02 June 2016

Escape Into Darkness

25 Iyyar 5776
40 Days of the Omer

It's not  a coincidence that we are hearing the term "TRANS" so often now. The world is about to be TRANSformed in the era of Mashiach and on a soul-level people are sensing it. Souls are yearning for this TRANSformation, but unfortunately, it is being expressed in many non-kosher ways. When the soul cuts itself off from its Source and instead connects to the Other Side, the desire for TRANSformation becomes a form of escapism - an escape into darkness.

Many souls are in torment because of the degradation they are suffering in a world that has reached to the very depths of evil. Having turned their backs on God, they are wandering ever farther afield from the light and in their need to escape the pain, they descend deeper and deeper into the darkness.

There is a whole subculture of people dressing up in costumes today and pretending to be either superhuman or something other than human (Cosplay). Some go so far as to surgically alter their bodies in order to bring as much realism to their illusion as possible. This, too, is a corrupted expression of the soul's yearning to reconnect with the Truth, but only by warping it and bending it to flawed human will.

Evil's henchmen, aka The Powers That Be, are capitalizing on it by playing to this innate human desire for TRANSformation. They offer a faux light in the darkness that they have helped to create and draw these lost souls in ever deeper with promises they cannot possibly keep.


...The gigantic festival we know today that sells out in seconds and welcomes people from every corner of the world had to struggle to build their reputation and to bring their fairy-tale reality into the hearts of dance music lovers every where.

How ironic is it that Israel is participating? July 23rd is not only the holy Shabbat, but it is also the 17th of Tamuz.

The king of all electronic music festivals, Tomorrowland, is taking place for the first time in Israel this summer! “UNITE – The Mirror to Tomorrowland” is an international event taking place simultaneously in 7 countries (Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico and South Africa) “mirroring” the father event, the Belgian festival which has become a cult among electronic music fans. Broadcasting live from the Belgium stage to the Israeli festival will be huge names of electronics .... Local DJs will open the event, for a psychedelic night of partying uniting thousands of people around the world. UNITE – The Mirror to Tomorrowland takes place at the Payis Arena in Jerusalem, on July 23, 2016. Ticket are on sale for 149 NIS. 
The only hope for humanity is to quickly turn around and head the other direction - and fast! 

That's what it means to do teshuvah - to stop running away from God, to turn around and run TO Him. 

However, the siren song is loud and compelling and the illusion is strong. How many will find the strength to free themselves?


  1. yes, this sounds right. also, with patience and love, realize that the evil ultimately burns itself out and disappears. this "spin cycle" of the wash process in world history is happening now.

    1. The question is: how many are going down the drain with it?

  2. Talk about warped. Some people just never learn. Not even the hard way.

    Mothers of murdered teens participate in Jerusalem Unity Day

    ...“Jewish communities are doing things to bring different types of Jews together both in the State of Israel throughout the education system, the army, youth movements, and in adult education as well as in 25 other countries around the world,” Frenkel explained.

    “In Israel, this also includes other populations such as the Druze, Arabs, and people that are marginalized for other reasons like special needs and we hope that out of the bitter comes forth sweetness.”

    ...Frenkel hopes not only for internal Jewish unity, but for unity with Israel’s Arab neighbors as well.

    “When I speak to my children who lost their beloved brother to a group of 30 Palestinian terrorists who organized the attack, I tell them that I don’t want them to be raised on hatred,” Frenkel stated. “I make sure that they know the difference between Hamas and our Arab neighbors.”

    “It sounds like a cliche,” Frenkel noted. “But it’s simply about the ability to open up and feel close to others despite the differences and to find common ground.”

    - a voice in the wilderness

  3. Sick, we need the real doctor

  4. My calendar says this is 17 Tammuz! (even though we push off the fast for one day - for one who doesn't keep Shabbos the date is the date - Anniversary of the Eigel Hazahav - and they got up to revel! ויקומו לצחק!

  5. I find myself bewildered daily as I read things like these... as I see the world spiraling down so fast.. however these people who participate in this nonsense don't know any better. .. How about people who do know better...? Yesterday someone tried to swindle me out of some money all in the spirit of "brotherhood". Without details.. it is this rampant sheker and situations when my love for my fellow jew and my belief in our connection and the fact that we r am echad is constantly being exploited ...when I try to do basic things like renting an apartment ... Why does it hurt so much still ?? I mean I should not already be surprised...I am trying to dan l'kaf szchus... but it is getting so hard... Why is Hshem showing me this stuff? I don't do that to other people... maybe I am supposed to believe in these people, in their teshuva and not think of them as reshaim... processing it right now.. My husband says from what he sees, the dishonesty, the lack of decency... he wants to sit down on the floor with sackcloth and ashes.. I am trying to stay strong but it is very hard to read the above post and others, and see what I see in E'Y... I feel like every day i just hold on with my teeth and my level of tiredness (physical and emotional) sometimes reaches unprecedented peaks... I see so many good people suffering..Bezras Hshem, He will have mercy on us soon (in the right time with chessed v'rachamim...) Leah R

    1. The Golus is the strongest experienced in eretz israel, bc it doesn't fit to this place and people. Hashem is showing all this worrysome developments, so that finally someone takes sack and ashes and girdes himself in strength and cries from inside for the geulah minhashsmayim and the true and real mashiach, which is not revealed yet. A simple cry, bc his jewish neshama refuses to tolerate this and longs for truth, only truth. Who is ready to divest himself from all falsehood? Please approach and ring the bell in shamayim. Shabat shalom.

  6. There is a deliberate and concerted effort to put everything transgender at the forefront of mass media.Then the propaganda is turned into laws and policies, like “equality in the bathrooms” to the allowing of parents helping their young children undergoing sex change. That is really a significant Symptom of Cultural Collapse and decadence, like those who lived in Babylon,Greece, Rome... When people are tolerant to open homosexuality and this transgender mania now the so-called gay/transgendered thing is a manifestation of extreme hysterical cultural psychosis, especially imposing it on the children, i see it as child abuse. So, who is the driving force behind the promotion of perversion? Check it out the symbolism at the end of the clip.


  7. Excellent comments to this terrible news. The world is collapsing, not only physically as it is being cleansed but morality on every level has disappeared. This is the work of the sitra achre and all evil is coming to the fore, so H' will have to do battle, for only HE can undo them.

    What's worse is what Chana wrote here that they are trying their utmost to force the citizenry into all this evil by enacting rules and regulations.

    To also read that the mother of 'one of the boys' who were murdered, H' yikom damam, (are the other 2 mothers also part of this insanity?) is disturbing. She is a female version of 'Glick'. What utter disgrace! We pray she(they) does/do teshuva.

    Sometimes the news is so surreal; who would have thought that one day there would be so much tumah and idolatry in our holy Yerushalayim. May the Ribbono Shel Olam have mercy and send Moshiach already and that all Jewish neshamot awaken from this nightmare so they can do tershuva.

  8. I have tried several times to post my reaction - but I can not - this is so troubling.

  9. Look at the self-centered central message of this trailer: "Look into the mirror and unite. Be part of the madness with the live connection..." That's what it's all about, people...a live connection to madness. They're not hiding anything, just dressing it up with "love."

    I'm glad I won't be watching, along with fellow commenters here.

    Shabbat shalom.