05 May 2016

Freudian Slips and Other Revealed Truths

27 Nisan 5776
12 Days of the Omer
(1 week and 5 days)
Hod she'be'Gevurah

It's Holocaust Remembrance Day. And while some choose to remember the heroes, others choose to focus on the villains, and yet still others seem intent on turning heroes into villains.

Question: Can a 'Twit' tweet or in this case does he "twit" as well?

Anyway, after so many long years of keeping their poisonous thoughts private, it does make one wonder why davka now all of the hatred and contempt are being revealed, unless... the light of redemption has grown so bright that they just can't remain hidden any longer. Everything dark is being uncovered and exposed; more often than not - willingly and proudly.


Neshama said...

What about: "Former IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. (res.) Benny Gantz said on Tuesday ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day that the Jewish people's victory over the Nazis is measured by, among other things, the way in which Israel uses its force."
The leftists can't help making stupid mistakes.

Lowell Joseph Gallin said...


Jesterhead45 said...

Either that or its to get us to rely on no one but Hashem by diminishing people's faith in the IDF now openly revealed to under corrupt foreign leadership.

After all it is hard for Jews to have faith in something whose hatred and contempt of Jews it claims to protect is revealed.

Aside from the knowledge that such events serve as catalysts for the Geulah on an intellectual level, some will be asking where one goes from here?

tt said...