17 October 2018

"The Real Shocking Story..."

9 Marcheshvan 5779




  1. I listened to shiur Torah and I am not a rabbi and I know very little.But the Talmud says when there is a sinner you pray that they do TUSHVAH!You don't curse them.Let goyim say bad things about us.We need to bring all Jews back to TUSHVAH.I am living in Australia and when I came to Israel in 2015 after two weeks in Israel the PM of Australia was replaced with M.Turnbill now after coming back to Australia this time Turnbill was replaced with SM Scott Morrison.I think you know what we need to do repent over.AM Yisrael Chai

    1. The BDS Movement and their supporters started this mess in 2001 in South Africa. The Jewish Student have been battling and praying since then. When you have a criminal that harms fellow Jews you don't pray for them year after year, you take action to stop them before they harm someone else. And the BDS movement are criminals on College Campuses endangering individual Jewish Students.