09 May 2016

Hashem's Power Is Unfathomable

2 Iyyar 5776
17 Days of the Omer
(2 weeks 3 Days)

This tornado tore through the high plains of Colorado on Shabbat.


  1. Amazing. Awesome. Don't think I'd have the courage to do what they did. I wonder what stops a Tornado, how it winds down?

  2. Did you see the one after that of a building implosion ........ Reminded me of the twin towers, and the one tower I saw going down!

    Poor Oklahoma, terrifying tornados! Wow.

  3. Years ago when I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a friend was telling me how she and her husband and brother-in-law drove to a new housing development on the edge of a northern suburb on a quiet Sunday afternoon. They were standing there talking over thoughts of buying into this area, when suddenly the trees started bending over and big heavy equipment and a cement mixer started moving! Her brother-in-law screamed to run to the car and they drove out like crazy! After a distance away, the tornado started tearing things up. They realized that they were in the eye of the tornado - what it is like when it forms and starts touching the ground. Lost 11 houses totally and 25-40 more lost their roofs and suffered damage that day. So Neshama, I don't know how a tornado winds down, but this is what it may be like winding up!