15 October 2018

How Dare They?!

6 Marcheshvan 5779

How dare China look out for its own country's interests and defend the waters in its own backyard?! How dare it challenge America's claim to reign supreme everywhere?!
While the world watched the Kavanaugh confirmation drama in Washington DC last week, there was something even more important happening at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. In a speech at the Hudson Institute, the Vice President of the United States of America clearly spelled out why his country’s disputes with the People’s Republic of China go far beyond the realm of trade. If you think US relations with China can return to where they were eighteen months ago, then it is time to think again. The US has China in its sights and even a compromise on trade will not be a sufficient compromise for this administration.

While a bit of sabre rattling ahead of midterm elections is to be expected, this speech, in the opinion of your analyst, changes the world. It changes not just the world of finance and money but, very probably, the world of geopolitics.

Only by watching this speech can you get a true sense of the belligerence and conviction with which it was delivered. (Source)

It's long but the first 18 mins is enough. Or whatever time you can spare. But, if nothing else, please see 22:42 - 25:20.

The Democrats claim Russian interference in the American democratic process. The Republicans claim Chinese interference and that they are worse than the Russians!

Unbelievable chutzpah. 


  1. That's how they take over nations. They come in the beginning to "build peaceful bridges", then they introduce the Esau ideological poison, the host nation becomes confused on identity and starts to break down, some convert and then whoever is left over is invaded by a Esau nation and forced into the Esau world system

    The esavian two pronged attack with
    Christianity and forceful integration into the global capitalist system is on full display with china. There have been missionaries in china for several centuries. At this point there are 31 million christians or 2.3% of the population. It would have been higher at this point like south korea if china had not gone communist. The esauvians have a critical mass of christians in china and are now moving to the next step ie. Forceful integration (military if necessary) to yoke china into the esavian system.

    You dont think pence isnt foaming at the mouth to replace the chinese govt with a esavian one and have open access to convert millions of chinese?

    1. Of course, he is. He is a Dominionist. They believe Christianity has to conquer the world for JC to come back and rule over it with them at his side.

    2. Just like nimrod and his gangs of how he traveled and told people hey, why should we fight? Let us make peace; you help us and we will pay you to make war against the creator and that is what Christianity today and it has proven itself to be like that
      And Americas horrid military is built for the insurance just in case their warm deception fails like if you will not give in willingly, then we will have to do this the hard way and people who are against trump know his deception and how evil he is...
      He may not be a murderer but he is decepting and taref like the pig

    3. This might be the beginning of the end of the US dollar. The chinese and russians wont stand for an aggresive dollar diplomacy from the US.