04 October 2018

Another Attack on Jerusalem Imminent!

25 Tishrei 5779

In this 70th anniversary of the rebirth of the State of Israel, join with Christians from around the world for a historic 72-hour global worship convocation and tour.
We will have strategic worship gatherings at the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount, Yad Vashem, the Garden Tomb, Bethlehem and other key locations throughout the three days as we lift up the name of God of Israel!
There is only one name the Christians pray in and it is not one ascribed to the ONE God of Israel. They are here to proclaim their FALSE GOD as God of Israel - God forbid it! They have a video and in it, for mere fractions of seconds, they superimpose an image of the cross atop a church over our Holy Temple Mount - God forbid!

They understand that this is war. Why else use the word "strategic?" They have a strategy alright - one in which they envision their god-man arriving to rule and reign over Jews bowed down before him, conquered by "love!" 

This is a war and this is an impending attack on Jerusalem. Understand this if you understand nothing else. And warn everyone!

Pay close attention to the words of this video...

Awake Jerusalem 2018

No doubt there will still be gullible Jews who will try to claim that this is the nations "coming closer to Torah." That's just their latest shtick for entrapping gullible Jews. The person who put together the book Ten From the Nations thought that, too. Probably still does. But, two of the contributors to her book recently had this to say...
Kimberly Rogers-Brown (Christian-Ephraimite): " We all know that accepting Yeshua as our personal savior makes us a Child of G~d and a spiritual descendant of Abraham,.... The total difference between G~d's children and the children of Satan is our obedience to the Torah, the Word Made Flesh. Understand that Yeshu- IS the Torah."
"...G~d expects His Hebrew children to keep the Torah, accept Yeshu- as Savior and Messiah AND understand their physical roots. This can only happen when the lost House of Israel regains knowledge of her physical ancestry and the Jews accept Yeshu- as Savior and Messiah. The two go hand in hand - especially during The End Times."
Al McCarn (Christian-Ephraimite): "Bottom line is this: as long as the rabbis deny the Godship and Messiahship of Yeshu- the Nazarene, we cannot come under their authority. We can and will learn from, cooperate with, pray for, and love them, just as brothers are supposed to do, but we cannot subject ourselves to an authority that denies the One we know to be YHVH in the flesh, and Who has brought us into this Covenant relationship with Himself. We don’t ask our Jewish brethren to believe this, but we insist that they respect our beliefs. That is the baseline for continued dialog."
Pete Rambo (Christian-Ephraimite): "We respect the role of Judah to bear the Torah through history and demonstrate God’s covenant faithfulness to the world. Please respect the role of the house of Israel to carry the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob [i.e. Yeshu] to the ends of the earth and proclaim the manifestation of Yeshu- haMoshiach who now awakens and begins to gather His people from the ends of the earth.
The battle lines have been drawn by the Christians. When are we Jews going to wake up to that fact? AWAKE JERUSALEM indeed!


  1. Thats scary. hell has no fury like a christian scorned

  2. This is a spiritual war! No doubt. The Jews in EY and worldwide need to awaken to this travesty and make it known to the feeble leadership and powerless Rabbinate that this cannot be allowed to continue!

  3. I cannot listen to their language and emphasis, they have a particular sound and usage of words and it is dangerous and against our religion to listen to them. One must not contaminate their mind with their verbiage. There could also be subliminal coding in the video. Dangerous! We must speak the language of the Torah, and fill our minds and lips with words of Torah, Emuna and Bitachon!

  4. Britt Lode is another one of them. I came across her book, The Light from Zion, at the house of a frum friend. Just reading the introduction was terribly upsetting. She is an expert at blurring the boundaries, and the book contains chapters from many well-known rabbis. At the end she refers to Rav Kook, zatzal, who must be literally turning in his kever, or crying in shamaim, Rav Kook, who said that it is forbidden to take any assistance from xians. Gefen Publishing is selling the book. My friend's husband couldn't understand what my problem was. He thought that it is wonderful that goyim are discovering Torah. Hashem yishmor. The stunning naivete of frum Jews is mind-boggling.


    People are clueless.

    Here is Rabbi Yitzhack Naki, who co-authored The Mountains of Israel with Britt Lode.

    Most of it is in Norwegian, if anyone understands, ...Rav Naki speaks in English, at 5.25, 16.29, you won't like what you hear.

    I can't believe how many frum Jews support these people. And especially Arutz 7 which just can't get enough of them.


    It's worth seeing the comments, most people there seem to get it, but not the show's host nor A7 which positively adores these xns and their enablers.

  5. elisheva: What you write is exactly what proves this 'newfound relationship' is so dangerous, meaning that 'observant' Jews think it is not only okay but laud it as something 'very good', r'l. We need to remind these so-called 'religious' Jews what a great sin they are committing. Another thing is, where did these guys/gals learn Torah that they don't know this basic law?

  6. It's like a blindness has affected them (the frum Jews, many of who are rabbis, for example, all those who participated in the Britt Lode book). They think that they are fulfilling prophecy, and that if you oppose it you are close-minded and are still living in galut, when they are in the worst galut, people-pleasing the soul-snatchers.