26 May 2016

Israeli Stockholm Syndrome

18 Iyyar 5776
33 Days of the Omer
(4 Weeks and 5 Days)
Hod sh'be'Hod

It has been reported that new MK Yehudah Glick, in his swearing-in ceremony at the Knesset yesterday, said the following about the so-called 'Palestinians'...

“Their leadership convinced them and deluded them… It seems that anyone who has eyes in his head realizes that the option of a Palestinian state [no longer exists], but anyone who sees hundreds of Palestinians standing every day behind fences, or rather every night – with tense anticipation to cross and work – and does not feel a deep pinch in the heart – should go back and develop basic human sensitivity.”

My first thought upon reading this was: "He who is merciful to the cruel will become cruel to the merciful."

We know that the Gazan Arabs voted in Hamas. They got exactly what they wanted. And there are literally countless examples of the extreme cruelty of not only so-called 'Palestinian' Arabs but also so-called Israeli Arabs against Jews in Israel. As a matter of fact, on the same day as Glick's "swearing-in", the country was rocked by previously suppressed reports of a horrendous crime perpetrated by Arabs against a young, mentally-deficient Jewish woman. And already this morning, a man had to be rescued for going shopping amongst the Arab public: "A Ma’ale Adumim man entered a Palestinian Arab village in order to make some purchases. Reports indicated that locals were gathering around him and would likely harm him."

The kindest explanation I can come up with for this attitude which is strangely, and dangerously in my opinion, detached from reality is that we are suffering from some sort of mass Stockholm Syndrome...

Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.

...Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes "strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other."  (Source)

Whatever the cause, I view such Jews as a danger and a threat to us all. They need to do teshuvah.

I have had other issues with Yehudah Glick in the past...

From "A House of Prayer for All Nations":

Is Yehuda Glick part of the plan to make a one-world religion?  Video of Yehuda Glick praying to "Allah" with Arabs on Har Habayit...

Video of Yehuda Glick with Xian missionary Christine Darg...

From Unification vs Separation:

Rabbi Yehuda Glick speaking about the Temple Mount from two months ago:

...We need to unite to get the Temple Mount opened to all people and all forms of prayer. Everyone needs to express a zero tolerance for violence on the holiest place on earth. The more people visit the Mount, the more we will strengthen its importance for all people. We need to push public opinion that the Temple Mount needs to be accessible to all. The Temple Mount Heritage Foundation uses its donations towards this goal. People should write letters to their government representatives and demand that Israel allow prayer on the Temple Mount from all religions. The Israeli government is very sensitive to world opinion and this will have an affect. Arabs will eventually learn to understand that we are united for the good.

From Politics As Usual:

So, his vision of the Third Temple is a place where adherents to false religions whose very existence denies the truth of Torah will be welcomed alongside Jews, but NOT those Jews who would forbid same. By his definition, Rabbi Kahane and the Maccabees themselves would not be welcome on the Temple Mount! 

Being the target of an assassination attempt does not make one right and surviving said attempt does not make one a hero.


  1. Am not surprised with this guy. He was a disappointment from the start and there are many within the 'religious' camp that are like him, which to me, is very oxymoronic. If truly religious, he would know the commandment of expelling the 'inhabitants' when you enter the Land, Of course, this was not adhered to and, everything that the Jewish people are warned of by H' comes to pass - 'if you don't heed to my commandment, then I will have them do to you what you should have done'. So wearing a beard and a kippah but embracing the enemies within who literally have and are brutalizing our people is oxymoronic and sinful. Politics is what's important to these people (power, etc.).


  2. Is he crazy? What is wrong with people in this country? I had exactly the same thoughts..really people who attack a mentally challenged girl? Those aren't people, they aren't even animals. Animals kill to eat and to protect themselves - these creatures kill for pleasure. I feel no pity or mercy for them, I will save my mercy for my people instead.And for the few innocents among them, well they are few and far between. Even those that don't commit actual murders, the majority of the rest are there cheering them on, passing out candy and celebrating.
    Devorah, you couldn't have explained my thoughts any better. I could never understand the story of Melech Shaul and Amalek when I was younger - I couldnt fathom killing women and children. However, as time passes and I watch the sheer inhumanity and absolute cruelty of these monsters...I realize how perfect is Hashem's will. Just as Shaul was wrong to show kindness, so too the leaders of today. Save your mercy for our own people.

    1. Beautifully put. We have to trust Hashem even when we don't understand His ways and know that whatever He commands us is for our best. Elevating our own humanistic moralizing above the instructions of our Creator is just another form of idolatry.

  3. One other thing I forgot Devorah....
    It makes me so hideously upset watching "Rabbis" pandor to those idol worshippers. They are more dangerous to us then the Arabs. Arabs wish to kill our bodies - the Xians want to slaughter our souls.
    They come with their false smiles and their tainted money and certain Jews are willing to sell us right into the blood soaked hands of the Xians? How many Jewish people died al Kiddush Hashem in Xian lands? These are not our friends, or allies they are a worse threat then the Arabs. They are also stam idol worshippers...how can they be allowed in our makom kadosh? How can a true rabbi allow that.
    I cry for my people, we have so badly lost our way...we need moshiach now.

  4. At this time NO ONE should be going up on the Temple Mount, as NO ONE was allowed to go up on Mount Sinai before Moses went up to receive the Torah from God and while he was there (there were some exceptions, such as the Seventy Elders who went up with Moses at a certain point). We are in a similar period RIGHT NOW. It seems to me like many people on our side think they are in a Circus and ... "That's Entertainment". There actually IS a Real World. And it is getting more REAL by the minute. NO ONE should be going up on the Temple Mount NOW.

