30 May 2016

Why Do You Want Mashiach?

22 Iyyar 5776
37 Days of the Omer

It's an important question we must all ask ourselves as you'll see below...


This is what is written in the Sefer ha Brit: “And I searched and tried to find out with all my heart the reason for this long exile and even in these generations where there is Torah in Israel, the number of people increase everyday who learn Torah, Mishnayot, Gemara and even books of the Kabbalah, and even with this the redeemer doesn’t come to Zion. And there are many who pray with great fervor and they also are not answered and there are others who strive to do all types of Mitzvot to the point where they are full of Mitzvot as a Pomegranate, and even with this the redeemer has not arrived. What is there left to do, What can we do to please the face of above?


Then I said in my heart, there has to be a division and a stumbling block for all those people and also the Satan comes to weaken the strength of these groups, because one dead fly can spoil a great quantity of the finest oil. And when I strived to learn who this opponent is, I found that these three groups do not concentrate on what they do, but they only have the intention of benefiting themselves and not to remove the KUDSHA BERICH HU U SH'CHINTE MIN HA GALUT (The Holy One Blessed be He and His Shechina from the exile they are in). And everyone among the Jews only thinks in terms of his own benefit. And all the Torah and the Tefillot and the Mitzvot, he thinks of acquiring for himself a place in Gan Eden and in the World to Come and that through this he will be successful in everything he does and that his days be prolonged together with his wife and kids. And all the hope and all the desire of that Jew is that he have a good living and honor and that he will be able to build for himself a large house, according to the custom of the land where he happens to reside, that will last for many years and that his sons and grandsons will inherit after him in a foreign land, and that he will see descendants and that he prolongs his days in the Galut and that he will pass away in a good old age, and that the Rabbi of his city will give a great discourse upon his passing and this is the whole purpose of this Jew in this Galut.   (Source: The Modern Erev Rav)


Anonymous said...

Wow.. I have no words...This the whole point. In these days of deep shaking these words are the medicine we so need
thank you...
Leah R

Neshama said...

we want to see the downfall of our enemies / we need to be relieved of the Satan / we want to dwell with the Shechina / we should want the fulfillment of WHY we are here on Earth / we want what HaShem wants for us. What more could we want? Oh, yes, of course, we NEED stronger Emuna and Bitachon to achieve the above!

GoldieZP said...

Here is the link to read in the entirety, Devash. Thanks for posting this. READ HERE

Linda said...

Wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing.

Mr. Lowell Joseph Gallin said...

Dear Friends, At a certain point (very soon) The Creator brings the Redemption, and His Anointed King, whether we are ready or not. That should give us some comfort. Shalom from Jerusalem, Lowell -- Ezekiel 36:22 "Not for your sake do I this, saith the Lord GOD, be it known unto you; be ashamed and confounded for your ways, O house of Israel". http://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt1236.htm

Anonymous said...

Lowell Joseph Gallin's comment is the correct one. 'The Redemption will come in its time and I will hasten it' so says Hashem! Today, we are at a time when most do not even believe or know about, c'v, the coming of Moshiach or the ones, like ourselves, who wait every day for his coming; therefore, being only human, we become disillusioned easily when we see the time passing and he has still not come. We have to understand that the geulah is a process which has been going on for the longest time and B'H, we have arrived now at the very end. When we least expect it because we are that point of despair, he will show up.

Also read GoldieZP's 'read here' about the Erev Rav; it was amazing, enlightening, informative and so interesting. Also advise reading the GRA's Kol HaTor.

Anonymous said...

I have tremendous respect for the writer of this blog. "Chochom, MA Hu Omer" we are taught. +ne of the commentaries says that one can tell who a Chochom is by what they communicate....I have tremendous HaKaros HaTov for the wisdom that this holy women has transmitted and I hope one day to grow to be a person of her stature. No, I don't know her personally butbher stature is evident through the beautiful ideas she conveys.
the following is in response to the last comment. Before I continue, if follows that a quality writer usually has quality readers. The individual who wrote the last comment I'm sure is a quality person but qualification and clarification is desperately needed here.
It is a mistake to isolate one Posuk/verse, especially one like this to substantiate the above pt. One only has to look into Shir HaShirim which Chazal refer to as Kodesh Kedoshim for the answer - Kneses Yisroel @ it's essence is Kulo Kodosh. Each and every member. The Posuk above referenced from Yeshaya can not be understood AT ALL according to the P'Shat/entry level meaning. H' will bring Moshiach because no matter how it appears we ONLY want to do what is right, we only want to follow the Commandments of Hashem. He will bring Moshiach because we have an indescribable deep love for Him and Him for us as well.
No, I'm not naive. I know very well the pain of cruelty, I was told by Gedolim that it was undeserved cruelty. Yet, the Seforim say EVEN people like that WILL do Teshuva.
The Seforim say that everyone will do Teshuva.
One has to be careful w/ how Klal Yisroel are depicted. Many are in certain circumstances due to years of persecution and pain. In most cases dare we not think that we can understand why a person is the way he/she is. "A man sees w/ his eyes and H' "Sees" the heart" (not sure if it's a Posuk or Chazal.
The pt. is H' will bring the Era of Moshiach immediately, as our Gedolim are saying, because we chose to keep the Torah HaKedosha and He loves us. He loves all good people. Judaism isn't about snobbery or elitism. It's about our choosing to keep the Torah HaKedosha. All nations had the same opportunity. Again, Moshiach will come because H' Wants to bring the world to the Purpose for which it was created.
Respectfully, a grateful reader
P.S. Please excuse any mistakes this was done on a ph.

Anonymous said...


Devash, hello.
Sara from Mexico City.
Could you translate the article of Benjamin please?
It is very easy for me to ask you because I just read it and you work it, but I ask you to "update me" because many of your readers do not speak Hebrew.
And more or less English like me!


TT said...

so that i can stop coming to this blog

Anonymous said...

To Anon. @7:57 pm - You are mistaken with your thinking. Being kind to the cruel is one of the greatest sins. When H' commanded King Shaul to kill even the king of the amaleikim, Og, and did not do so, he lost the kingdom. Being too kind to those who have murdered and desecrated everything holy is a SIN.

There are those so wicked that they cannot do teshuva. It is up to the Jewish people to do teshuva and that will lead the rest of humanity to follow in G-D's ways. Those of the nations who already realize Truth and have taken upon themselves the Seven Laws of Noach are the righteous of the world and this is what H' loves.