03 January 2016

Restoring Balance

22 Tevet 5776
Shavua tov!

Somehow Jews have gotten the idea that Xianity is a benign religion, even a source for good in the world. The truth is that it is a spiritually destructive and mentally enslaving religion which actually brings great harm. All you have to do to see that is to look at what Islam must do to repair the imbalance in the world caused by Xianity.

Nature always seeks a balance. Because of that, when Xianity entered the world, it created an extreme which brought along with it a corresponding extreme to restore the balance. The good news is that when Mashiach comes to rule the world, he will restore the original balance without the two extremes.


  1. Very interesting way to put it, Devash; and I like your diagram.

    Intuitively we sense that Xtianity needs this rebalancing act. But at what cost, what destruction!


  2. As usual, very well put. Jews seem to forget the millions of Jewish lives throughout history that were murdered through these two extremes. Just the idea that you need to explain this to your readers is troublesome; it seems we have fallen to the lowest level, just as our Sages have foretold before that great and awesome day arrives. Thank H', we have blogs such as yours and some others who keep us all on our toes. This teaching is essential now more than ever.

  3. The extremes are how xtianity and Islam express themselves in the world. One is exreme distorted chesed without the balance of gevurah. Islam is extreme din - - gevurah without chesed. When Hashem reveals Himself the world will know G-d is One. His Kindness and Justice are a Unity.

  4. Just the essence!

  5. Just last week I was inspired to compose a universal song of hope Vs. the NWO. That's what a cold fury I have against them as well as all sorts of elitists or crude/conclusion-jumping socialistypes who reign supreme everywhere these days. My lyrics are below, and my song is in MP3 format in my files, amateurly tweaked via Audacity. I also posted it on the thrivemovement blog, hoping someone can render it via guitar on YouTube, since I can't, or I would. Oh well, if my track record holds true to form, it will probably just remain dormant with all my other irons-in-fire.


    The world could have been so nice
    ..if not for the New World Order
    Everyone has a price
    ..yes even my talented daughter

    Oh, oh, oh, I could cry!
    Oh, oh, oh, tell me why the bad guys
    ..always seem to hold all of the cards...
    Oh, oh, what can we do?
    ..it has crept up so stealthily so that nobody ever had a clue.

    Just why have we fallen in
    ..with all of their machinations?
    Sending our kids to war
    ..in so many traumatized nations...

    Oh, oh, oh, I could cry!
    Oh, oh, oh, tell me why the bad guys
    ..always seem to hold all of the cards?
    Oh, oh, what can we do?
    ..it has crept up so stealthily so that nobody ever had a clue

    There's nowhere that's left to turn
    ..except to our spiritual center
    So each one of us can learn
    ..compassionate ports we might enter

    Oh, oh, just hold on tight
    ..to the torch in the ship that's
    ..tossing thru the stormy waters of the night

    Oh, oh, please don't despair
    ..soon a welcoming morning sun
    ..will melt away the burdens that we bear
    (repeat last stanza)


  6. Dvash, btw, I just now thought it prudent to change the wording in my NWO Song to read INNERMOST center (instead of "spiritual" center). Otherwise it can sound like one of the xian spiritual centers.