22 October 2018

"The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways"

14 Marcheshvan 5779

Interesting how Israel must contend with thousands of Arabs trying to infiltrate from Gaza and the US gets hit with thousands of Central Americans on their way to try to force their way across the southern US border.

Just as interesting is how HKB"H keeps throwing a monkey wrench into their "peace" plans.
Trump: Close to reaching conclusion that Netanyahu not interested in peace
In meeting on sidelines of UN General Assembly, US President tells French counterpart that he can be tough on Israel just like he’s been tough on the Palestinians

Kushner: Reasonable Palestinian leaders will come to table upon seeing our plan
Trump’s son-in-law says status quo between Israel and Palestinians ‘not acceptable’ and that leaders must take bold steps for compromise

Khashoggi’s killing threatens Trump dreams for Israeli-Palestinian peace
AP — In recent months, the Trump administration has repeatedly put off the release of its long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. Now, the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of Saudi agents may put the plan into a deep freeze.

Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, was meant to be the linchpin of the plan, providing key diplomatic cover to both Israelis and Palestinians. But with the Saudi prince’s credibility facing serious questions following Khashoggi’s death, US President Donald Trump may soon have to rethink his Mideast strategy.

“It definitely complicates their plans to release their proposal, if indeed they have one,” said Dan Shapiro, who served as former US president Barack Obama’s ambassador to Israel.
This is the absolute worst-case scenario for us - the union of 
Yishmael, Eisav and the Erev Rav.


  1. Did HKB"H directly intervene in the war between Israel and Hamas???

    "Israeli intelligence determines with very high degree of certainty that a lightning strike caused the rocket fire that hit Be'er Sheva and off the coast of central Israel last week; 'We acted very responsibly,' one Security Cabinet member explains. 'It wasn't right to go to war because of the weather.'" (Source)

  2. Trump is the end will betray his son in law or he and his worthless taref pig family (ivanka trump) will leave judaism like many horde erev rav people and families have and I know the nature of these contemptible reshaim merushaim wicked people...

    The Saudi prince is also said to be incompetent and Trump thinks that he is winning and nothing can bring him down but his overconfidence will get the very best and core of him and that will be his biggest mistake and he and the edom, neo-nazi and catholic empire will fall and crumble and in many ways, they already are...
    It is written that before moshiach, edom will rise and rise and rise and then fall altogether except for those who are really good people but me has said that in the end of days, every individual human being on this planet both Jews and goys alike will have to and choose sides whether good or evil.
    As far as the peace plan goes, zionism is one issue and if trump intends on harming innocent Jews living in Israel, then that will be his and his whole families downfall with the exception of his former wives and 2 individuals in his family who have nothing to do with him...
    Also, we are getting messages and warnings to change our ways and throw away our pride or we will suffer again just as most of us did in the third Reich so it is time to throw away our lust for materialism, money, pride, egoism, throw away our anger and hate and come together in unity and joy and influence the good goyim in the best ways and serve the creator and prepare for moshiachs arrival which is coming rapidly

  3. There is truth in the article for sure, as far as i can figure out even before the article was published. Great minds think alike, and besides, when the truth is out there, your ruach can pick it up, or tune in.(lol) But why label everybody erev rav, bad Edomite, and what have you? What about all the good things Trump has done?
    just your unregular goy vav yud nem samech

    1. Logic there is wicked people are also capable of doing good and even pretend to do good to help themselves benefit; and those "people are called egoists", people who make a name for themselves and stick to only those who can help themselves benefit and reject the lower stratums...
      Those people never help anyone or even consider anyone and there are wicked people who pretend to look and be good but this is how they fool their victims like a worm on a hook for fish. , it looks promising but then the fish gets stuck on the hook and is taken to his proper end and the wicked reshaim do very similar things...
      What may look good can be bad and what can look bad can sometimes be good and I do not need college to know this psychology just experience...
      But this is all lies and evil can not exist with the cloak of good which is why that whole enterprise must fall down in the end and it will fall like Sodom and gomorroh. And me hopes that this information helps you to understand the wicked people better