20 May 2016

"Bye Bye Bogey"

12 Iyyar 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
27 Days of the Omer
(3 Weeks and 6 Days)

This headline made my day: "Minister Ya'alon quits"

Of course, we may be going from the frying pan into the fire with Lieberman, but meantime, the man responsible for unjustly locking up and torturing Meir Ettinger and others and falsely accusing Elor Azaria of murder has now lost all power to do similar damage to other good Jews.

Bye Bye Bogey
By Moshe Feiglin

The best thing that has resulted from the political storm churning through Israel is the ouster of current Defense Minister Bogey Ya’alon. That was not Netanyahu’s original intent. He wanted to bring the Left into the government, and it is a good thing that Labor MK Shelly Yehimovitz prevented that from happening. My assessment is that the new government will not be qualitatively different from its predecessor and except for a change of style, it will be more of the same. But all of that is behind us now. The most important thing is that Ya’alon was ousted. We can only hope that it is not too late.

Bogey Ya’alon, trumpeted as the new savior by the Right and settlers, turned out to be (surprise, surprise) a strategic disaster for Israel’s security – and no less than that – for the state of its democracy and liberty. I believe Ehud Barak’s testimony that Ya’alon was the man who tipped the scales against an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Such an attack – even if it had failed to achieve its tactical goal – would have restored Israel’s strategic stance according to which the State of Israel was not established to once again rely on US or British pilots. Even if an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities had failed, it would have made it crystal clear that Israel’s strategy is based on the adage of our Sages, “If someone rises to kill you, kill him first” – whether the attacker is a powerful country overseas or a knife-wielding terrorist in Hebron. But Ya’alon preferred the strategy of containment upon which he was raised in his youth on a leftist kibbutz. He upgraded Iran’s world status and opened the door for its great victory over Israel.

Two years ago, during Operation Protective Edge, Ya’alon led the strategy of containment of the Hamas. The political-security echelon, headed by Ya’alon, emitted confused orders, laden with concepts that included everything – except victory. The result was that after almost two months of goal-less fighting, the IDF had suffered 70 casualties in the tunnels and alleyways of Gaza, left two bodies of Israeli soldiers behind – and retreated. Bogey Ya’alon is leaving behind an army that has become the most sophisticated junkyard of modern arms and advanced technology that exists. He leaves behind the largest, strongest and most inflated army that Israel has ever seen. But it is an army that is incapable of winning any battle. Except for the real battle that Ya’alon introduced: the battle against the settlers.

Under the instruction and with the encouragement of Ya’alon, a new stage in Israel’s history has unfolded. Under pressure from the media and the Left, tens of minors were arrested and severely tortured (with the full support of the Jewish Home party) for no reason other than to keep the Left happy with Bogey. The absolute majority of the youth were released without an indictment – but they did suffer serious emotional damage that will likely haunt them the rest of their lives. (Apparently, the house in Duma was burned by the Arab locals, as was the case before and after the event in question).

But worst of all was Ya’alon’s participation in the quiet ‘trend’ of the military coup that was beginning to take form in Israel.

The shooting of the terrorist in Hebron presented Israeli society with a choice between two approaches: The Jewish perspective, according to which the elimination of a terrorist willing to die in order to murder Jews is ethical and imperative – and the European approach, lacking morality, seamlessly equating between good and evil: The type of approach that turns Nazis into victims and the Jews into the new Nazis.

The upper echelons of the IDF, educated and advanced over the years on the basis of loyalty to these ideas, suddenly became the great hope of the Left. The soldier from Hebron was turned into a national enemy. The Chief of Staff explained that “If someone rises to kill you, kill him first” is not the IDF’s strategy. The Deputy Chief of Staff equated those who subscribe to that value with Nazis. The radical Left Ha’aretz newspaper rather openly called for a military coup and the Defense Minister, Moshe Bogey Ya’alon, backed up and encouraged this entire process on every stage and at every ceremony.

I have no great expectations of Lieberman. Rightist ideology and power bereft of clear purpose always becomes a double-edged sword. It would behoove us all to remember former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who was no less rightist and forceful than Lieberman. But all that we can say to Ya’alon is good-bye and good riddance.

~ Shabbat shalom ~


  1. Boruch HaShem in His Wisdom Rules the Universe

  2. On second thought, I think Ya'alon will vigorously fight against the govt. from the opposition. Why is it these 'high level' security Israelis turn against the govt. and subvert it, and even treasonous behavior?

  3. ooh ja, gute riddens. now for the rest of them and all the garbage in israel and in the whole world soon. hail victory hail victory (sieg heil). will they let all this scumbags victims out soon? like ettinger and everybody?

  4. Asking why these turncoats turn against the gov. is because they were and are the erev rav and their intentions are only to go against G-D's Will and undo the Jewish nation and remake it into an idolatrous one.


  5. Also, would like to add to these comments that Moshe Feiglin's articfle said it all - very good! nili

  6. no charges
    and why isn't the only democracy in the middle east engraged by this?

    1. you should know clearly as well as considering what kind of world we live in. look at the united states, read daniel's messages on america and you will know full well.