16 May 2016

Rabbi Anava: "Why Do We Need Technology?"

8 Iyyar 5776
23 Days of the Omer
(3 Weeks and 2 Days)


  1. Technology is only a tool; as the Rabbi states, it is part of the Geulah process for the world to be exposed eventually to G-Dliness. But, it also has the bad element of making man think he can achieve anything (as we read about: robots, etc., etc.) and feels he doesn't need G-D or come to believe that there is c'v no G-D. Therefore, believe that once Moshiach is here and the earth will be filled with the knowledge of G-D, there will definitely be no need for all this technology, which has already wrought havoc on the world. All we will need is Hashem. May Moshiach Tzdkeinu come immediately! Amen! nili

  2. But this technology seems to be replacing our need for Moshiach ... via medical advances, communication, manufacture, education, etc etc. which seemingly answer our prayers. We need human contact of course, but could one Moshiach (Man) consolidate that, and put the world to rights? I find it difficult to conflate this 'modern mystical' world with the ancient, biblical world's 'spiritual' ideas and genre.

    Just thinking

    1. This book might help: Spiritual Technology by Avraham Sutton.

      See here, too.

    2. Theres also a nice video out there on this subject done on 2014....


    3. Sam, there is one not-so-small and not-so-simple problem here. It's overly dependent on electricity. When it goes, and it's inevitable that it will at some point, all the machinery goes with it.

    4. The sooner, the better...

  3. To Just thinking: Belief in the coming of Moshiach is not just 'belief'; it is Truth. The world was literally created for the coming of Moshiach in order for the world to be complete where the knowledge of H' will fill the whole earth. Emunah is the first step for you to understand this and then Bitachon (Trust in G-D) and you will understand that 'Moshiach Tzdkeinu' will have supernatural powers. He is G-D's Servant and will lead the world. Without the true faith in G-D Almighty, it is hard for most who have no real religious belief and understanding to know that everything, literally, comes from H' and man is not in control of anything without the Will of H'. This is the sin of those who put their faith in man and all his wisdom which is finite. The Almighty gives us only the wisdom that He allows us to have. There is nothing beyond Hashem's Powers - He is our Creator! nili

  4. In today's posting of Aish.com is this amazing article on Autistic Soldiers serving in the Israeli Defense Forces.


    You probably have already heard about it, but maybe your readers are not aware.

    I also have the book "Spiritual Technology" by Rabbi Sutton, though I have not finished it yet. His ideas, and what Rabbi Anava is talking about, and the special abilities of the autistics are all related and moving us towards the days of Mashiach! And I am SO happy that the autistics are able to serve Israel in this way. They are helping us to SEE things differently!

    Below are two short paragraphs from this Aish.com article! This is very exciting!

    Quoted from Aish.com article: Autistic Soldiers in Israeli Defense Forces...

    To succeed in this elite intelligence unit, they must have rare powers of concentration, along with strong spatial intelligence and visual perception, to decipher what they see. Their interpretations of the images help the IDF plan combat missions, sometimes changing strategy based on newly deciphered images.

    Research has shown that the visual perception of people on the autism spectrum is often different, rather than better, than those not on the spectrum. But autistic individuals can excel at approaching complex visual images “objectively,” focusing only on the “raw data,” without preconceived notions of how things are supposed to be.

  5. I forgot to mention....Rabbi Alon Anava was just here in Chicago. I had the opportunity to listen to him (and later dialogue) for over 6 hours straight. Given that he remembers most of the details of his NDE, he SEES things that the rest of us do not and can not - ever! I recently was involved in the mitzvah of stopping a cremation from happening, and asked him questions about the "impressions" that he "saw" about this topic. His answers made me realize that WHATEVER this man says - on any topic! - is coming from his unique experience that Hashem put him through. He is someone to listen to. Carefully!