forged between G-d and himself, because it was he and not Yitzchak who was the subject of the Akeida episode that appears in Tanach. This is stated explicitly in the Koran.
Esav, too, argues that while it is true that G-d had forged an everlasting covenant with Israel, when the Jews rejected their messiah, a new covenant, so to speak, was forged between Esav and G-d, and from that time on He abandoned the Jewish nation.
This issue is at the heart of the struggle. As long as Israel contends with one or the other separately, the chances of its survival are good. So it was with our forefathers. It was Ishmael who was thrown out of Avraham's house, and Yitzchak who became heir and successor.
And so it was with Esav. After a relentless struggle, Yaakov took both the birthright of the firstborn and Yitzchak's blessing. 
When Esav and Ishmael became joined through marriage, Yaakov immediately left the Land of Israel for Haran (Bereishis 28:10). 
What frightened Yaakov?
Esav had managed to amass a great deal of merit. To his credit, he fulfilled the mitzva to live in the Land of Israel and the mitzva to honor one's parents. In both, he excelled. Ishmael was also not without merits. He had faith, circumcision, and hospitality to his credit, merits that to this day are difficult to counter and overcome.
When Esav and Yishmael were separate, Yaakov was not worried about them, for each had accumulated much evil to his detriment. However, when the forces of evil joined, when Esav and Ishmael became a single power, Yaakov was compelled to flee to Haran. From this point on, their malevolent combination formed a unified powerful force of evil that worried Yaakov. The merits of each one of them, not so ominous when taken individually, combines into a single force that is formidable and threatening. Yaakov left for Haran, where he hoped to form an alliance of virtue, in the form of his sons, the twelve tribes, to counter the alliance of wickedness. from their unified purity would come the future nation of Israel.
The joining of Ishmael and Esav, and Yaakov's response, provides us with a fundamental lesson in history: Whenever Ishmael and Esav unite, the nation of Israel must take cover. It cannot be secure when facing both of them at once.
...It should be noted that our sages see in Esav and Ishmael the roots of all nations. The combination of these two forces contains the synthesis of the forces of evil in the world, a synthesis that is liable to lead to global catastrophe.
 ...This alliance between Esav and Ishmael at the End of Days was foreseen in the prophecy of Bil'am before he returned home. "Great vessels from the shores of Kittim will harass Assyria and harass Ever. He, too, shall perish eternally" (Bamidbar 24:24).
This is the last of Bil'am's prophecies. It speaks of the ultimate destiny of Israel. The prophecy describes how the sinful nations will perish at the hands of Moshiach. Yonasan ben Uzziel, in his ancient exegetical translation of Scripture, elaborates on the verse as follows:
     "Great ships full of weapons will depart as a large fleet from Roman Italy and will join up with a legion that will depart from Constantine [this is Ishmael]. They will harm the inhabitants of other lands, and subjugate the descendants of Ever [a reference to Israel]. But, in the end, they, too, will fall into the hand of Moshiach, and will perish forevermore."
Bil'am revealed in his final prophecy that the last stage in the process of Israel's perfection will be characterized by the alliance between Ishmael and Esav, an alliance aimed at tormenting the entire world and the Jewish people in particular. This will be followed by the downfall of Ishmael and Esav, a downfall that will usher in the redemption
...The [Vilna] Gaon writes (Even Shleima, ch. 11): "...The seventy words of Psalm 20 parallel the seventy years of the birthpangs of Mashiach from which [the Jewish people] will be redeemed.
Seventy years since the founding of the State of Israel ended on Rosh Hashanah 5779.