"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

08 October 2018


30 Tishrei 5779
Rosh Chodesh Aleph

Tonight, I was listening to a rousing speech from a fictional US politician denouncing nationalism as "the existential threat of our time." I monitor this source because it is one of the most blatant pieces of propaganda in the American media and it gives clues as to which direction the American psyche is to be steered in days to come.

After equating feelings of nationhood with Hate and Fear of "The Other," there came the ultimate appeal for tolerance and acceptance, the celebration of diversity and the rights of ALL religions and the proclamation that "We Are All Americans." And the first thought that popped into my head was "We [in Israel] are NOT Americans." Though, no doubt there are many who would like us to be.

We can lay no claim to being "self-made," as the Master of the World made us into a nation. We can make no appeal to the values enshrined in a constitution written by our forbears because the Master of the World set a Torah in our hands and inscribed it in our hearts. We actually have to make a huge effort to close ourselves off from those who would destroy us, as our natural inclination is to be open to all. And when we do close ourselves off, it is not from fear or hatred, but out of love, obedience and loyalty to our Master and King - the Holy One, Blessed Be He. As He commands us, so must we do.

This was our pledge in covenant with Him - "na'aseh v'nishmah" - 3,088 years before there was an America and we - His sons and daughters - will remain true to that covenant for eons after America has ceased to be. For it will surely come to its end someday just as every empire preceding it came to its end as well. Only the Jewish nation is forever.

We are NOT Americans. We are the eternal Nation of Israel.


  1. Why does America have to cease to be?

    1. Because it is evil.

      Have you any idea of the pure evil perpetrated by the United States on other nations around the world? Has any other nation dropped nuclear bombs and annihilated two entire cities? In only the matter of the Iran/Iraq war, the US armed both sides so they'd kill each other off and they supplied Saddam Hussein with the gas he used on innocent Iranian civilians as well as Iraqi Kurds. And that does not even begin to address her sins against the Jews.

      At the height of the Holocaust, it could not even manage to fill its self-imposed "quota" on Jewish immigration. When the St. Louis was forced to leave Cuba and return back to Germany with its doomed Jews, a Coast Guard cutter was dispatched to ensure that it never got close enough to US shores that any Jew would jump ship and try to swim to safety.

      How many Israeli Jews have been victimized by the American "peace process" to date? Her sins are as great and mighty as her reputation and will have to be answered for.

      If you will recall, our father Ya'aqov saw the angels ascending and descending a Heavenly ladder. It is explained that these are the angels of the nations ruling the four empires Bavel, Paras, Yavan and Rome. Each one went up and then after a time, came down and was replaced by the next one. The angel of the nation of Rome, which is America today, stayed up such a long time that Ya'aqov became concerned. But, eventually even that angel has to concede when his time is up and he has to descend so that the nation who would rule in the end could rise up. That nation is Israel. Our Sages said between Ya'aqov and Eisav, when one is up the other is down, but they are never up at the same time.

      See more HERE.

    2. Don't listen to these misnagdim

  2. Your 'Overthrow: 100 years etc.' comment above got me to write this comment. Before pres. Woodroe Wilson, the U.S. was an isolationist country. He was a socialist and everything changed from thereon.

  3. But I believe that eventually America will do teshuva and continue to help Israel, Am Yisrael, to arrive at its Geula destiny. One can focus on the evil but not see the good escalating. HaShem is in control, as evidenced in the Kavanaugh judgeship fiasco. This is a turning point in history.

    1. "Continue to help"!? America has stepped in our way over and over and over again. They have backstabbed Israel, twisted arms, offered bribes, made threats, held hostages,.... "Helped"?!!!!

      The very fact that they are investing so much time, energy and hype into yet another "peace plan" says nothing at all has changed. Had they humbled themselves and said, you know, it's not for us to interfere in your business. We are backing out of anything to do with "peace" in the Middle East, then I might have believed it.

      All these people who are claiming "Trump was chosen by God," do any of them admit that Obama was also chosen by God? ...that Hitler, y"sh was also chosen by God just as the Tanakh says Nebuchadnezzar was chosen by God? Every leader is chosen by God ultimately. And nations get the leaders they deserve.

      The Tanakh is very clear on the point that HKB"H ALONE will save Israel once she is left completely without any other means of support at the end. There is no traditional Jewish source anywhere that supports this fantasy.

    2. No, the three-ring circus called a confirmation hearing was just a distraction. The real "turning point" will be the November election. Neither side is prepared to lose it.

  4. Then they have made their choice haven't they? Since we were put into this world to have choice, why do people think HKB"H will in the end refuse to honor it?

  5. Even worse that American Jews who are so identified with that country and its warped and twisted value system are those who have turned Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi's words on their heads: "I am in the east and my heart in the uttermost west." These are American-Israeli Jews living in the Land of Israel. They are so attached to this Golden Calf, that When America falls their hearts will be ripped from their chests.

  6. All Jews will be redeemed every single one hashem will gather every single one from the most affiliated to the least!!

    Bud difference between the 80% that didn't leave Egypt too now.

  7. Yakov K, why do you assume all jews will be saved when the Torah and sages say otherwise? I heard a shiur by Rabbi Israel Chait last year when he said in the name of the Rambam (who was quoting the prohphets) that in the last geula, only 1/10 jews will be saved. Depressing, even to a non jew like him. One of the students asked him how then will the very few remaining teach the entire world Torah and he said it seems the yirat shmayim from the event will have a massive effect on everyone. The sages also said the same, the jews will be redeemed as in egypt, so unless a miracle happens, it seems the worse possible scenario for all.

  8. Uncle Samkiel already forcefully assimilated MILLIONS of American Jews in the 20th century with a toxic combination of reform/conservative ideology, public school education, the federation system and being forced to work on Shabbat. This toxic combination killed off MILLIONS of bnei Yisrael. Dont be fooled. What you see today is only a SMALL REMNANT of Jewish communities in America.