"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

07 October 2018

The Third War of Gog uMagog: The War on Torah

28 Tishrei 5779

The main focus of the Third War of Gog uMagog is the war on Torah. Primarily, where Torah law clashes with Western cultural 'values,' the Torah must be forced to give way. This war is currently being waged on the following fronts...

* Shabbat
   - Opening of stores, businesses, the performance of public works
* Kashrut
   - private, self-supervised
* Conversion
   - private, lowered standards (i.e., acceptance of mitzvot not required)
* Marriage
   - private, civil, Torah-prohibited relationships allowed (i.e., Cohen with convert
     or divorcee, Jew and non-Jew)
* Immigration
   - Not just for Jews
* Military service
   - Women in mixed units with men, women in combat roles; recruitment of LGBT

Today, we are further from our goal of creating a Torah-based society in Eretz Yisrael than ever before. Why? Because in the past we were under the domination of the nations. Today, we are dominated by the Erev Rav and the modern Hellenists, all dancing and cavorting around their Golden Calf - Medinat Yisrael.

By means of this fake "Jewish" State, they are corrupting the hearts and minds of generations of clueless Jews who don't even see that anything is amiss. And they are winning this war!

How is it possible that yeshivah-educated frum-from-birth Jews can buy into "co-existence" with murderous, thieving Arabs and "brotherhood" with devious, lying Christians? And how are they are willing to ignore the covenant we made with HKB"H, set aside the mitzvot we are bound by that covenant to obey, and embrace their enemies without the blink of an eye? How can we plead ignorance on their behalf?

I've been warning for years about the plans for non-Jewish aliyah. Here is the open door, the floodgates will follow, unless HKB"H will take mercy on we few remaining faithful.

...Bayit Yehudi MK Betzalel Smotrich issued a strongly worded letter to Netanyahu on Saturday night opposing the decision allowing relatives of Israeli citizens from Ethiopia, who themselves do not meet the criteria for immigration, to enter the country and gain citizenship.

"The government has a proposal to approve and finance the immigration to Israel of parents and sibling of those who immigrate because they belong to the Falash Mura community, even though these relatives are not Jewish by any means," said Smotrich.
This is all about destroying the Jewish People from within, assimilating us until we are unrecognizable as a unique and distinct people. 

We can't let the bad guys win!


  1. It was always the end goal of secular zionism to destroy the Jew and remake him into the Israeli. They wrote about this concept at length. This is the purpose of tzahal and all state institutions.
    They parade Jewish symbols to draw in the ignorant among us.
    Now we see what the gedoley Yisrael saw 100 years ago.

  2. My thoughts on the Gog Umagog War is that its the "War on G-D" being waged now and of course Judaism, Torah and Jews figure in because we are the children of G-D. But the audacity of these evil people to try and undo all of creation, in their war on G-D is astounding. It’s coming to a pinnacle soon, and now I understand why the Sages of Old did not want to be around when it happens.

  3. When an animal is wounded, he is the most dangerous. The same thing goes with these two-legged Erev Rav animals, who are at their end and they are pulling out all the stops to try and win and turn humanity and especially, the holy Torah, upside down. Their war is surely directed against H' and these fools think they can win against the Creator. We know the end of the story and we know that their end is near and we pray that more than less, the real Jews will repent and not join them. Those who joined Korach had the same fate as Korach. Praying that Moshiach comes very soon, because it is almost unbearable to read and see this horror happening. Please H' - it is time for our Redemption!!