"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

15 October 2018

Being Jewish in Israel

6 Marcheshvan 5779

It's no coincidence that terror keeps striking points of "co-existence" in Israel or that the biggest controversy in Israel over the past week was the intermarriage of two Israeli media stars - secular Israeli-Jew Tzachi Halevy and Muslim Israeli-Arab Lucy Aharish. These are both ways of assimilating the Jewish people out of existence.

The Torah forbids both and teaches that our continued existence both as a nation and as a servant of HKB"H hinges on it. Those who promote either, or even silently consent, are guilty of treason, both against our nation and against HKB"H


  1. This comment seemed to sum it up for the pro-intermarriage group...

    "The more assimilation we see the better the chance of peace and understanding in a troubled region."

    Haaretz added: "What’s So Bad About Assimilation? Lucy Aharish and Tzachi Halevy may actually spawn a much more moral and civilized race than the one that has arisen here so far."

  2. In the Biblical Book of Joshua, chapter 23,
    verses 12 to 13, G_d reveals that:

    If Jews intermarry with non-Jews, then He will NOT help the Jews conquer the Land of Israel.

    And even worse, the sin of intermarriage will cause the Jews to be driven out from the Land of Israel.

    Therefore, uintermarriage may the real reason why 300,000+ Israelis live outside Israel.

    The Biblical Book of Jeremiah, end of chapter 17, teaches:

    If the Jewish people observe Shabbat [the Jewish Sabbath] then Jerusalem will be ruled by Jews forever (verses 24 to 25).

    But if Jews DO NOT observe Shabbat, then the Land of Israel [literally, Jerusalem] will burn with fire (verse 27, last verse of chapter). This may be the real reason for the recent fires in Israel.

  3. Anon @6:04 pm, your absolutely CORRECT! As far as anything from the Haaretz rag (believe they are Germans and not Jews) we can take it from whom it comes. These are the traitors within our people, led by other Erev Rav amaleikim!

  4. The evil intentions of the Erev Rav, Esav & Yishmael has become so obvious and open and still, so many Jews are in the dark on this. Where are the good Jews in EY to make a protest about what is going on? The situation of wanting to give away our holy land and to intermingle, c'v, our people with other nations, has become an almost catastrophic situation. These are two unforgivable sins directly from the Torah itself. These are not Rabbinic prohibitions but literal Torah prohibitions, just like the Shabbat! Praying Moshiach comes NOW. H', al t'acher and send your righteous servant, MBD Now!

  5. And now the Jewish Home Party is being accused of racism, due to its "controversial" posters against #intermarriage.

    Ramle: Is it Permitted for the Jewish Home Party to Defend the Torah?