    1. I agree 100% and that's from someone who in the past went up a few times.

    2. Lowell Joseph Gallin wrote: "NO ONE was allowed to go up on Mount Sinai before Moses went up to receive the Torah from God"

      How is that relevant to not allowing us to go up?

    3. Good question. Aryeh?

    4. Because we are in a period directly preceding God coming down on the Mountain again. In this case Har HaBayit. Just as one does not eco-tourism to the top of the cone of a volcano about to explode, no one should be going up on the Temple Mount now, for it, too, is about to "explode". HE is coming back down on the Mountain.

  5. I disagree with you. They are human beings. There are two million Palestinians and 200 terrorist attempts a year. That's a tiny fraction who are doing anything violent. As for Hamas, what do you expect from them. What would you do if the Chinese took over Israel. Wouldn't you fight back?

    This situation is complex. I'm glad Glick sees it.

    1. Answer me two things. Are you Jewish and where do you live?

    2. cc,

      If you think your 2,000,000 to 200 ratio is accurate, please see this.

    3. That's hardly an accurate analogy. Its the other way around...the Arabs that live in our country have as much right to be in the Jewish ancestral homeland as the Chinese would. We are the aggrieved party - we have a group of people with a fictitious identity that have zero claim to our land living here. The duplicitous world is trying to give half our country away to them, in the hopes it will weaken us, diminish our security and capabilities. Then the Arabs will finally finish off what Hitler Yemach Shemo started!
      We are not Xians, we do not turn the other cheek. We will not commit self immolation by adhering to a vile morally bankrupt world's skewed version of morality. True charity and kindness starts at home and that means protecting our people first.
      The Arab invaders in our land must go!

  6. this man is out of the reality. has he read the TANAJ? evildoer and traitor.Inés

  7. You asked if he might be part of the one world religion crowd. I believe he might be; something is not right and now he's joining the Likud (politics). A religious man knows what a chilul H' it is to invite the 'religions' of the world together to the Makom Kadosh. This whole thing smells treif. The whole idea of Moshiach is that the world will know there is only H' and no other. nili

  8. Devash, have you any idea why my blog post hadn't updated on your list? I wrote a new one hours ago? Can't figure this out. Shabbat Shalom

    1. It's Blogger. It happens to me, too and I don't know why.
      Shabbat shalom!

  9. When someone says something is 'complicated' it is straight out of the world of sheker. In Isaiah 56:7 it states: "My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples." That means the nations will flow to the Temple Mount to worship the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE! The G-d of Israel! not jc and shiva and buddah and mohammed and gaia! It's a perversion based on ego so that the nations will give him a pat on the back and kudos for being like ghandi, yemach shmo. Jews do not have to commit suicide for anyone. A sincere chesbon nefesh is in order for YG.


  10. He knows no boundaries. This is not authentic Judaism.

    MK Yehuda Glick: 'I prayed at a Reform temple several times'

    Freshman MK tells Haaretz: 'I don't see a reason not to pray at a Reform synagogue, if someone wants a female rabbi, it's not a problem.'

    - a voice in the wilderness

  11. Seems there's a bunch of pseudo-religious Jews who are all in it together and they many are connected to the parties (i.e., Likud, etc.). As my grandma would say, 'they wear masks'. The above quote of YG that he sees no reason not to pray at Reform 'synagogue' and is okay with a woman 'rabbi' - says it all! This guy knows no Torah at all!

  12. Quote:

    Brand new MK Yehuda Glick spoke up in defense of the Reform and Masorti movements during the hearing, and decried what he called the “arrogance” of the haredi MKs for seeking to bar the conversion ceremonies of the progressive Jewish movements in public mikvaot.

    “It saddens me, as someone who observes the Torah and mitzvot, that one group decides ‘we are the guardians of Judaism’ and others are destroying it,” said Glick in reference to the attitude of the haredi MKs to the progressive movements.

    “Where does this arrogance come from? Why do you not draw them closer [instead]” he asked.



  13. And another one...

    Meet the Activist Rabbi and his Gay Bodyguard: the Knesset’s Most Incredible Allies

    Jerusalem (TPS) – Looking at the two newest lawmakers for the Likud party, you would never guess they were close friends: Yehuda Glick is a Brooklyn-born Orthodox rabbi who built his career on pressing for Jewish prayer on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount; Amir Ohana is the first openly gay parliamentarian of the center-right Likud party and founder of its LGBT Caucus.

    Yet the two men share an extraordinarily unique bond that began in earnest in 2014 when Glick was gunned down by an Arab would-be assassin, an attack he miraculously survived. After being released from the hospital, the death threats continued pouring in – yet the police declined to provide protection.

    That’s when Amir Ohana, a relatively unknown LGBT activist from the southern city of Be’er Sheva and a former agent with the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), stepped in: he volunteered to be Glick’s personal bodyguard.

    “I’m not a religious person, but I believe in freedom – and it was my honor to defend freedom,” Ohana, 40, explained in a recent interview with Tazpit Press Service (TPS) that took place, together with Glick, 51, in Ohana’s office in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. “I don’t hold religious views but I can respect our legacy and our history as a people. What I want is for everyone to be free to pray wherever they want, and the Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jews.”

    ...“I’m a zealot when it comes to human rights and respecting every single human being,” Glick boasts. “I think that every single person deserves rights. I mean it’s obvious, you know, we’re living in a democratic country.”

    Does he, then, support gay marriage, an impossibility under the current Israeli arrangement in which marriage is governed by the Orthodox rabbinate?

    “I support that he should have every single right he deserves,” Glick says somewhat evasively, pointing to Ohana, and referring to Ohana’s partner: “I know that he has a wonderful mate.”

    Yet when asked why he wouldn’t attend the Tel Aviv Pride Parade, Glick replied: “I don’t see a problem with [going to the parade], but I wouldn’t go because other people might see me as a problem,”....