14 October 2018

"Separation Is the Key to Redemption"

6 Marcheshvan 5779

Or HaRa'ayon, Chapter 25, Havdalah...
Our holy Torah says, "Only you, the ones who remained attached to the L-rd your G-d, are all alive today" (Deut. 4:4), as well as:
     I therefore said to you, "Take over their land. I will give it to you so that you can inherit it - a land flowing with milk and honey. I am the L-rd your G-d Who has separated you out from among all the nations.... You shall be holy to Me, for I, the L-rd, am holy, and I have separated you out from among the nations to be Mine." (Lev. 20:24, 26)
G-d established two great and fundamental principles for Israel, namely, 1) separation and isolationism from the nations, and 2) clinging to G-d. Israel must separate themselves from evil and from the nations to the precise degree that they are commanded to cling to G-d.
Regarding the mitzvah of clinging to G-d it says, "Remain in awe of the L-rd, serve Him and cling to Him" (Deut. 10:20); and, "Love the L-rd, walk in His ways and cling to Him" (Deut. 11:22). Sforno comments, "'And cling to Him': All your deeds should be directed towards doing His will, as it says, 'Acknowledge Him in all your ways' (Prov. 3:6)." It further says, "Obey Him and attach yourself to Him" (Deut. 30:20), and King David said, "My soul clings to You" (Ps. 63:9). It is clear that clinging to G-d goes hand in hand with clinging to G-d's attributes and mitzvot, as it says, "I cling to Your testimonies. O L-rd, put me not to shame" (Ps. 119:31). Israel's reward for clinging to G-d is eternal life, as in the verse quoted above, "Only you, the ones who remained attached to the L-rd your G-d, are all alive today" (Deut. 4:4).
To be continued, iy"H

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