12 May 2016

Take Some Time to Learn

4 Iyyar 5776
19 Days of the Omer
(2 weeks and 5 Days)

Are you off work for the state holiday? Take some time to learn.

Rabbi Yehuda Richter Connection between counting the Omer and Independence Day

Stop living a lie!! The only Truth is the Torah - Rabbi Alon Anava


  1. My comment on Rabbi Anava's Youtube video...

    Quoting the Rabbi: "The secret of the Tree of Knowledge is good and bad. That's why the entire Torah is teaching us to sift between things - this is permitted, this is not permitted; this is kosher, this is not kosher; this is pure, this is not pure. That's the whole Torah. The whole Torah is teaching me how to distinguish [make havdalah] between the Truth and the Lie."

    My comment: And the New World Order is bent on destroying all the boundaries and making everything into ONE BIG LIE - One World, One People, One Religion. We even see it coming down to the bathroom level - literally the most basic human level - erasing gender boundaries.

  2. Lower than W.C (water closet)! Even the toilet is more cleaner than our streets today. You not only see it but even feel it and it is so ugly and nasty that it
    Can choke you spiritually. But this symbolizes how we are today as a nation; woe to us