10 May 2016

Remembering Those Who Made the Greatest Sacrifice

3 Iyyar 5776
18 Days of the Omer
(2 weeks 4 Days)


  1. you should know (and even the autists have stated this) that israel was established through war, bloodshed and oppression and the blood still flows today. it is good that we have a state now after so many generations of oppression particularly after nazi germany. but today, israel is not jewish observant and many of it's citizens now and many in the army are not jews at all. me is talking about all those foreign disease people you now find in certain parts of israel like the africans, filipins, hindi's and people like them, russians, eastern european sicko's, the list goes on. it is not the israel we once remembered. not like the united states is any better. it used to be great when the majority w'ere white.

    1. But, all that does not relieve us who live here of the obligation to remember the ultimate sacrifice made by those JEWS (and any righteous gentiles) who HAVE defended our lives and our homes throughout.

      This situation we find ourselves in requires us to walk a tightrope of sorts - neither worshipping the state and its institutions nor rejecting them completely, because the truth is we could not live here without them, but at the same time we know that it is Hashem who is ultimately behind it all.

      And soon, God willing, no more sacrifices will be necessary and we will, with God's help, have a truly Jewish government again under Ben David's rule.